How To Wash Whitewall Motorcycle Tires And Wheels Safely

How To Wash Whitewall Motorcycle Tires And Wheels Safely – Washing your motorcycle tires especially whitewalls can be a bit tricky. While you can use plain soap and water, it can be a chore and you really need a more aggressive solution to get the road grime, brake dust, dirt and other contaminants off the surfaces. It’s very important that you get a cleaner specifically safe on not only motorcycle tires but for whatever surfaces you will be using it on. Even if you have chrome wheels, chrome cleaners are the most aggressive and not safe on any painted parts. Most are not for use on paint, clear coat, aluminum, magnesium or other materials so double check the bottles! I suggest a good tire scrub brush, it makes things a lot easier and more effective.
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kelly j says:

Love the videos.

Doticaster says:

Vulcanet will clean them in seconds. Sparkling white

Tyre bit is 3/4 of the way through video ✊

BrewCityRider says:

Have always used SOS pads on car whitewalls/RWLetters. Works like a charm.

Bryan Roberts says:

It takes a little extra elbow grease but I’ve had good luck scrubbing white lettering with magic erasers.

George TP says:


jimmy Lewis says:

brillow pad, dawn and water are alot less work.

Hug awa says:

I don’t have white walls on my bike, but back in the day, I had a car with white walls & I found SOS Pads worked the best….. maybe that chemical treatment, then clean with the SOS pads.

dudescript says:

Thanks so much for your videos.

mukans says:

thumbs up and comment 😉

Ragnvald Barsnes says:

I use steel wool and dishwashing soap. A little more work , but brings the whitewall back to as new condition.

Norman Buffett says:

thought you sold this bike

Peter Q says:

If you`re going to clean them , then take the time to really CLEAN them

James Towner says:

I use a natural ap cleaner like simple green and dilute it in a dawn and water mixture and I use that for my wheels and tires lust let it sit for a few minute and scrub.

Lindsay Brandon says:

TWO, thanks for the video.

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