How NOT to ride a MOTORCYCLE tire…

You’re not supposed to ride like this…

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lil pup says:


boltzfn says:

Get another Grom.

Zachary Giffin says:

I’ve missed your Moto blogs

Collin Moore says:

Happy to see you riding again

Orin Kerr says:

Dont sell your bike you will be sorry.

#CBRGANG says:

Finally he’s back !! Why you get on and off the wrong side lol… & Congrats to you and Stevie, your lucky

Evan Land says:

Your back hell yeha

Francis Floyd says:

My boy Dylan McNeil right there! Yo Dave I live in biloxi, I got a drz400sm you wanna ride?

Joey Welch says:

Good to have u back doing vlogs again missed watching your vlogs.

Orlando erroll Joseph shallow says:

Welcome back brother we missed you. Happy new year to you and your family

Diggs and Cruiser says:

Love your videos keep up the good work

aceintheplace 805 says:

Goddamn I missed that intro

ninja rider says:

Dave’s back hells yeah!!

BackWoods Riding says:

Just buy a 10 dollar plug at Walmart I have 2 plugs in my back left tire and one on the front right side of my quad been like that for a year and haven’t had to pump them up once

Tugi Kecil says:


Uniquelyyours1 says:

Yay, I’m so glad you’ve back, Dave:) Butt crack itch and tingly balls and all the good stuff, Dave is back:))) Hi Stevie:)

Clayton Pennington says:

What took you so fucken the more I want to see your girlfriend or wife

Tyler Singleterry says:

Dave your part of the reason I wanted to get a motorcycle. Glad to see another motovlog video.

texasrider 4D5 says:

Awww shit Dave’s gotta nother moto vuhlog! You dah man bro.

Grant Bonham says:

I can’t believe you’re back you’ve been such an inspiration and I’m so glad you back

Zack gaming pro says:

This is my. First time being a YouTubeer

EvanRyan says:

Glad to see you’re having fun on the bike again.

Vapid Moto says:

Guess what? I told you so hahaha! A lot sooner than I expected. Welcome back!

Ralph Burrows says:

You can buy a plug kit on Amazon. Its handy to have one on you if something like this happens.13.99
Buy the cheep one, its all you need.

aceintheplace 805 says:

“Ain’t nothin changed!!” Haha damn I needed this shit

Dimitri Guijt says:

Dave i got a dutch thing for u! Call Stievie een lekker ding! Its dutch

Zack gaming pro says:


Wayne Bradford says:

Happy new year dave and Stevie great to see u bk dave i know how u feel.about loosing the will to eide im going through it right now im like i just cant be botherd and god damn it dave its 3am and now u got tina turner stuck in my head AGAIN!!!!!!!

Daniel Hamilton says:

Welcome back to the kool kids Klub! 🙂

clark guevarra says:

hi dave

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