How to Repair a Tubeless Tire Puncture (Motorcycle)

Many of us have been there. Your cruising along enjoying your ride when “psssssssssss” your tire goes flat. On longer rides it’s a good idea to keep a plug kit and inflation with you. As you can see it payed off for me.


Elijah M says:

Did they chop off your finger

Michel Cernev says:

Awesome,, I love you man and that’s a top lesson I ever had in my life . The good old know how. Thank you 199Xtray

Leon Bennett says:

I could have sworn you was supposed to use glue

Francisco Amaro says:

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Nathan Beauchamp says:

when he said go side to side i was like LMAO

Barrett Barker says:

Lol I love the conclusion. Makes me want to get lost and meet nice people!

gippygipmg says:

biker protocol

Sammy Wammy says:

Yes dat plugğ

unicorn666 shawn campbell says:

Yes daddy do it in and out faster

Kaspar B says:

what happend to your figer dud???

Johan Schröder says:

Go to the nearest shop and buy a new tire before have accident

Indominus says:

you shouldent pull it out with force you should turn it aroun like 5 times while its still in and the get slow like half cm out and cut it there

Jeffery the wolf’s Wolfe’s says:

You so fukeing

benaka poojary says:

Super ur bike

Sertify says:


Joseph Atnip says:

If you were the strip the wires on that air pump it would have worked fine I picked a little $10 job up off of Harbor Freight and I used to use it on my tow truck auto repossession cars you wouldn’t have to loosen nothing you would just hold them on there with your hands man but it takes a while about 10 minutes for a car tire and next time you plug a tire don’t cut that extra off it’ll smash onto your tire it’ll wear off where it needs to be

The Big Rat Gaming says:


ZourceTM says:

where ist your finger?

EZBMX713 says:

Plug it and replace it, if you wanna keep it, you have to remove tire and patch it from inside. Lol think about it. We got 100mph with out knowing it, do you really wanna risk it? So Plugs are for emergencys only. And it’s better to have a lil air in it for resistance.

ItsMe Arty says:

I would be scared drive moto with these tyres lol dude cmon buy new set pair of tyres ..

Scott Wall says:

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gamer 4 life says:

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livinglifeph Jay Penn says:

how’d you manage to record the audio for your video with all that wind and sound when riding. Thanks for the informative video, now I know what to pack next on my motorcycle.

Siim Kõiv says:


Justin warfare says:

U mean fuck the shit outa the hole

James 2004 says:

Should I buy a new tire or keep it that way?

Francisc Vasile says:

Nice country road dude. Where is that?

z0mbi3killr1215 says:

not to be rude or anything but what happened to his finger?

Maureen Austin3 says:


Rayane 16 says:

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Abhinav M says:

Bro, If this had happened somewhere on a lonely place like this in India, your bike will be stolen and you will be beaten to death by thugs.

Edita LINERTAITĖ says:

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Jesus Reyes Jr. says:

Now u know upgrade yur pump.. just put clips @ the end

Ziyaddin Musayev says:

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Kidsepticeye says:

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