How to Break In a New Motorcycle

Contentious topic, eh? Some say it’s best to run an engine hard for the first 1000km; others take it easy during the break-in period. Here’s how we do it.

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Death666wish says:

I don’t know what other manufacturers say, but for my Hyosung the manual said to use 1/2 throttle for the first 1000 KM with varying RPM’s within the recommended range (um, ok manual, aren’t I reading you to *know what the recommended range is?*), and then after the first oil change use 1/3 throttle for another 600 KM. Then I went crazy obviously! I never redlined it but I got to 9k RPM, redline is at 10.5K.

Arnold. S says:

FortNine is what you call a professional 😀

Think Pad says:

When you mean frequent brakes, do you mean using the motor break with gear inside or the front/rear brake with gear inside or the front/rear brake without gear/pulled clutch?

Ian Schulze says:

I really enjoy your videos. I’m thinking of getting my first bike, it will be used if course, however when I do decide to get a new one, I will come back to this video.

Niilo Hiltunen says:

Idling the engine for five minutes?
That’s illegal, at least in Finland

EmojiEater says:

lol Atticus Finch

Tech Life says:

I seriously read it as fortnite

Don Wardhana says:

Ok. Ill admit it, this 12 year old knows motorcycles

Trucking Life says:

Great informational video. In what gear did you bring it close to red line?? Through out the the gears or last gear?? Most dealers tell you not to pass 6000 rpms for the 1s 600 miles. Confused a little

DrKitsos says:


Viktor Skierus says:

dude, im far from getting a bike, but i love your editing, and your way of speaking! i could fall asleep to this! (in a possitive way)

John-Erik johansson says:

This guy is the best !

LilSaint001100 says:

About to get a new 2018 SV650 and ride season is almost over but i’ll make sure to get over 800 to 1k kms by then. and worried about the break in period.

Kenneth Hildebrand says:

Little dramatic aren’t we?

Warren Gray says:

Hi, interesting video subject
I was wondering what oil you prefer during break-in and do you stick to the same brand or just type, and finally, would an air cooled engine need special care with oil choice more so than the water cooled equivalent!
Take your time!
Kind regards Warren

Brettalind says:

instructions unclear; crashed on first ride

GSA says:

The moment i leave the dealer , i am pounding to red line !!!! Today’s bikes are so reliable, you don’t have to worry about nothing !

Jinx Ban says:

What song is it on 0:55 ?

runawaytrain1979 says:

You sir just have yourself a new subscriber 😉

nuraiman abdullah says:

Hi but if bikes for 400cc ? My dealershop says not to go over 100km/h

CookieMonster the Rider says:

Interesting! Never rode super gentle during a break-in, but tried not to go over certain rpm for too long

jrkenshin1 says:

Fortnine, what bike do you drive? It looks like a BMW, but I’m new in bikes.

Ozzy Lation says:

Question: what is “IKEMA/IKMA”? I googled it and got Israeli Krav Maga Association, which I’m pretty sure is not what I was looking for.

Maketsu says:

Learned something new today. Cool.

Oddjob6120 says:

im in the process of running in my new speed triple RS…. 2 days in……400 miles………first 100 was horrible…… felt like shit …….as soon as i hit 100 miles the engine mapping changed and bike smoothed out …..and it keeps getting better and better each milestone i reach ….. i booked my 500 mile service when picking bike up for the next week………loving the bike

Rico Oktafian says:

Motorcycle version of top gear.

Science Troll says:

Excellent. Best explanation of this ever. I hit the thumbs-up button 5 times.

Moto Doktor says:

if you have gsx 1100 f oil coold you need to take several day to cool down not 10 min 😀 hahahahahha

DR Feel good says:

Need to disagree here, this was applicable back in the 1980s. Engines are run dry and broken in at the factory.

paul keys says:

great presentation style and logical advice backed by facts…….. I’m feelin it 🙂

Joe G says:

Anyone know what that electronic thing on his shoulder is?

Donna Crawford says:

I just learned alot. Thank you.

Jamie Paul says:

I’ve not long ago bought a Yamaha YS125 and have only done 100 miles or so, I’ve been averaging 6000rpm on my commute but I’m not sure if this is beneficial!

n1ydy says:

I used to work in aviation, and i remember watching a guy fly away from the overhaul shop that finished a major on his Beechcraft bonanza ( io-540). The shop owner who was standing next to me commented that there went an engine that would be back under warranty. When i asked why, his response was that the owner/pilot hadn’t used full power on takeoff, probably thinking that he was babying the fresh engine. He then went on to explain the very same things about the relationship between cylinders, pistons, rings, thermal hardening and the break-in period that Ryan did, but without the benefit of video aids. Well done Ryan

86Corvus says:

Joffrey grews up so fast.

zaid musa says:

i like the last part… should anything break, it better break when the bike is still under warranty

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