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What’s the deal with those heat blankets wrapped around the tires on racebikes at the track and on TV? What are they for and what do they do? Do you need a set? In this episode of Motorcyclist magazine’s MC Garage, we discuss motorcycle tire warmers and if you need them.


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abhirupsingh4004 says:

This video on tyre warmers is not of much use for 95 percent of the people watching your channel.something more relevant would be great

Francois Dupont says:

“you need to warm your tires” Hahahaha what a joke, i ride at minus temperature, on sand,salt, snow and never slipped.

Debby Marshall says:

Newer rider here so sorry if this sounds stupid – does it make sense to have these for a cruiser especially in the winter months?

Dennis M says:

Great topic! I learned some stuff about warmers that I didn’t know before. And that is what it’s all about. Very good presentation as well, Brian!

I would love to see a follow-up episode, perhaps even done on the track to expound on some of those finer points about warmers like @Keith Whiting brought up. Regardless, nice job! Keep the great content coming. I can’t remember if they ever did a MC garage about changing grips, but if not I would like to see that in an episode. All this talk of grip got me thinking!

Kostas says:

@Mc mag can we just do a Mic check? I’m not the only one noticing we through it out the window right?

Голос Бездока says:

$300 on a track day? Are you constructing your own track or what?

Zodd412 says:

Nice to see my favorite segment back!

Modustollens1 says:

Love to see MC garage running strong again.

Paul H says:

It is great that they are carrying on this series but I agree it’s lite on info (not just this one), who is this for?

Arjen Bootsma says:

Sure, I suppose this is good info for track riders. But I’m a year-round street rider, I live in Atlanta, GA, so that’s possible. It means I ride in the rain; sometimes the temperature drops to 15-20 F early in the morning. I use sport-touring tires.
Under those conditions (rain, low temps), does the tire warm up to ~160 F? Or are sport-touring tires less dependent on having the right temperature? None of the for me relevant questions have been answered. Can you do an MC Garage on tire temperature / tire grip for street riding under less than ideal conditions?

Brad Davies says:

Or just run $300ish Dunlop q4s that work better without warmers so they say, if your just a average track day rider

Hrishikesh Sabde says:

The video said inside a tyre warmer?saw what i already knew

jingo1963 says:

Maybe mention heat cycles of a tyre!!

Noext says:

600$ on tyres ? are you running motogp tyres ?! diablo superbike slick cost around 350$ a set …

iShovvvezTV says:

These tire warmers seem like such a gimmick and a waste of money

David Aguilar says:

And what about heat cycles? Ive heard about tire warmers maintaining the tire temps after exiting the track in order to prevent the tire from cooling and entering into another heat cycle.

Michi B says:

Of which temperature unit is he talking? F, K or C?

Aditya Deo says:

Seriously am i the first one to like this video!! Woohoo

Dhaval Bane says:

Why not rent them from track

Geoffrey Marsh says:

Another video with interesting content that’s not everyday common knowledge. Keep it coming!

Joe DeChristopher says:

Tough shoes to fill but your doing great
Keep up the videos and to hell with the haters
Question do most tracks offer hook ups for tire warmers or do you need to bring a generator?

RatBoy says:

Probably want to mention heat cycling and how that affects tire lifespan, how to correctly measure your tire pressures, and how heat affects different compounds of rubber. Tire wear is a whole different story, one which can be debated to no end…

Ja jeweet says:

Lovely supermoto? Does that mean there will be more supermoto videos on this channel?

Grip Wolrd says:

You also missed a real big advantage of tire warmers: heat cycles. Keeping the tire hot through an entire day prolongues the life compared to multiple cycles in a day. This is a key advantage especially for track day riders which dont have a big budget for tires.

Tomteluva says:

Could have informed people that tire warmers don’t last forever, so getting a used set might not be the best option.
Also always check that your tire is actually warm and don’t just assume it is.

Gonzo says:

If you are looking at different brands of tyre warmers, check out Thermal Technology series of warmers. Better than many other brands out there.

Troy Graham says:

Slow down a bit mate, bloody quick there mate. Barely understand what you’re on about.

Keith Whiting says:

Good subject, but a little light on info.  Which track day riders will benefit from warmers (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced)?  What kind of tires do you use warmers with?  Heat ranges needed for different types of tires?  Heat cycling.  Tire pressure changes with warmers.
I think it’s safe to say your typical Novice group rider on street biased tires won’t have the need and probably knowledge to effectively use tire warmers.  Intermediate to Advance group riders on slicks or semi slicks with a better understanding of tires, temp ranges, heat cycling, pressures…etc would be most of the target audience. 
Even general guidelines or rules of thumb for some of the topics above would help someone sort out if the cost/benefit for warmers if beneficial to them.

Declan K says:

Great video guys! Keep on crankin out the good motorcycle content.

I would have appreciated a bit more explanation on what happens when you DONT use tire warmers. How does the tire shred? What maneuvers might I be doing that shred cold tires even worse?

Akshat Bhatnagar says:

It’s tYre, not tIre

Vale Viva says:

Justin, I like what you guys doing. Kudos to you!. I wonder who did you not change after Zack and Ari; is it Director or Script Writer the same? Very familiar sense to what it was used to be. Another kudos for that as well.

Fwaz Fj says:

Or you just do a worm up lap

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