How To Break In New Tires!

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Fast Eddie
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Not Applicable says:

I use 100-120 grit sandpaper and lightly (I’m talking very lightly) scuff away that shine on the contact area of my tires. You can easily see any spots missed and make sure you’ve done a thorough job.
Also I swear by Pirelli sport touring tires. What tires do you prefer and why?

blipco5 says:

Continental Road Attack 3 (awesome ST tire, they stick like glue) comes pre-broken-in from the factory.

7MMirek says:

Thank you for good advice! I was always cornering on the road the turns more and more but your way is much more safe and faster.

MotoJitsu says:

Due to the various profiles, I also recommend you always keep the same brand on the front and rear. Additionally, I always replace both at the same time vs one over another, unless I get a nail in the tire or something like that.

Paul Simmo says:

I thought that the tyres need to go through a few heat cycles to release the compound as well as scrub them in?

Hurdl says:

Thats also my way to break in new tires. Just a half day on the parking lot and you are good to go.
One of my co-workers told me – he take some sandpaper to rub of that slippery tire-slime or what ever it is called. But I think thats not the porpose to do that. I mean – go and ride that slippery thing of – literally.

Well. Great video. 🙂
Lovely greetings from austria.

Jose Romero says:

What tire do you recommend for a R6?

Motolover says:

Why are you putting your foot down in the corner? The bike is too heavy to be able to recover the fall with the foot. Thanks

jack dane says:

I commute to work every day that’s I scrub mine in. It’s a slow process about a week and then I go for a nice easy ride in the twistie stuff. Oh and the slippery stuff mould release it makes getting a tyre out of the mould easier I use simaler stuff in my line of work with plastic. That’s for those that weed to know

Solosaur says:

Hey, maybe you don’t want to touch this topic because people often have strong personal feelings about it, but do you have any preferences for highway biking with or without fairings? Not trying to start a debate on the topic, I’m just curious about what YOU think.

31acruz says:

cool video, thumbs up for me. Question, you chose the GS over the GSA, what was your personal reason? ( I know the spec differences, just wondering what swayed you one way over the other)

LilKizRider says:

Great video very informative and helpful, keep up it.

Gary Xiong says:

Ankee3 are the best roadtire

Szlejer says:

Tire manufacturer don’t recommend any special break-in ritual (just riding the 1st 100 miles or so a bit more carefully) as heat cycles break the tire in, not weaving and low speed shenanigans… Plus modern (high silica) tires require virtually zero break in.

docgreen 49 says:

This is a really useful, practical vid. As you say, “it kills a number of birds with one stone.” Thanks again. Yours aye, Alan

Antonio says:

finally finally finally
someone who did not say that the producer put oil (or wax) on the tire
because that is a complete non sense to me
great vid

Kerry Fristoe says:

Very, very helpful. Thank you!

RJ Rudolph says:

Hi Eddie just for interest sake, how many miles did you get on your tires?

Stephen Verdonian-phd says:

Scuff the New Tires with fine-grid Sandpaper… No Risk. Cheers.

Jerome Graves says:

Eddie, I am so glad I have been watching your videos for the last six months and actually practicing a lot of the techniques you teach. Today it really paid off me today because I did something I had been looking forward to doing for a long time riding with the local BMW motorcycle club through the mountains in the Philippines. They all had BMW 1200GS and I was the only one on a S1000RR. They all knew I was a virgin driving through the mountains here and thought they would take it easy on me at first until they realized I knew what I was doing setting up my apexes and downshifting instead of breaking. As far as body position I let my head guide me as you said to practice and kept me knees on the tank instead of the “Isle of Man TT” body position so many use to wear themselves out. It was a lot of fun and practice really helps to give you the confidence to do better riding skills. Thanks Eddie I wish they had courses here like yours.

john hanrahan says:

Word on the street is that ‘film’ you’re referring to is “mold release”. Some manufacturing processes requires to be able to separate the rubber from the machinery and some don’t.
I do know that Continental Road Attack 3 tires do not. Saddle up and go…

EnDos RuedasUK says:

Outstanding video mate. You’ve go yourself a new subs! Cheers, Ray from UK.

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