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If your bike’s wheels aren’t properly aligned you might experience handling issues, uneven tire and drivetrain wear, and other problems. In this video from the MC Garage we’ll show you several ways to verify that your wheels are tracking true, plus check to see if those reference marks on your swingarm are accurate or not.

Link to Motion Pro alignment tool:


Muhamad Taufik says:

I am part of people whom wait for single swing arm explanation. Hahahaha

Kishor Kafle says:

Side swing arm? Single shaft? I don’t even have a bike and i am binge watching.

OldNinjaRider55 says:

Great info. Love the videos, they are short, concise and easy to learn from. I’ve been riding over 40 years and still learning some cool new stuff about motorcycle care and maintenance. Thanks MC Garage, Great Job.

Saad H says:

These MC Garage videos are awesome! Aside from uneven tire wear, what else is a good indication of misaligned wheel? My bike had a tendency to lean left if I let go of the handlebar. The factory marks were the same on both sides but the distance b/w the swing arm pivot and rear axle was off by 1.2 cm. After correcting the bikes rides straight with no pressure on the handle bar. If you do try this, use a empty car park that you know has a straight surface to check. Also, this may not apply to every bike out there.

MAN CAVE FRIDAY Derek’s Brown says:

Just bought one of these pro link tools off eBay £19.99
Looks very easy to use with good accurately from UK.

Dmitry Serbin says:

There’s another way. Check the distances from rear axle to the end of swingarm on each side. If equals – good.

spectre cthu says:

I like this Channel !
Thanks Sir.

G Garland says:

thanks for this

cyberjack says:

or you can just measure the adjuster bolt’s on ether to make sure they same… easy

Ivan El Barra says:

tumbs up man keep it up thanks for all knowledge you share with us. making referance to all your videos.

varun says:


1stcaspian says:

Is wheel balancing is different then wheel alignment??

Jose Gomez says:

Me gusta !!! toda la informacion esta all 100%

Anil Kumar says:

Theres aother simple way to check wheel alignment, While u r riding just leave both ur hands if the bike moves straight alignment is good, if it vobbles are moves to one side then there is a problem.

rockintigger says:

If I go down a strait road an I take my hands of the handlebars an the bike leans to the left, is the wheel out of alignment. I have the use of a alignment tool “your second method” but it still leans to the left. Could it be chain drag as it’s on the left side ? “2014 650 v Strom

Ram Raj Panthukalathil says:

Hi, ram here. My cbr250r pulls to the right when I leave my hands off the handles. Front tyre is new, wheel axles and swing arm axle are new, front forks have no bends and triple tree is good. Rear tyre is also well aligned. My chassis is also new. What could be the reason ?? Please help me out

Pratt Vega says:

Woooh super cool

My Ride Trip says:

Do you have a video about changing front rim and tire sizes? I would like to know if the speedometer reading will show an inaccurate reading after the change. (example: stock rim size is 19 and was changed to size 17).

zombabeger says:

My bike monoshock had broken once and since the spare part wasn’t in stock, the garage welding the broken shock back to normal. After that my bike had this little left and right sway swing when i ride it… was it because of that broken monoshock? Or was it because of something else? How does a broken monoshock can affect your riding experience and bike?

Norman Hughedicko says:

Is it necessary only bigger bikes above 600cc need to do wheel alignment and balancing?

Sfak3 says:

Honestly, the best descriptive video I’ve ever watched on Youtube. Well done! (Nikos. Greece)

cris rose says:

would it also be possible to measure the bit of rod poking out of the back of the swing arm with the adjuster nuts on it if you have that?

Saptashwa Sengupta says:

how can we check the alignment for a bike with single swing arm?

AyoooMemo Escobar says:

my left handle bar vibrates to much any help it vibrates to much it numbs my fingers i have 04 cbr600rr

Lostmysoul Today says:

Is within .5mm tolerance ok?

Chris Duke says:

Great commercial for Motion Pro tools. Wish I had this chain alignment tool 30 years ago!

J B says:

Just found this channel, good stuff.

Broadcast Channel says:

How about frame alignment?

Daniel Conley says:

Nice z650

Jeff M says:

What about the alignment with the front sprocket and rear sprocket? Do these techniques work with this issue to?

tijendra kumar says:

thanx dear

MAGAV 4 life says:

Ari, you’re the only reason i watch this. You just make it so simple and fun to watch. Looking forward to more vids 🙂

Jonathan Gappa says:

Any ideas on removing the chain guard to use that tool on a 2017 r6? The sprocket is in the way of the bolt

grilda george says:

why do some bikes have speed/odo reading from rear wheel ?
Does this create any errors in reading ??

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