How to Ride a Motorcycle in the Snow

Paddle tires? Zip-tie studs? We’re not exactly sure how to ride a motorcycle in the snow. But we’re going to find out.

1:27 – CST Surge P C7220 Paddle Tire:
3:23 – Moose Mud Rain Suit:
3:23 – Fox Racing R3 Roost Deflector:
3:41 – 509 Kingpin Snow Goggles:
3:55 – Klim Nac Pak Backpack:
3:55 – HMK L Handle Survival Shovel:
4:14 – Works Connection Weld On Footpeg Wideners:
4:28 – Muc-Off Motorcycle Protectant:

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morten hansen says:

Have you seen how slim the exos pipe are at multi? Sombody must tell the rest of the world of bike manufactures,that this big pips are stupid and not very fungsjonal,and uggly! I dont have a voice in this game! But you have!

Darryl Gibbs says:

Step 1: get snow tyres
Step 2: don’t be a pussy
Step 3: just fuckin send it

Nicolaj Kramme says:

Have anybody told you your fortnine logo looks like something that could belong on biker gear quite nicely?

Jack Earl says:

Ryan! I just bought a used bike and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’m down here in the lower 48 so riding is still possible some days. Could you make a video along the lines of the first things to do to a new used bike to make it safer or more personal to ride? I’m thinking that grip tape on the tanks, new handle grips, maybe an oil change, etc? I got that thing (it’s a 2011) and the gear and I’m riding, I’m really just anxious to take it to the next level and make it MY bike not just A bike. Thanks man! I love y’all’s content, keep on keeping on!

Grzegorz Zep says:

My god the view there is great.

bLitzKrieg says:

trelleborg or mikes studded tires not this stupid shit you are doing newbie, you ride like one too

v2vortex says:

What ever your point was I loved it! I would try some of the those ideas in not as deep snow! 6″ or less…… That deeper stuff…. snow mobile or a modified bikemobile!….
Ride Safe FourNIne.

ZLA Lemmy says:

See you at the snow drags in New York next year!

Jordan Jordan says:

Phenomenal channel thank you. Free older brother advice you don’t need using curse words. It only takes away from your all around excellent EXCELLENT work. Thank you!

LucTherin3 says:

Ryan, you do the best motorcycle videos on youtube. Thank you sir, ’tis a pleasure.

Cash Monet says:

Sorry I’m a little late to the party and I feel like a bit of a schmuck for asking about other videos but I was wondering if anyone (including Ryan) could tell me what kind of jacket that black and brown jacket you used to frequently wear with the shoulders unzipped was. thanks

thehandsomehooligan says:

Was this filmed in the Okanagan valley in BC? It looks familiar.

mesbahe says:

the sped up parts of the video were very bad

Bob Errtu says:

You sir are a genius

vourkosdude says:

damn. thats dedication. I dont ride if its not 100% perfect…

Jay Whoisit says:


kontoname says:

Amazing video :p

Jeff Bingaman says:

The operatic music would have been more accompanied by slow motion riding with large plumes of snow roosters becoming waves that fell toward the camera.

sgabriel says:

Best ever.

ElectroMoto says:

Why am I seeing this vid only now that I have attempted something similar, broken my handguards and my confidence, possibly ruined my bike due to salt damage and over-all made bad decisions… twice! 🙂
It sure makes for some nice footage though, so i guess it’s worth it?… (spoiler: it’s not)
Love this vid. Had to subscribe! Keep ’em coming!

Robert R. Woolridge says:

Fun little experiment. Would love to see more updates on this in the future 🙂

Kevin Hood says:

“Essentially I just took a dangerous thing and made it faster.”
LOL. You do seem to have a good perspective on situations.

Justin Jordan says:

This was fantastic.

EgorShalvarov says:

This was just … beautiful…

Deadshotchef says:

can someone explain why her refers to the snow as salty???

Alkumist says:

“green goggles look fire”
you know it!

Samuel Simeon says:

Good fun. Good video! 🙂

Rozkrwawiacz says:

According to these guys it’s supposed to be not so difficult up to 40cm (1,33333333333333(3) foot, for metricaly impaired).
And yes, I know that this video was uploaded before the linked one.

Infinitea says:

More videos plz

Quinton nunya says:


trASH Main says:

You guys should sell Mobius braces bto is expensive to ship to Canada

Michael Scott says:

Nice back ground tune

Espen Langnes says:

use studded tires

ZeronXL says:

Dude find another 2 like you and start a show like The Grand Tour but for motorcycles, It will be epic!!!

god says:


Brian LO says:

Snow’s melting in B.C now. Right on top of cypress mountain. All the Snow’s melting right onto the road and making shinies as it freeze on the icy pavement, bears are coming out of hibernation and eyeing riders up from the side of the road, for an easy post four months nap breakfast if they go down. We had rain. We had snow. Now it’s time to tackle….the Twilight Zone?

chas sisom says:

I used to ride year round in Wisconsin. More ice than snow. Just a skill set. Have fun.

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