How to replace a motorbike tyre – Honda CRF 250L

One thing that isn’t great about the Honda CRF 250L are the stock tyres fitted – at long last I’ve managed to get them replaced…here’s how you change a tyre on a motorcycle (at least how the experts do)….


Mike Scherer says:

Another useful video. I always carry tyre levers and a spare tube whenever I go off road. It’s not difficult to change a tube and much quicker and more reliable than trying to repair a puncture in middle of nowhere. Punctured tubes can be repaired at home. It’s quite easy once you’ve done a couple and you have some lube with you as well, faster than the machine. Generally there’s no point balancing a knobbly tyre as they go out of balance pretty quickly anyway. On your GS it’s worth balancing them though. Just one more thing, when you are off roading you need only carry one tube, the 21 inch front tube will fit in the 18 inch rear tyre quite happily in an emergency. On a long day of adventure riding you want as little extra weight to carry as you can get away with!

Vstm says:

what was the milleage when you did this job?

allen Henry says:

willing to bet the new tire will sling more mud that the stocked on!!

NilSatis No9 says:

Looking like you need a bigger garage MF. 🙂
BTW, when you feel the need to satisfy the urge, so to speak, which is your ‘go-to’ bike?

Hurley flyer says:

I wish my Mrs was a Ducati , a lot better looking lol

dub dubious says:

Thank you MF for your good infos. I tried the IRC in the woods today. Since it has been raining, you get stuck as soon as it gets muddy or grassy.
I wanted to order the T 63, but what size did you get for the front? And how many km did you do?
Apart from this, was the Heidenau K 60 a choice? I use the Scout on my Triumph Tiger 800 XC and I am very impressed. But like you I prefer the “light” Crf for the “real” offroadfun.
Servus from Austria!

T. J. says:

What if you get a puncture whilst in the middle of nowhere? Wont you need to carry small tyre irons of some sort to get the tube out?

ecirprman says:

Great info. Thanks.

jmcphee7 says:

I maybe mistaken but that is a Pirelli Diablo Rosso on the Ducati? I find you don’t get good mileage out of them and your rear one looks to be on the way out too? Hard to tell I suppose from the video.

DervMan says:

I enjoy changing the tyres on my bike, but I now realise I need a machine like that!

Jamie Cox says:

Hello Sir. I enjoy your video’s so this is not a criticism.. I’ve had this bike for 2 years and I live in SE Queensland where fortunately the trails are dry and dusty most of the year. These tires are actually great in those conditions, very predictable and slide nicely round the corners and I’m no bad-ass dirt biker! However, I had one ride in the mud and I agree – they were shocking and I dropped the bike 4 or 5 times that day but fortunately without any damage to me or the machine. 7k kms on the tyres now and I’ll try something different when they’re done. Maybe the TKC 80 from Conti? Not sure yet but keep up the good work!

tony smith says:

turn the tyre round mate, as can be seen theres no directional tread pattern to those tyres. your motering can be even cheaper if you do this.

Boodieman72 says:

Don’t you need to balance motorbike tires like you do for car tires?

Cameron Cross says:

Great Video! Very interesting. Nice work! =D

Anatoliy Ganchev says:

Thank you for all videos I really enjoy them.
Can you give me more info about the tire sizes and were I can buy a set?

Greg Smith says:

Love your CRF 250L vids as I have one myself. Being new to motorcycle’s I wanted to ask would it be possible to change the rear tire to a 120/90-18? Sorry if that’s a stupid question but I’m a noob 🙂

Fayik Korkmaz says:

Hello. I have a Honda CRF 250 LA 2017 with abs. I can install as a rear 3 Sahara 140 / 80-18 TT 70S. It is slightly wider than the original.

ReerBaadia says:

I’m jealous of your garage TMF.

Ian Collings says:

You could’ve brought the wheel and tyre down to me when you went to Land’s End, I’d have changed it for you lol. Good choice on the Michelin’s, won’t use anything else myself now. RSM8

PhuketBungalow Info says:

ROFL.. 3min before he even starts and than …. Go to a garage and let them do it 😀 😀

Boodieman72 says:

You look like the Michelin man wearing that tire around you. lol

Shaun Miller says:

What sizes were the T63’s please

Peasandphilshud Price says:

always interesting vids but you’ve got to learn the dark art of poping tyres on and off
it’s all part of the fun lol

St John Smythe says:

That guy was very quick, he must do this a lot 😉

such is life says:

so you fitted the front tire yourself m8?

TeamWake-N-Bake says:

I have the irc gp22r 120/80-18 rear. What tube do i need?

TheMadScouse says:

will you do a video testing the new trye 🙂

inquisitor 717 says:

saves putting ya knees on the wheel. that’s how we changed our tires..took ages becouse wheel just slipped bit of kit.

Clive Bishop says:

How many mile TMF did you get out of rear. My Crf has done 2200 and the rear looks to have similar wear

The Tugster says:

Good vid as usual ,are u changing any of ur bikes soon ?

Wayne Large says:

Wish my tyre changes had been so easy.
Just normal levers, and a tyre lock on the wheel / tyre too.
I’ve nipped a couple of innertubes so far 😮

Oli Lowe says:

any reccomendations for a 125cc supermoto. Same kinda style of the crf 250L

Colin Thornton says:

Can I ask what jack you use for your CRF. Want to buy one for mine but there are so many options. Love your vids by the way. I also have a GS TE and I love it.

Fayik Korkmaz says:

Hallo. Ich habe einen Honda CRF 250 LA 2017 mit abs. Ich kann als Heck 3 Sahara 140 / 80-18 TT 70S einbauen. Sie ist etwas breiter als das Original.

The OAP Biker says:

Not very friendly your tyre guy as he seemed not really interested in answering your questions for your viewers

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