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There are a lot of different reasons you would need to replace a rim or your spokes. Spokes can go missing or they might be broken or bent. Same thing with your rim, if it’s cracked or badly bent you may want to replace it. This video demonstrates the proper way to tear down a motorcycle wheel and then also how to properly re-lace the wheel with a new spoke kit and a new rim. After you get done lacing a wheel it will need to be properly trued and all the spokes tightened to spec. For this you can refer to our wheel truing video. Wheel maintenance is an important part to your wheels lasting a long time. Check out our other video showing the proper way to tighten motorcycle spokes after each ride. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC carries all the OEM and aftermarket parts you could need to rebuild your dirt bikes wheels. For a complete list of oem and aftermarket parts and accessories check out our website!

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Steve Hangen says:

I put triflow on the nipples every couple of months to make sure they never freeze up. also spray the spokes with lube before adding the nipples. It will make assembly smoother and eliminate binding when tightening.

Gareth Davies says:

spoke salvage last about 5 years they tend to season or break after five years

Gareth Davies says:

can be dangerous driving DT with 25 spokes 10 Ms in manufacturers recommend to replace all sports not 10 all depends if they in great condition

Anonymous user says:

I tried to true a wheel like that 2 times and failed miserably. Now if I need spoke work, I pay someone to do it.

Riley Genereux says:

What size of bit are you using on the drill to tighten the spokes?

Alen Ipsa says:

How do you check if your hub is in center??????

That kx guy says:

My kx’s rear wheel spokes got snapped when i was trying to tighten them so this is most definitely helpful

karlosfz07 says:

What is the most common size of the hole on the rim

kkredmin says:

Hy. Can you shiping your tools to Hungary?
I wanna buy a lot of tools….

KtM2T says:

What kind of motorcycle wheel is that one?, I have a Tusk rim and spoke kit for a 2007 crf450r and the spokes seem to be too long, maybe I need a different pattern than the one shown here?

John Houman says:

Consider changing your voice over at the beginning of the video to have the viewer note the difference between any spokes as visible PRIOR to disassembly of the original wheel/rim configuration to determine that which could avoid having to hunt down the manufacturer’s information about spoke type, placement, and orientation?

Jeff says:

What a shot! Hahah that was pretty awesome

Krystyna Rosen says:


KtM2T says:

I’m lacing the front wheel with tusk rim and tusk 21″spokes on a crf 450r 2007,

SatansSpatula says:

Isn’t it important which spoke and hole you start with?  I once built a bicycle wheel but started with the wrong spoke, which resulted in the valve stem being located under a pair of crossed spokes.  This made it almost impossible to inflate the tire!

Tom says:

can somebody tell me what size spoke wrench I need for a ttr 230 front tire? also I can’t find spokes for it anywhere so I’m assuming they are interchangeable with some other bike?

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