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Everything You Need To Know About Chain And Sprocket Kits

If it’s your first time buying a chain and sprocket kit, it can be a pretty daunting task. What does pitch mean, 520 vs. 530? Why get a chain and sprocket that’s different from OEM? Aluminum vs. Steel Sprockets. This video will answer all of these questions and more.

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bloodwolf1211 says:

go down 4 on the front just for fun 😉

Juan fidel Lajara says:

Hi ! Excellent videos ! I have a GSXR 1000 K2 and am about to change the chain kit, what would you recommend ? I was thinking about +2 on the rear should be fine, but to what measure will it affect my top speed, and I’m not sure about steel or aluminium and 520 or 530, I don’t do track, just going to work everyday like 80km, the road is fun and I can kick on the gas and hitting the road on the week end.
And thanks again for your videos, just did my chain tension for the firts time with one of your videos, went perfect !

Nitesh conrad says:

Hey man I have a 2017 duke 390.. Now I don’t want to make it into a complete wheelie monster but would like the front to come up easier for a wheelie.. What would you recommend 🙂

Andres Clemente says:

I want to change the gearing on my 2014 Ducati Monster 1200S. Currently running stock gearing, what do you guys recommend?
Also, will I need a speedohealer?
PS: Huge fan of the channel!

Bobby Henry says:

Wanting to change my stock sprockets on my 06 Cbr600rr what would u recommend on teeth I ride freeways

Gary M says:

I need a diamond sprocket

Jesus was a Carpenter says:

Thanks for recommending pitbull stands. My walmart stands are not safe at all….

Warren Mullett says:

Str8 to the point no bullshit. Subscribed.

filoIII says:

I have a CB500F. Want a bit more torque. Don’t care about top end speed. Will there be more torque at all speeds thru all gears? Thx.

Sam Leggett says:

Great video! So many questions answered.

road_warrior_ ss says:

I have a 2000 cbr 600 f4 I’m wanting to buy a 520 chain kit one tooth down in the front but I want metal gears do you have a kit like this for my bike

David James says:

Going from 530 or 525 chain to 520 is NOT changing pitch. They are the SAME pitch which is 5/8th of an inch between adjacent links. You are misusing that term here. Also, only going up 2 teeth on the rear sprocket on a 1000cc motorcycle might not even be noticeable. On my 2004 Kawasaki ZX-10R, I went -2 in the front and +11 in the rear so that shows that your “advice” is WAY off for some people. You cannot give generic advice to people not knowing what their goal is. That is stupid to say gearing it down more than a few teeth will turn it into a wheelie machine. That is what a throttle and rear brake are for. I think you better understand more about motorcycles before you go giving “advice”.

Lance Dooley says:

I’m pissed were still using this chain bs crap. Im tired of changing chain and sprockets. I can only get 15-30k miles. Why the hell isn’t chain and sprockets technology gone further. Or develop dam auto adjusters for less bs maintenance.

Lewis Cross says:

With the Speedo thing. Couldn’t I completely cheat using the stock sprockets but made the odometer count slower .

Bobby Henry says:

What would you recommend on the freeway on 06 Honda Cbr600rr

Austin-C Media says:

you have awesome and very informative vids! im a new sub as well!   Keep it up.

artur0123 says:

i have a r6 2017 what chain and sprocket i need for a faster but fast acceleration?

Hr BeStalkinMe says:

Steel sprockets and o ring chains will last many times longer than a non O ring chain on aluminum sprockets.

Kique Maldonado says:

You talked about 1 tooth less in the front on a 600 in order to keep good performance. Doing that do you recommend leaving the back sprocket stock? I’ll be ordering from you guys once I’m sure which way to go. I’m not looking for crazy performance and I want my top end on highways. Thanks in advance.

David James says:

Actually the sprockets I settled on (after trying some more radical combos), was +1, +11 which was still good for about 150 MPH top speed. I actually went from a 17-525 front to 18-520 front. The rear went from 39-525 to 50-520. That seemed to be the “perfect” compromise for my style of riding. Notice that to “gear” a bike down, you can actually increase the # of teeth on the front sprocket, as long as you compensate with the rear sprocket as I did. That 18-50 combo was a LOT of fun. My sportbike days are over but I still tinker with sprockets. My favorite is Supersprox stealth.

To help “prove” that reducing rotating mass only makes a difference if it is reasonably “far” away from the center of rotation, ask yourself why doesn’t SuperSprox doesn’t make a dual metal front sprocket with steel teeth and an aluminum carrier. That is the reason why. It is not worth the effort cuz the performance gain would not even be noticeable. Even the rear sprocket performance gain is minimal but they look so cool.

alekre says:

I think engineers done their best to gear a motorcycle, both for performance and safety. Just do regular maintenance and change when its worn out.

evan stockdale says:

i got a wr 250r what

Eric sin says:

Mileage issue is not true on a bike with the speedo that reads off the front wheel

Anas saleh says:

For a gsxs 750 2015 what is your recommendation for acceleration i am not a wheelie guy

bunberrier says:

Sorry but this isn’t “everything” you need to know. You didn’t mention tensile strength. There is more to chains than just profile size. Try buying something under-rated for your bike, ride around hammering on it for a while and then have to go through the whole replacement thing again because your bike has destroyed something underbuilt for it. I did. Won’t forget that lesson. Buy at least the minimum strength recommended for your bike, or higher. If a chain maker can’t supply a tensile strength spec, don’t buy it. Look at the web pages for JT, D.I.D. , Regina, etc. They tell you.

Ali Khalid says:

your video is perfect every topic is covered i have the same bike you have gsxr1000r 2018 is all electronics do i need to install speedo healer ?

Dean Peterson says:

Always love watching your videos, I learn so much useful information, and I love my Spiegler brakelines BTW.

Van Alstyne says:

You’re gonna get skin tags if you keep wearing those shirts. Just a heads up.

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