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Watch this vid and you’ll be busting beads like a pro!

Tired of paying someone else to mount and balance your tires? With a few basic tools and a little technique you can get your tubeless tires swapped out in about an hour. In this video from the MC Garage we’ll guide you through the tire-swapping and balancing process and reveal tips and tricks that’ll make the job easier and help you avoid headaches.


prashanth bruce says:

Filling nitrogen air filling in tyres which is good or bad

absolutetuber says:

what brand of tire irons were you using there?


great video, but you make it look easier than it is, may be you are much stronger than I am.

Steve Lesson says:

Its a convenience thing. And if you have two or three motorcycles then this really is a cost effective solution.
I bought those Motion Pro bead breaker irons, and the protectors, they are really excellent.
Pulled a brand new 180 off a damaged rim and refitted to as new rim – took about ten minutes and was simple.
5:11 > Watch the technique carefully – when refitting you MUST kneel on the tyre OPPOSITE to where you have the irons to stretch the new tyre on. Otherwise – no chance.

David Santos says:

$15 – $50 to balance and mount a tire where ?!?!

FlemNmzzzz says:

Had to give you an up and sub, especially for that “ready to go in the river” joke. I lol’d

David Perrelli says:

Ready to go in the river! LOL. Gawd, I hate that job…….. Sport bike tires are ok, but the dual sport tires make the baby Jesus cry.

Matt Plural says:

For real I work in tires motorcycle and cars do not line up the paint dot with the valve stem. That is an old wives tale. Use a balancer. That dot means all but nothing on every tire from any manufacturer. It has nothing to do with balancing. Breaking down and putting together a motorcycle tire is good advice though.

Nate Silva says:

15 ,20 dollars are you serious? This guy out here is highway robbery 60 70 dollars and it’s cause it has a tube

Flatcap007 says:

Haven’t worked my tool within the rim for ages not even sure it’s legal!

minatormyth says:

Thank you

andy mcarthur says:

Two or three bucks to recycle ? River it is.

Rhunyen says:

Kickass demo. Removed my ADV rear tire with this vid (windex good). Waiting for new tire to arrive to mount and do the 2nd part.

bluesharp59 says:

Nice video and a thumbs up for you.

Ulices Alcantar says:

The first half of this video took the first half of my day

parker Azz says:

Ok… thw stick waites dont come off. Ive delt with alot of them.. the centripetal force of the tire spinning draws the weights into the rim so there are not going to just fly off on you..

Ingolf Stern says:

i’d like to see the out-takes from this video, and how much the rim got jacked up at the point he applied the last bit of leverage to get the bead installed without the rim protector.

Richard Gouge says:

Does anyone know if a 99 Suzuki sv650 with 3 spoke mag wheels have tubes in the tires?

Shahrulnyzam87 Shahrulnyzam87 says:

You r the best man

Steve Ocampo says:

Are all motorcycle tires supposed to have the red dot to indicate the lightest part of tire? My continental 160 60 tires dont?

mansonitefirefox says:

Can see the damage he put in the rim from the 3 attempts he had at it without the rim guard… Pro tip for anyone watching, don’t do that.

Fernando Daniel Alvarez says:

chek this out this video bro is a gift for you !!! Never anymore a puncheture !!!
It is a mixture between glue and silicone.
The other way you can make the wheel mass as the silicone of the dildos, that silicone is perfect to fill 100% the entire cover and you only need a compressor to put the liquid inside the cover, let cool, and bring the wheel to center, then you put it in the superbike

eric mcclurg says:

My shop charges me $5 to remove and install a tire. I have to take it off the bike, but they mount it on the rim. They don’t balance it however.

brad sanders says:

Gotta say,an hour of trying to pry the last side of the tire off the rim,its a no go. I can see how every bit of paint can be gouged off and deep scratches and gouges can occur.

Danny Stimson says:

If I done that those rim protectors would end up flicking inside my tyre. Also putting those balancing weights on my wheels then putting black tape over the top looks fucking horrible.

Chris Morales says:

Please forgive me for I am a newbie, what are the weights balancing for?

shae grover says:

I JUST DID THIS!! Learn from me.
So first and foremost. Don’t attempt this unless a buddy has already done this.
You should warm the tire. You should use windex. You NEED to have rim protectors. You NEED to take the valve stem out. You NEED to move the bead of the tire to the center of the rim to get the last bit of the bead on the rim. That’s the final extremely hard part. Took me an hour to figure out the center of the rim is smaller.

My rim is curb rash asf now but some rim protectors and the tools in total are only $30 if you use cardboard. Just don’t do it unless you have a cheap rim or value experience a lot.

Hugh Jaanus says:

@2:17 rim protector fail and @2:34

Kim Jong Il says:

I bent the rim slightly with the tyre levers on a Triumph ST. Sometime these tyres are on tight, and take a lot of leverage to get them off.

Kyle Reese says:

You could’ve placed a rag in between your knee and the tire to keep your pants clean, too.

So maney says:

it was going so well until u finished it with out the rim protector !!! just ruined your wheel to take a 2 min shortcut…. :-/

The Bikers Quest for Coffee (BQC) says:

Going to keep this in mind save a fortune doing this

Ramon Pena says:

I love how Pol Espargaro takes time to make videos for us. Really something to look up to.

Ronan Rogers says:

…if you had to do this on the road, on a big adventure bike, would a battery powered pump be powerful enough to pop the beads in?

Abel Disa says:

He explains too well !

Liberty DIY says:

One other tip, when you are about to slip the new tire on, make sure the rest of the tire is centered to give you as much slack as possible.

Trent Mulford says:

Another important thing would be is to clean the bead so it doesn’t leak air

Ryan Chandler says:

I need to do this for a shitty flat spot, i brought the bike last year and it was garaged for two years so I did expect something to happen like this.

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