How To Tell If Your Tires Are Toast | MC GARAGE

Your tires are the only things connecting your motorcycle to the road, so it’s critical that they’re in good condition. Do you know what factors determine when a tire is toast? In this video from the MC Garage, Senior Road Test Editor Ari Henning will explain the three main reasons your tires might need to be replaced.


Luke Pawley says:

Replace a tyre just because of a small puncture? That’s dumb. I’ve never had a plug not last me the lifetime of the tyre

Luke Fortier says:

Ah, see alot of people will not catch this, but when you were talking about motorcycle tires beings “toast”, you ATE a piece of toast. I am on to your tricks you sneaky sexy riddle man.

Moto Hack Jack says:

Very informative yall; thanks for the help!

Anthony Mather says:

Thanks for the date stamp tip !

hipsabad says:

i prefer the knowledge i get from running em down to the threads

nike12000 says:

At least in PA the min tire depth is 2/32 not 1 not sure if it’s diff other states or not

Garry Maynard says:

I’m joining in to thank you for your video! I’m getting my licence and my ‘new’ 09 bike is sitting in the garage until I can ride it. I just checked my tires and they are still original! A low mileage bargain had an unexpected surprise. I’ll be getting them replaced. Great tip.

hsvkidusa says:

When Lincoln’s head is completely visible on a penny

kooljnana says:

Can anyone explain how one can use twi? I couldn’t understand what he said about twi in this video.

MentleGentlemen says:

Ive had a plug in my tire for more than 5,000 miles

MIKE Mike says:

If my tires are 32 years old are they toast

The Big Ragu says:

My Z125 is 418mi and still good tread

Bolly Wood says:

I am a new Rider just bought 2011 Honda cbr250r when I watch your video I always learn something but when I go fix my bike I forget what I learn….

Shuvojit says:

Nopes my tires nerd butter

Bruce Lee says:

I don’t understand what you mean by “if the arrow is level with any tread on the tire”

AcrosBlio says:

My 100/80-17 front wheel is 7 years old with 30 000 km on.. should probably replace it due to age? lol

Fred Ascencio says:

I’ve never cringed so hard when he pulled out that toast, my butt cheeks could’ve bent a spoon

Charlie Brown says:

correct pressure is BS. I run my tyres softer in winter.

A.R.T. says:

Here in New Zealand we get scalping on our bike tires due to the camber on the road; nothing to do with misaligned steering.

BigRedChapp says:

any way to fix possible flat areas on a tire from being parked too long? replace tires?

Car Vlogs says:

Your tires are he only thing that touches the road, unless you crash

Nick Warren says:

What make / model of tyre gauge are you using there?

MirzzG says:

actually my rear tyre became unevenly worn like you showed example on front tire(sides gone), while center still was OK.

DJTweezy says:

How about if the tires are never mounted to the bike and just sitting in your garage on the shelf

Kim Jong Un says:

So you are saying my tires are toast? 
*Honey, I got the breakfast for the morning.*

krizan says:

Great explanations. You saved me money by doing some stuff myself instead of going to the shop. Here is another question that help with used bikes (if you don’t mind 🙂 ): Is there any way to predict that you battery is almost dead if you don’t know how old it is?

simone parrotta says:

how much toasts you ate for this intro? aahhahahah

Sanivier Sapphire says:

What if your tire has a bulge. .

Tony marino says:

I like what u did with the toast lol

Broadcast Channel says:

Suspension service? Do you mean the suspension impact the toast tire?

Bryan Davison says:

It ain’t toast till the threads are showing.

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