How To Load a Motorcycle Into a Truck at

How To Load a Motorcycle Into a Truck

There’s lots of ways to get your bike into a truck, but not all of them are safe for the bike or for you! Check out a few techniques the ZLA team has put to good use over the years. Whether your riding it or driving it, you want to keep the shiny side up. Stay tuned and we’ll show you how!


Abiilify says:

Wow im in pa too thats amazing

Antique Treasures says:

WOW I like some of your other videos but this is NOT the way to load a bike. Now i must question how much bike experience you have

John Madsen says:

“How to get a Free Motorcycle “

ricky smith says:

or even a curb

RevZilla says:

+Daniel Goon The trailer is made by Kendon. -DrewZilla

Karakofire says:

Looking to buy my first motorcycle. Thanks for the video. It’s helping me figure out if cycling is for me. I can’t take just the ride into account. Transporting it maintenance cost personal limitations and local laws all play a roll in my decision.
Edit: just remembered the riding gear too.

danz409 says:

i load mine into a minivan. other than the pain in the ass process of having to remove the wind/headlight shield bit and the mirrors. a great process! and the cool thing is plenty of places to attach straps too thanks to all those seat hooks!

grumpy old fart says:

Hell any real biker can ride a bike up the ramp into a truck. Backing the thing back down the ramp is the real trick.

TheFractalReview says:

Anyone know what brand wheel chalk this is?

Rodney Barcus says:

I’d like to see you do that with a 900+ pound motorcycle.

Gaburieru San says:

How to load a motorcycle

Get help

Ted Toads says:

You da man.

Evrything Outdoor says:

My friends truck my bike and 4 arms and lift

n0xxm3rcyxx says:

Special way to unload or just reverse of the way u loaded it?

juntjoo nunya says:

How to do it without a “buddy”?

kaname sky says:

wow what is that bike you first load?

IG: Anguelito_ says:

I need to study. I don’t even own a motorcycle… why am I here

John L says:

Good video. I also like to put 2 separate straps on each side up front. Just in case 1 lets go, you have a back up. Could save a lot of headache.

Bruno Bronosky says:

I’ve been driving around with my motorcycle in my truck since August of 2015. When are you going to show me how to get it out?

Rhett Pilcher says:

Any chance we can get a brand name or link to that wheel chock? Can’t find like it. All the ones I find look cheap.

R C Nelson says:

Why you should never buy a pickup with a six-foot bed.

guy wolff says:

I would love to have seen a quick addition on unloading .. WOuld Spurge be in the truck handing off to Lemmy or waiting for SPurge again to get out of the truck and both be on the ground for the last roll ? Sort of completly backward to what happened going in ..

Jeremy says:

how do you attach the stand on the truck at the first place?

michael smith says:

I drove a wrecker when I was in college and always hated hauling motorcycle. (If anyone asked if I knew how, I’d lie to avoid it.)
It’s not that it’s difficult, people are just weird about their motorcycles. It seems like every Harley owner has to take on the “Wild One” persona, to hauling their 1993 sportster three miles.

jwgmail says:

if you use ratcheting straps, DON’T OVER-RATCHET!

Shay Cormac says:

where did you attach the ratchet straps to in the truck?, did you drill holes and add a mount?

paul flores says:

would like to see how you unload it too…

Something Or other says:

My motorcycle is stuck in the truck can you show us how to take it out? Lols

Sanuske Sagara says:

In conclusion invest in a bike trailer

Timothy Fickett says:

nice. i got a GS800 too, but i need a ramp because i want to load a small atv for my child. Whats a decent ramp I can drive a large bike up?

Jumper says:

That’s a nice fucking yota

Stephen Benn says:

what motorcycle is that?

Mrmarginofsafety says:

Ratchet straps release all at once but they are the best for getting the bike nice and tight. Tip: double up your ratchet strap with a Yeti or similar friction tie down after you
have secured the bike, then when you release the ratchet strap it transfers the load to the friction strap which can be gradually released in a controlled manner.

Lord Vader says:

How to load a motorcycle into a truck. Just get a trailer. Much easier.

Paul Elkouss says:

Great video

Victor Almeida says:

Nice job Thanks

Richard B says:

Dont ya just love that he’s using a jap crap bike for demo so in case the loading fails and the bike gets fu*ked up its really no loss 🙂

CycleCruza says:

Just build a bug out moto van like I did!

gsx-r7502018 says:



*downs 20 redbulls in 1 gulp*

Greg Brady says:

But I’m scared

Estuardo says:

Or you can secure 2 ramps together and slowly ride it up the back of the truck, the secondary attachment point can be the rear wheel itself hence you know that the ratchet strap won’t be destroying any parts from the bike. You can safely do this without anyone’s help.

William Hoehlein says:

Good video. I would have liked to see your unloading tips and procedures too.

Bantalz says:

Now how do i get the motorcycle off the truck?

Serdar Atalay says:

My favourite duo. Can you teach other methods too? Especially if we need more space in the back.

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