Fastest Sport Motorcycle Tires of 2018

With great power comes great responsibility. More precisely, the responsibility to slap the stickiest and fastest sport donuts on your road-going rocket.

Gear breakdown:
0:11 – Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V3 –
2:51 – Shinko 003 Stealth Ultra-Soft Tires –
4:07 – Michelin Power RS Tires –
6:23 – Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II –

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How did you fuck your arm up

Martin elisha says:

Love you ryan

Todd Cotta says:

“it has more grip than i have balls” Love the commentary…. 🙂

DaCubs says:

I’m surprised you used the corsa 2 and not the 3 version; any reason why?

Mitch R says:

There should be sp v3 vs a q4. Why didnt you guys have the q4

LolitsMarcin says:


Tylertron says:

At 3,500 miles my rear tire is ready to burn away on my Thruxton 1200 R. I am wondering if the Power RS will work on my tubed wheels ???

PTTM2006 says:

That Yamaha on the wall <3

Kyle Hooker says:

What happened to your arm? You crash?

tim vander says:

Did you look up the q3plus

Mike Mitchell says:


Well presented, well written. I have binged most of your vids in the last coupla weeks, and as a critical critiquer (sp?) of production values, you get a gold star, and A+ –uh, critique.

I find your comments/observations to be on-point and very real worldy. As a reclaimed biker (I’ve had my endorsement (license to us yanks) for 50 years, but was without mine-own scoot for the last twenty. I sold my ’87 XLH to facilitate, er, …straighten my twelvish year-old daughter’s teeth (her, now, brilliant smile was the result, –thankyouverymuch) then, yielding to adulthood in a tardy fashion, grown-up life got in the way.

All this to say, I recently re-submerged into scooter-trash-dom with a redux of my (albeit much newer) XLH to reacquaint self with the distantly familiar feel of a similar ride, then 3 weeks later added a new Africa Twin to the stable, just for the contrast. I love both rides, and so far have avoided killing the bikes or my salty old arse.

That genesis prompts me to ask, “Hey Ryan, how about a vlog about old fartish guys, again throwing a leg over a bile after a longish hiatus?”

Also, about that left forearm, road rash, or the heartbreak of psoriasis? Inquiring minds want to know. Possible loss of “cool-points” may be at stake.


A Rambling Man's Life says:

Awww man, no Dunlop in here?


Tried power Rs worked good on my S1000R but didn’t do crap on my S1000RR! The new Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa 2 is fantastic

Jonathan says:

what happened to your hand?

Rushikesh Ware says:

Ryan, did go back to college again just to take chemistry lessons for this video? 😀

Super informative!

Dédé LABINOUZE says:

I currently ride on a set of Power RS, i’m in love.
I wanna try out new tires, like the Pirelli’s, but i’m too scared it won’t be as good haha


As long as I feel fast, I should be happy

KBM Racing says:

Is that road rash there Ryan, lol! … thanks for the Power RS review, I gotta try these out on my personal supermoto very soon!

DisableMe123 says:

we still need more views……

MotoBoy says:

I’ll take a set of Bridgestone S21’s or RS10’s for $150 after rebate shipped every time. Work fucking great…cheaper than any tire here. No strange manufacturing issues as some other manufacturers have occasionally had.

Svagunelis says:

Fortnite copied you lol

Berkay T says:

Hello Ryan, I know this is off topic but what would you say about Corsa R vs Pista Gp (not the new version) they are more or the less same price in my country and I will buy a helmet in one week. Thanks!

Royal Riding says:

I must know what happened to your arm

BlackPaw says:

you have similar body language to kripparian

Rowan Zettel says:

Please do more dirtbike products

Paul Leggett says:

Have your ridden these tyres or just converting the sales pitch into hand wavey Ryan language?

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