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The Dunlop Sportmax range of tires has become something of a household name for sport bike riders, and Dunlop has just added another tier to their popular range of tires.

Dunlop’s Q4 is a street-legal, purpose built track-day tire, that utilizes an ultra-sticky single compound, aimed at track enthusiasts among us. It isn’t a direct replacement to the popular Sportmax Q3+, but instead is another rung in the ladder before moving to race rubber such as the Dunlop GP-A Pro or a full racing slick.

Engineers have designed the Dunlop Q4 to heat up quickly and maintain their heat, meaning that tire warmers are not needed for this particular tire, giving them a nice advantage over pure race rubber such as the Dunlop GP-A Pro or a Dunlop racing slick. Secondly, that does mean that they can be used on the street, when you’re dealing with fair weather conditions.

Many of the same characteristics that Sportmax Q3+ users will find in the Q4, with the added advantage of superior grip, so forget mileage. If you’re after a hassle free tire for the track or canyons, the Q4 could be an option.

Returning to the fold is the Jointless Tread Technology, which lays down rubber in one continuous line. This allows for constant and predictable feedback from the tires when turning in, without getting the squirming sensation that some tires have when transitioning from one compound to the next.

In addition, users of the Q3+ who are making the jump to the Q4 will be happy to see the same level of sidewall stiffness, allowing for loads of feedback through the chassis, without any vague sensations, even when at maximum lean.

With the new profile, Dunlop has created a tire that has even faster turn in rates, while still being predictable and controllable.

Dunlop recommends running 32 PSI Front; 30 PSI Rear pressures and those worked perfectly, even in the 90+ degree weather that journalists rode in.

For riders looking to get grip levels nearing race rubber, but don’t want to deal with tire warmers and still have a street legal tire, the Q4 is something to consider.

Arthur Coldwells headed out to Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, in Desert Center, California, to test the all-new Dunlop Sportmax Q4 and was able to share his thoughts.

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MrPninja says:

How’s it compare to the A13z from Dunlop

ttsang91 says:

You have an awesome channel. How do they compare to Pirelli Supercorsa V2?

Pvk Jhilk says:

think id rather just hear how the compound improved across the line & designate a special 10 minutes to the race tire

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