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Nails, screws, and glass—there’s lots of stuff lurking on the street just waiting to stab a hole in your tire Thankfully, most modern motorcycles are equipped with tubeless tires that are actually pretty easy to plug. That’s why it’s important to carry a quality tire-repair kit with you when you ride, and just as importantly, know how to use it! In this video from the MC Garage, Ari Henning gives step-by-step instruction for using a rope plug and C02 inflators to fix a flat.


Peter Baumgart says:

Sound advice… The lawyerly (and business-maximizing) “recommendation” to always get a new tire after a puncture is deeply annoying, mainly because it is not true and also dishonest. Yes, there are punctures and tire damage that make plugging or patching impossible or at least unwise. But a clean puncture by a wood screw or nail on the tread area is very fixable with a patch. Done professionally it will cost you $60 or so (with mounting/balancing etc.) but compared to $200+ for a new tire it is well worth it if the punctured tire has more than half of its life left. If you are set up to mount tires yourself it will cost you $10.

The Pale Emperor says:

Why can’t you plug a tire if the hole is in the sidewall?

Justin bustin says:

plug is temporary to keep u from stranded on the side of the road. its the spare tire of motorcycles. you haul ass or drive for ever on a spare tire on a car? No!

Caesar says:

Can we just carry a spare tire in the backpack?

Vijay Anand says:

That Tee though! 🙂

Vishal Paul says:

Hey…my bike got a small glass stuck in rear tyre but its not deep…so i removed it and no air is leaking out…is it okay or should i repair it…please help me

Thomas Clarke says:

Brilliant, thank you.

Angel Paule says:

Please make a review about tire sealants. I just want to know if they are permanent.

Enardo Navas says:

Your videos are very helpful, my friend. Thanks again. Keep it up !

Tumblemydice says:

its beter to try and plug it first because then you can get it plugged the tightest

ador757 says:

I don’t have a motorcycle but my heart sank when you drilled a hole into your tire.

Azril Syazrin says:

the How-To video series by MC Garage always easy to understand and learn.. thanks

joshua morin says:

I know it’s an older video but once you rope plug a tire, replace it. Don’t try to have the rope plug removed and patched. Working with tubeless tires every day at work, we won’t try to patch a previously plugged tire. Once the glue sets, it will tear the lining during removal and most accepted patches will not cover the damage safely.
You have 2 tires. Don’t risk it. Plug it to get home and buy a new tire.
Stay safe.

Umaxen 00 says:

I’ve driven 40,000 miles on a plugged auto tire without any leaking after being plugged. I would have no problem using this on my bike, however for the first few days, I’d test the pressure a few times just to make sure it’s not leaking…

1224polo says:

After how many punctures tyre should be replaced?????

mosk11tto says:

Royal jordanian had a great product for this if anyone is interested.

ThunderWindz says:

I got a screw in my tire, the same day i had a track day…. i did the track day anyway, and also 4000km with the screw in, no air leak, maybe it didnt when 100% threw, gonna see soon when i replace it.

Michael Steven says:

Coast to coast on a plugged tire? Why? SMH

David Spin says:

What if you run over a large object like a rail road spike and it punctures the aluminum rim too,  JB Weld might work?!?

George Koettel says:

OK I agree a plug kits is great for a tubeless tire. (Don’t how many I’ve plug!) But what about the tire with a tube ( You Know old School) fix on the side of the road???

1224polo says:

Can enyone tell me after how many punctures i should replace the rear tyre?? So far i had two.

yigi says:

make sure ride slow to nearest repair shop to patch it from inside or even buy a new “pair” of tires when you are back at home. this only helps you to not stay out of nowhere. it gets the job done to help you ride to a repairs.

Rob Creel says:

Ok, I had this happen to me about a month ago. I used the plug kit, used plenty of the glue on the plug, aired up the tire. I thought it was fixed rode 200 feet the the plug blew out. In fact, it was plugged a second time. This time the bike was in the back of a truck. The plug blew out again as I was standing there, after about 10 minutes. Replaced the tire. Second one this year.

Kelvin Aung says:

I feel safe now with my plug gonna riding NC to WA state on Friday

Christian Say says:

Coast to coast?? Wow, bravo.

Ruger Luger says:

Good stuff

nur fauzan karim says:

Coast to coast? I ride 4 years with plugged tires. Doesn’t have money to buy new tires.

Jimmy Gunner says:

my jaw was dropped when seeing you drilled that nail in the tire.

Winterstick549 says:

I made my own tool kit from industrial plug kits used at gas stations.
I highly recommend doing this.

That one says:

-_- the local Yamaha dealership told me it was unsafe to plug motorcycle tires and made me buy a new one

Amit Angelus Tirkey says:

please show us what is the permanent or better solution for tubeless tyre repair

Enardo Navas says:

I think you should make a video of how to transfer gasoline from bike to another, when you run out of gas.

Logan Liedtke says:

what bike is this?

jakemandel92 says:

Would you consider using a product like slime or ride on to prevent having to olug in the first place?

KV 2 Type says:

Great content! Please do one for tires with tubes!!

jimmy mushman says:

You forgot to mention that getting the CO2 bottle onto a straight valve stem is almost im possible on most motorcycles.

Mothership Videos says:

Awesome demo thank you.

Abhishek Singh says:

Should we use musroom plug or the same flug you used in video??

Will Gaudreau says:

Concise and to the point. I plan to plug only if necessary on my upcoming 8,000 + mile ride. I don’t want to leave my bike or cargo on the side of the road anywhere. Thanks again for the education.

Marce Z says:

what about non tubeless tires. I just had to go rescue my dad after a 5 inch rod skewered his back tire on his Africa twin which is not tubeless. Is there a roadside fix for that? or dismantling and replacing the tube the only solution

Nirmal Kumar says:

so if this is the temporary solution, whats the permanent solution for it ? than changing the tyres .

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