KTM – ABS and Cornering ABS Explained | Motorcycle Stability Control

Motorcycle Stability Control ensures more safety while braking. MSC is based on an angle-and-tilt ‘philosophy’ to ensure that the rider is supported in ALL situations under braking. Not only during slowing down and acceleration in a straight line but also in corners while leant over. MSC also reduces the uplift when braking hard in corners to help keep a tighter line. The additional electronic control of brake distribution between the two wheels ensures that the braking forces are applied as smoothly as possible and the motorcycle is further stabilized.
Cornering ABS has a complex and difficult job. It must determine not only wheel speeds, but also cornering forces and lean angles, and constantly and rapidly calculate what proportion of full braking force, called for by the rider, may be applied to the individual brakes. This requires accurate and fast-acting sensors, computing power, and actuators, along with complex software.

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V. KAZZ says:

The reason why I’m using a non abs bike is just to skrrrt and do stunts lol

Jonathan Domínguez says:

Quien chingados frena en una curva? Xd

Hyper BikersTM says:

Only a add of ktm

Fat Pigeon says:

Oh I thought the abs like hunky xD

Ghost says:

Better trail breaking better grip better cornering

Aksel Newt says:

Poor yellow adv…

11010 11001 says:

why am i watching this i don’t even have a bike


When it comes to target fixation, nothing is gonna save you. (ABS is useful though in an emergency situation)

Tom_AC11 says:

ABS is a bunch of shit, learn to brake properly and thank the fact that you have proper emergency braking

Boefje de Wolf says:

I like no abs
Makes you feel the bike more and become more skilled

lucky582 says:

Riding a bike with Abs is like beating off with a condom on!!!

Generoso Deleon says:

hahah before no abs and msc long time i drive in the corner of my hometown why should i break in the corner. if only experienced rider you know how to handle engine break. and rear break. since before never had an accident it may aplly to race but not in the public street

Brian Prior says:

And here I was doing abdomel crunches hoping it would make a me stronger rider and these guys go full Ivan Drago. Abs vs. ABS

Zed 5786 says:

Shame they ain’t reliable

janeart manuel says:

sorry, but I think the non-abs rider exaggerated his cornering compared to the motorcycle with abs. pls don’t make biased videos

Ijas deen says:

In order to avoid these kind of accidents, Just Walk

Gabriel 206 says:

What is the name of the yellow bike that fell

Das Dovian says:

Didn’t realize my bike had this,I thought it was just regular ABS. Although this explains why I didn’t take a slide during a rainy day emergency maneuver. I felt the bike almost correct itself,thought I imagined it.

Blake Alves says:

KTM is for squids

Hyper BikersTM says:

The person who is not on ktm fell to the ground because ktm given him money for this add

chanda chakraborty says:

why there is no abs on 200cc bike and 250cc plz think over on it

ramil yanson says:

tmx 155 is the best

Mr.no name says:

Lmao people in comment section think they can break better than abs

Des Nebula says:

Call me old fashioned by i think you should have that man-machine connection and just learn how to break properly that being said a human would never be able to break as accurately as ABS.

rezneba101 says:

1:48 is it just me or is the abs model not braking, unlike the non-abs, hence the lowside?

Changsoo Hahm says:

I like ABS.. but its not uncommon for these electronics to fail, which makes me nervous to rely on it. Plus like BMW abs unit dont last.. and so expensive to replace, usually ends the life of bike if broken. If you plan to keep your bike for decades, dont get ABS. If you plan to ride hard, and dispose bike after few years, then go for it.

RaNdoM- -ThoUghTs says:

ABS is nothing but pulsating brakes by electronics. Meaning if you don’t have ABS. YOU CAN PULSATE THE BRAKES WITH YOUR HAND AND FOOT.

Luftbubblan says:

I don’t really like abs but i don’t mind having it(For the most part at least). What i would like on my current bike is an option to turn it off(For the times you wanna have some fun. Sure, one can pull the fuse).This
cornering abs looks pretty cool doe. My current bike doesn’t allow for stopies but i think some does. I test ride a Xsr900 the other day it seem to allow it on the setting i was running anyway. Took me by surprise since i was just going to check the abs haha.

weasel4442 says:

Yay more technologies that prevent dumb fucks from crashing even when they deserve it

Zach P says:

Thus tech will save so many lives.

Arjun Kishan says:

Jai ho ABS

ImAFLying Cactus says:

Lol fake news

crazyrebl says:

I trust my skills not a computer

Y Kumar Y akhil kumar says:

Ha ray pagal eithana deinsay narmal biek may naei geahei abi abs. Lunch kiya purani biek ohagaha karb amei mameilogu meilahei chutheiha bananaykaleihae …


I have suzuki hayabusa soo that’s have CORNERING ABS system…

LeaderOfKaRu says:

So funny if you dont have abs you cant turn or even ride :’Dddd d

SomeoneElse says:

This appears on my recommendations since weeks. Now that I opened it finally I hope youtube is being satisfied at last and stops recommending it to me.

Boefje de Wolf says:

I like no abs
Makes you feel the bike more and become more skilled

tommy d u b b s says:

All the noobs that ride on muholland need this..

Kanhaiya Lal says:

Nice bike

benhamin3d says:

Will it work on a wet curve?

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