GTA online guides – Shitzu Hakuchou Drag review

In this video I test out the Shitzu Hakuchou Drag racing bike, to see if its worth the huge $1M asking price!

I test its handling, cornering, acceleration, top speed among other things to do with the bike and ultimately come up with a conclusion with the burning question… Should you buy one?

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GhostlyRipper says:

I’m fine with my Bati

Life of The game says:

Drag is the fastest in the GTA online bikes

Rikka Takanashi says:

I wonder why people are saying this Bike is not good at handling, I’ve mastered it on stunt races and yes I’m usually in the top three because of my bike AND my skill trust me, this bike is DEFINITELY worth it

bomb squad says:

Ok so on over and under on hac drag bike barely ever been beaten unless ive fucked up being a smart ass soo yep its a good ride lads

CreamedCorn7 says:

You can double clutch the hakucho

Calvin Joseph says:

Back Axel? Wtf U Mean Swingarm Ew.

Big Piet says:

If you’re racing mostly in straight lines, this bike will make the others eat your dust

Alexiz Playz says:

He actually never upgraded the bike

killer krok says:

all the bikes in gta get a boost from leaning forward and from my personal view its faster than doing a wheelie. for the start wheelie will get you there but for the long haul leaning forward will carry you further.

emanueleridolfi says:

The drag bike got a rlly bad start cuz the wheel was spinning if it didn’t it would have beat the akuma

203 LogoHoe says:

You should’ve compare it to the normal Hakuchou

korianitis Gr says:

Start on 70% throttle on hakuchu and the start will be very sexy

Arthur Gageiro says:

It’s 1m and 100k but you said it was under a mill

RacingEcho says:

You used this bike ever since u started to play, but you can say it right…

Team Spintop says:

Umm if the Akuma is your favorite bike, how can you not know about the “wheelie” thing… No, it doesn’t pick up the front wheel at high speeds, but hold the wheelie key and watch it accelerate. That is actually the best thing about this bike, because you can still take turns while increasing your top speed. So its ‘downfall’ is actually its greatest trait.
The rear loses grip? you literally ran over a gutter/median strip! It actually has the best handling of any bike.
Also my drag bike destroys the Akuma by 4 seconds on the airstrip. I think you need to learn how to drive.

3600 maimai says:

Oh rly? Didn’t know this bike this slow. In race this bike dominate every other.

TheMiojox says:


1hosein999 says:

I have the drag bike its perfect

rufus jones says:

Any Hayabusa with a drag arm that are never going to see the quarter mile are ugly


I know this is off topic to the video, but can I buy all the deals that Rockstar put out like the CEO office, MC clubhouse, Bunker, hangar, facility. I’m just wondering.

the Illuminati says:

I love this bike

Noah Walania says:

The akuma can wheelie….

pug-Z-official says:

I say it like this ak-ew-mar

Danny Dovahkiin says:

Get modded

yuzzii24 says:

shotaro is most expensive

Ur Nan says:

Pretty sure you need to properly launch the bike to get a good start

W I D E B O I says:

Holy shit what a crappy bike the review saved my dumbass again!!


The hakushu drag is not as fast as everybody thinks it is there’s faster cars out there now since the new updates this bike is not worth a million I sold this bike to get my Avenger

Still I Rise4485 says:


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