How To Change A Motorcycle Tire

Dirt Rider is here to help and this video shows you how to change a tire without the blood, sweat and the tears.


Brian Trend says:

make sure a new tire iron is smoothed with sandpaper. I’m talking about MTB but im here to learn how the big boys DO IT!. I haven’t had a dirt bike since the 80’s so at 68 I’m hoping to get a Honda crf 250.

Alex Bromley says:

Damn, you are a magician

zeroskater720 says:

Set the new tire out in the sun for a little while too

jr johnston says:

( now on my 9th ” how to ” video ! ) and if the bead doesnt seat………

Rui Silva says:

Awesome video 🙂

Wesley Johnston says:

Yeah a tire stand makes it easier, but a 5 gallon bucket works just fine people

ZmannR2 says:

This looks like a nightmare

Tommy Boy says:

Nice video BUT some tires have a direction arrow on the side wall. Crap now I have to take the tire off again and flip the tire around so the arrow points the way the tire will turn on the bike. grrrr

Starcade 85 talk radio says:

mangins ! girls i have been changing my own engine cycle tryres since i was 14, needing to watch videos on YouTube for basic things is a result of 300-pound single moms raising retards in apartments on video games mac and cheese food stamps Section 8 housing free utilities and on and on and on thank you FDR

Mikey Cassey says:

You bastard make it look so easy. I tried my best and all my knuckles are all brusied and fucking bleeding and the damn tyre still doesn’t come off! But thanks for the video!

Smiley face says:

Thank you

Belen Alvarez says:

pepa pig

Michael Holden says:

Were do you find tires like that with the yellow mx 51 on them thanks great video out of North Carolina said that

Cliff Spicer says:

Man did you make that look easy. It’s like watching golf on TV, looks easy until you try and did it yourself

TNT MOTO says:

Great video. After pinching several tubes in a row with all the right tools, I realised i just was not using enough lube. I have not pinched one since.

Jon Smith says:

Yup this confirms I’ll pay 20$ to have it done

John Briggs says:

I have always used the babies powder in the tire to give the tube a bit of slippery, I also use the same powder rather than a solid or liquid lube to help with getting the tire bead over the rim.

John McElroy says:

Outstanding ! Finally a video of someone who knows what he is doing and keeps it simple. The way it should be all around.

gilessmokey says:

you make enduro riders cringe.

Šimon says:

its enduro tiyre so its eazy

joe mac says:

Great job,TY man



Luke Vantol says:

Anyone notice that he said “changing a motocross for your tire”

donyboy73 says:


wyatt shaffery says:

watched this video and then took an hour trying to get the tire off. after beating my knuckles into the sprocket a dozen times I broke out the sawzall and banged it out quick.

tormen says:

In these videos, they talk about 1-1.5 inch, or 3-4 inches space between spoons, and what they have is double. How hard can it be to estimate measures =) Great video otherwise, and you made it look so easy. I changed Mitas E08 tyre to my son’s Yamaha today, and it took me an hour to get that one tyre changed. I really don’t know how it was that hard, but I’ll try this technique tomorrow.

Justin warfare says:

Only if it was that easy with flat heads

ShysterLawyer says:

Good tutorial, thanks for sharing!

brittenv1000 says:

Man you’ve done that before! I’m waiting for my 2nd new tube to arrive!

rolando ruto says:


KwaiTerk says:

Keep pinching(cut) my tube with the spoon.

goofyfoot2001 says:

Nice if you have a garage with a tire changing station. Useless video.

Moto VYuN says:

Долбоёб конченый.

Nick Roberts says:

He also didn’t demonstrate scratching ur rim 500000 times

6pacbrian says:

HaHaHa It’s all good till you put it back together, why do you do it the hard way! Why do you show people the wrong way to do it, Maybe you just don’t know how to do it. After you put in the talc in the tire put the tube in the tire and add a little air so it will spin in the tire to smear the talc everywhere then put the valve in the rim and start the nut a few threads, now with the rim lubed and the tire lubed push on the one bead and the tube will just slide into the rim, pull the bead over the bead lock and push it up in the tire, if the tube has too much air let some out then push the tire down into the bead lock and work it on with the tire irons and you are done. Fill up the tube and install.

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