How to Ride a Motorcycle in the Rain

Riding in the rain comes with many safety hazards. It can also be an awesome experience so long as you’re prepared for it. So, RyanF9 shares over 20 tips that will make your next ride in the rain that much better.

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General Alist says:

Sorry FortNine, the additional graphics elements have really cheapened the video experience for me. It reminds me of the ubiquitous web page GIF’s that were omnipresent in the early 2000’s which are mostly now only found on websites that my grandparents make. Please reconsider their use.

Simon Vuille says:

How to ride a motorcycle in the rain ? :

1. Don’t

Artur960426 says:

What is that bike?

805gregg says:

I learned from a professional, just go faster you don’t get wet, I was on a ride with some other st1300 bikes when we left Death Valley the weather got bad so, the leader hit the gas we were doing 80-85 most of the way back to Beatty, a fun and exciting ride, made me not afarid to ride in the rain. We onced pulled into Flagstaff, out of

John Oleary says:

Everyone of your videos received thousands of likes.
It doesnt take much effort to do.
But never under estimate.
Its L O V E.

Ride Safe
Keep Vlogging
Great Channel.

Eddie Platt says:

Why are we taking advice from a rider who doesn’t have full control over his vehicle in bad weather conditions. Waving your hand around is a distraction to other drivers.
I politely ask you to stop making videos in this unsafely manner!

Peterman Japan says:

I’ve been looking to address wet brakes issue.
Great vid!

All Vehicles Have Wipers, Except Riders Enough Said says:

Get yourself an electric rain wiper – coming soon.

Martin Lewis says:

Driving straight in rain is easy, but riding twisting country lanes in rain best tip is keep upright as much as possible, use less front brake and more rear. Rain after dry spell will bring oil to surface and make road slippery but after rain has washed it away you can get more grip with good tyres. You get a feel from front wheel what road surface is like

Christian Paul says:

So this returning rider – who dodged rain like a Tijuana STD – how do I keep visor clear? I see gloves that have “wipers” on their fingers – does that work?

RJSoftware2000 says:

Thanks for not riding rigid advice. (cold). Subscribed.

Yehova is God Yehushua is Lord says:

Not sure about the gloves at the diesel pumps, in the states I drove semi for years and never set eyes on complementary gloves at the pump. We always just make sure to have a set behind the seat or tucked away in the side box just for fueling. Maybe they do in Canada, kudos if so.

hillie47 says:

If you have slippery-slide footpegs (thanks Honda, with your crap “rubber”), get full metal ones that look like they eat boots for lunch. I’d rather buy new boots or re-sole them a little more frequently than slipping and falling.

Serckep says:

Fucking dumbass gesticulating like that so everyone can see him but HEY he’s not crazy he’s talking to a camera. What a loser you look like mate.

Jeremy Ostinelli says:

I like your channel but bruva..?

You’re riding in the rain and you’re “Hand talking”

Waving your hands around at EVERYTHING you say !
It’s fucking annoying..

Love your channel though bruva.
Had and accident yesterday.
In the rain…

Some Indian pulled out on me

All the best from the UK

Cornelius Maximilianus says:

this guy is annoying as fuck

STI ROID says:

clean subie @6:52

globular ninja says:

grip in rain gahahahahaha i went into an L turn and just slammed into the ground

Justin Neill says:

I’d steer well clear of the diesel pump in any gas station on wet tyres. By the time you find the nearest one your non-waterproof gloves are wet anyway so you might as well crack on.

Soapbox Studios says:

Spread potato on visor…

Future Moto says:

It’s simple you don’t.

Jerry Adams says:

Have you ever turned your head briefly while riding watch the beads of water slide off your visor?

Bobodeman says:

I have waterproof jeans, there not ment to be but i accidentally spilt water on them and they beaded up and rolled off

Jacob Hoss says:

Why does body position determine lean angle? Forgive me, I didn’t get a degree in physics. 🙂

Arved Ludwig says:

Pro tip: Ride on the right dry lane. Trucks mostly have their blow-off valve on the left side. Old trucks don’t have a hose attached to the blowoff so they spit a little bit of oil on the road every couple of seconds. Probably picked up some of that oil sometime because after driving in wet conditions a few days later my brakes had a failure. No air nor was the fluid full of water. Brake disc had a thin film of oil. Rare occasions but it can happen.

Mikefule says:

I think the main thing about riding in the rain is to ride on busy freeways/dual carriageways waving one hand around, and sometimes both. This from the same YouTube presenter who said in another video that the standard biker’s wave of acknowledgement can be misinterpreted as a hand signal. Excellent editing standards, but dodgy content. When riding in the rain, take it steady, allow greater stopping distance, and be doubly aware that other road users will be tense and irritable and have a less clear view of you. Try to keep your visor clear. Relax your arms on bends. Have faith that your tyres will grip as long as you don’t lean or accelerate to ridiculous levels. Get the experience in when you’re not under pressure so you are not taken by surprise when things get really bad. And don’t ride on busy roads waving your arms about and talking. Recording a video commentary must take at least as much of your attention as that driver who is making a long hands free call.

mfrazier0412 says:

I’m a beginner rider that is possibly looking to get a motorcycle in about 3 months. I have 3 hours worth of riding experience on a Harley Sportster…. stopping, going and counter steering. I need a model that I can use for everyday use and for long distance trips. What make and model would you recommend?

Essam Kotb says:

Not all tyres grip on wet like dry or even near .. mine doesn’t .. Where I live it doesn’t rain that much so our tyres are for dry conditions .. more than half the brake can make me slide .. but in dry roads these tyres bite the road and it’s really hard to slide .. sometimes I even get a squeek like car tyres if I brake hard enough .. also I have a naked bike with tyres like the racing bikes .. those tyres on wet roads feels like walking on spilled shampoo on a wet bathroom floor .. !! .. It is dangerous that if I can wait till the road drys out -if I was caught up in rain- then I will ..

Justin Neill says:

Rain isn’t really the issue, if you follow these basics and have decent tyres for the wet. The issue (in my neighbourhood at least) is wet leaves, cow shit and all that good stuff. So keep the speed down and your eyes peeled to give yourself plenty of warning, and when you see it coming and there’s no way around it, do everything you need to beforehand so that you can just roll gently over it, nice and straight and upright as possible, without touching the gas or brakes.

Keep Calm and Call for Fire says:

I live in southern California. It doesn’t rain here. I’ve actually never ridden in the rain before, so these are helpful tips in the off chance Poseidon decides to give California some love.

All Vehicles Have Wipers, Except Riders Enough Said says:

An electric wiper for existing visors – @t

Ant Taylor says:

its more dangerous man riding one handed hit a pot hole n wobble like fuck

Gaurav Sheoran says:

Damn. How do you not have more subscribers? Such a quality content. Came across your channel yesterday and already went through tons of videos. Liked and subscribed. Keep it up man 🙂

Mira culix says:

Fun fact, tomorrows motocycle course,… 3-4degrees, rain as hell and snow down to 1000meters we rode at 7-800,… and you got to take it.

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