How to find your stolen motorcycle

How to find your stolen motorcycle | Monimoto | Cost effective motorcycle tracker review: Anything that helps reduce bike crime or enables the Police to retrieve your bike after has been stolen is a good thing. I’m a huge fan of bike trackers and have them fitted to my bikes, the problem is they are quite expensive to buy, fit and then to run (via costly annual subscriptions). That is until now! This new tracker from Monimoto might be just what we’ve been waiting for!

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Belinda gs1200 says:

Very good reveiw! Simple to understand presentation. I totally agree about preventing theft of motorcycles BUT….. Are trackers devisive means of more monitoring?? SURELY the whole idea of going for a ride is to be free and get away from stresses of the ever increasing modern world. If you have to leave your bike somewhere lock it to something solid.???

Ares Pinpin says:

can i use it in another country im planning to use it in my MC in the philippines?

Gary A says:

Great review, TMF, as always. Not a fan of trackers though given job 1 of the professional thief is to search the bike for a tracker and rip it out ASAP. Have heard stories where they’ve planted them in the boot/trunk/whatever of little old ladies’ cars at the grocery store while helping them with their packages… makes for a nice waste of time for the police. Sad to say… not worth the money in my opinion.

Steve Mann says:

Great review, just got me one ,question…how do they charge for the SIM data as I’ve no inputted any details? Is it automatically done through my phone bill??

A338 says:

Hide one in the wifes car and see where she goes.

Dave S. says:

If someone gets near my bike, i like to fire a warning shot into their head.

gary savage says:

I have a question TMF if you lend you bike to a friend with the tracker fob can you track the bike to see where they are and have been?

Peter Woodward says:

Thanks TMF – based on this I will be buying at the NEC this month. I had an expensive tracker on my last bike and due to the cost didn’t put one on my current bike. Having seen this, I will be now! Keep up the good work!

Chris Squire says:

Thanks TMF,
my bike was stolen at the beginning of May 🙁
When I am able to find a replacement I will certainly purchase one of these too!

kram namwen says:

may get one for my car too. VG

ZnenTitan says:

BTW, I just checked with Monimoto and they are available in the states as a 3G unit. (Since London isn’t the only city thieves will nick your beloved motorcycle or scooter)

Scott Peterson says:

I am ordering and will use this one. Thanks for the video review. Appreciated.

Roy Gallagher says:

I use Trackimo on my bikes and in my car they are fantastic does all that one does including realtime tracking will send either sms or email if bike moves loads of features and around same cast also uses very little battery power, enjoying your channel watched most of your videos now..

Jamie Nicholls says:

Question tho . If You ring the police and tell them your bikes been stolen and can prove location . Will the police actually do anything?

James Weber says:

Okay so you learn your bike has been stolen and you know where it is how likely is it that the police are going to investigate soon after you contact them ?

Robert Blake says:

I certainly plan on buying one!

Mark Masztal says:

I have one and it works great. Very happy.

Michael Williams says:

Hey TMF, are you having problems with your Monimotos? Mine dosent connect to the GSM network anymore, the company says that its a global issue, are you getting the same issue?

gthbtn says:

Bike crime is not just a London or South East thing. I have had my scooter attacked three times in as many weeks and a group of undesirables try and pull me off at a junction!

Welcome to the suburbs of Birmingham!

Kevin Westwood says:

TMF now hondas just launched the new CRF 450 L,you mite have to invest in another monlmoto,good product

Vincent Daly says:

RJ Nearing 1M Subscribers

Razvan R1200GS says:

If I’m not from UK, can I use it ? The costs will raise ?

CC TV says:

That looks decent and against the price of a bike, cheap as chips. I might have to invest in a few of those. Cheers

Ben Smith says:

Looks just the job, I’ve ordered one from their website. Currently backordered to June 6-13.

Steve Mulcahy says:

Nice review! I had someone admiring my bike in the back garden last weekend at 1am, who promptly left empty handed when I ran downstairs to more forcefully ask them to leave.

This looks like a really useful addition though.

Mowdown says:

Why would you not show what the unit looks like? It’s not like you can’t very easily look online and see. If your going to actually do a review I am sure many people interested would like to know what kind of real estate it would consume to determine all the available installation options you may have

Mail says:

How has it performed over the last few months?

Dougie says:

Looks like a great product TMF. All the better that it has your stamp of approval. Thank you sir!

Quang nhat says:

Hi, I live in Viet Nam. Could the bike tracker still work in Viet Nam ?

Nick Laskaris says:

We may have an issue post Brexit with the EU roaming sim card.

Insouciance Incarnate says:

Somebody may already have asked this because I’m not inclined to check all of the 203 prior comments, but… If thieves can clone and mimic the signals from a car key fob, what’s the likelihood they can’t do something similar with the fob for this?

Phil Kennedy says:

Thanks for this review, TMF. About time there was some disruption in the tracker market. As you say, the typical £400 plus £99 per year model is very expensive and this alternative seems good value.

ibez07 says:

what happens when i go shopping and am not in bluetooth range,,will it only send notification if its moved,,if it constantly sends messages because the bluetooth is not in range that will be a right pain in the arse

John Wallwork says:

Great review……….more a longer term test would be better (for me anyway), although I’m still very tempted. So, if you went out for a ride on it you would take the fob with you and then when you park up you can see if someone moves (nicks) it?

Max says:

Thanks for this review. Definitely going to get one!

Mick Smith says:

Very interesting and hoping they work in the US with a local SIM card. TMF mug turned up today and very nice it is too.

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