Emergency Motorcycle Puncture repair Fast On The Roadside. (Touring)

The Gear Gremlin Instant Motorcycle Tyre Repair Kit Is just perfect for touring. I made this video in a style to make some people smile. I hope you like it.


Brett Wendel says:

It will take 2-3 cartridges to get a tire inflated unless your on a bicycle. Cheers!

Macushla Marsh says:

Hi there yes as others have said those co2 canisters even all 3 will not get you up to anything like enough pressure apparently. From what I have seen it could take up to 8 or 9 but at least they are small reliable unlike a lot of the cheap and nasty compressors offered .I suppose you have to balance that against the canisters being a one shot affair. The reason I viewed your vid was because I recently had a puncture in my 1250 Bandit but fortunately I dicovered it while at home and even though I had motorcycled for over 40 years I never had a puncture. Back in the day most motorcycles had steel spoked wheels so used to carry tyre leavers and spare tubes and a manual pump on my Z1000 when touring on the continent. As I’m sure you’ve already guessed at nearly 68 I suppose I’m what they call a “born again biker” but love every minute. Thanks for the video

Lee Harrold says:

Yesterday i was out riding in Derbyshire and a piece of rock from a quarry punctured my tyre.

I had a 2hoour wait for a mate to come with his van to get me.

Now looking at a kit like this, to keep for when it all goes wrong.

I was 15miles from home and had no signal. Luckily someone on another network lent me there phone at a local pub. Whole episode made me realise, we really need a way too repair our own tyres.

Dr. John Campbell says:

Thanks mate, just out to fix mine now, puncture on Good Friday morning when the bike shop is shut for a long weekend.

Rob Pinter says:

I have used these for years, we call them “snot strings” they say that it is only an emergency repair, however; I have ridden on a repaired tyre till it was worn out and as a test, I tried to remove the plug from the inside, and it was very difficult to remove with pliers, as the glue on the string seals and sticks very well. Reinflate with CO2 or a small compressor.

Frederik Buysse says:

also , wear gloves when filling the tyre and holding that cannister, and the provided foam sleeve … or you will freeze-burn your hands

40jonah says:

great video, made me buy my kit off Amazon, just now, THANKS A MILLION.
Jay UK

BHP Bikes says:

Love the drone action

Buddy's Insight says:

One instant dislike. I only try and make people smile when they watch my vids that’s all. They can be a bit silly

Buddy's Insight says:

I have made better vids that’s for sure

Mister No maresole says:

Thank you very much.
Hello from Thailand

The Bikers Quest for Coffee (BQC) says:

nicely done first time see a kit like that being used

Justin Blue says:

Thanks for this video. I’m planning a long trip and was concerned about getting a flat. I have seen this done a car tire and it work great but I wasn’t sure about a motorcycle tire. Thanks again.

MegaTabetha says:

DYNA PLUG way way better quicker and no messy glue

Anthony Stanley says:

Great video mate and glad to see you back ok Tony

Michael Williams says:

good idea to see the inside of the tyre too, but i think you’ll use all three of the canisters Buddy

Had says:

What about the punctured Inner Tube???

The Overlander says:

Hi there buddy. Got myself a new bike to add to my collection. my new BMW S1000RR.

To Vanish Forever? says:

“this would be easier if it were on the bike” X 12 (“,_)


its the same as any other kit carried and use one since the 90s

Freddy Muñoz says:

Not to shit on your video but 🙂 I had ride until the end of the tire life with a plug like that with not issue, and I would recommend to twist the plugging tool before you take out of the tire 😉

Lifeasithappens says:

Cool Vid, I would not get a tyre replaced after every puncture though. That could become quite expensive in my part of the world. Tyre shop can just put a decent patch inside and balance again. I do enjoy your style of presenting stuff !!

Buddy's Insight says:

This is a reload because my first attempt went wrong. I hope it’s ok for you.

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