How far can you lean before you lose traction?

This week we talk about cornering traction. How far can you lean a motorcycle in a corner before your tires lose traction with the road? Is it the same fore cruisers and sportbikes? The information in this video may well ease your mind next time you are rounding a corner on your motorcycle.

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Richard Bedard says:

I had a motorcycle as a teen but was never taught how to ride it properly. In the 80’s I had a Honda 350-4 cyl. but didn’t keep it long because I still did not know how to handle the bike. So I’ll be looking for your videos because now I’m 73 and I want a Hayabusa!

C P says:

You did not really address it (maybe because it’s obvious or maybe because I am wrong), but don’t different tires have different cornering grip abilities regardless of how much lateral Gs and your cornering angle? In other words, all other things being equal, aren’t knobbies less capable in a corner than say Michelin Road Pilots, and therefore you cannot lean as much?

John Mac says:

Lol, here in the UK, what you call the sidewalk, we call the the pavement, and where you ride, we call the road. So it sounds like you’re talking about riding on the sidewalk, instead of the road! 🙂

bacda14 says:

How it is with the temperature in colder weather and traction? In this time of year my SG like to dance a bit

Jacek Piterow says:

Something is not right about that’s traction in the rain idea. Did you ever try to do front tire breaking in the rain? How did it go? 🙂

C SMITH says:

Great info-video! Just to add be careful using “Race/Track” tires on the street. These tires are designed to work at temperature and to get them there, you need high speeds in corners which street riding might not be enough to raise them to correct temps. So actually the street tires could be the better option. Cool stuff!

david jones says:

my bonneville has a wear stud on the footpeg ,you can feel when it hits the road.manual says to replace it if it wears down halfway

Paul J says:

If you come to UK, you aren`t allowed to drive on the pavement.
you have stay on the road.

Ku`i says:

Mahalo 4 the great info!

Timothy Kelley says:

Good video… puts my mind at ease BUT watch for fresh pavement! I was in a Taco Bell parking lot a few months ago and was coming thru the parking lot at probably 10 mph when I found myself sitting in the parking lot. The lot had just been paved and even though I wasn’t cutting sharp I lost all traction. No harm done (except to my pride) but I haven’t slipped before or since (I did lose my taste for tacos for a while… but not for long!)

PowerOf One says:

Harleys are crap.

dede khairudin says:

Andaikan ada chanel berbahasa indonesia yang kaya gini pasti banyak subsc nya..

mikeyb byekim says:

Won’t ride in rain like that here in Hou

Nicholstop : says:

My fire wreck was fresh blacktop being taken out into a main road on car tires. I went to hit my brakes to slow down and was sideways at 40mph before I knew it. I’m a new rider and I was on my first thousand miles on the street and I could probably handle it now but that was scary stuff and could probably take me out even now if I wasn’t riding at full attention.

droenttrilla says:

What is that wiggle feeling I get when I’m riding I feel like my back tires wiggle and wants to slip of something it happens some times when I’m going around long curves or something I am only on my second summer riding and they are new tires the Q3 plus

Wes Hedrick says:

This was a great video!

Ron Antonio says:

There is one thing about tire manufscturing that is very seldom discussed. Is the tire made with synthetic or natural refined oil? There is a big difference in longevity and overall performance.

Dani Luping says:

When you gonna talk about tire pressure ? Is wise to inflate a street tire like a track one? Some say, lower pressure get more traction…


Great information, well explained.

Paul Nederveen says:

I really appreciate this channel. As an experienced performance car driver but inexperienced motorcyclist it is great to hear the explanations. Cars don’t have lean angles (per se) so this type of info is helping me have confidence on my 2 wheeled machine. I understand recovery methods in cars but much less so on a motorcycle. Getting comfortable that I am not going in the ditch immediately is confidence building! Thanks for the channel!

steven kellner says:

Steve K
Beware of tar strips on the road. Tar strips will impact tire traction.

ida Willis says:

Great info! Well made video.

Jay Shaw says:

You seem fairly educated on the physics of tyres.. BUT all this riding you’re doing on the “pavement”… you need ur licence revoking.. and to be honest arresting.
It’s illegal to ride on pavements.. except where a kurb is dropped to gain access to property.

pauljs75 says:

Basically “It depends.” Like a dozen factors at least.

Pottasium says:

Any tips for cornering/riding when roads are rubbish quality and filled with holes?

stevejpm1 says:

if i rode my R1 on a pavement over here i would be arrested,lol..we call pavements what you call sidewalk.

GG Bro says:

Trail braking bad? 🙁

kongresi manastirit says:

Great job man!I will take your advice if I jump on a new bike!But I know exactly what my bike(s) can handle.)))

Anthony Hughes says:

so do you think crash bars on a cruiser a bad idea. kevin

Lee Harris says:

Great advice.

Anthony Hughes says:

i dont mind the crash bars that came on my bike but, i was watching your vidieo and i think i will get some better ones that protect the motor but not become a hazard by causing a crash in a turn… was my thought go pros are neat but i think there over priced.
thank you for you reply, lots of good information..

Frank Crawford says:

I am glad to hear the good news about cornering traction.

Maximilian Schroeder says:

Missed out on temperature of the tires.
Take it easy for the First 5-10min and let your tires warm up.

juan Carrera says:

You can read it all the way over until you start hitting stuff on the ground and that’s your kind of the idea that maybe you’re getting to the point where you can’t go anymore !

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