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Dunlop Sportmax Q3 Tires Review
The all new Dunlop Q3 is the next generation in the Dunlop Sportmax series that features a new technology as well as improvements over the Dunlop Q2. The Q3 now incorporates Carbon Fiber Technology or CFT in the side wall reinforcements that boost cornering stability. A new tread pattern gives the Dunlop Sportmax Q3 more of a race tire appearance, but also improves performance in wet weather. Continuing with the Dunlop track tire features, the Q3 still features both IRP and Multi Tread Technologies.


Jon S says:

Hi Anyone,
I have a question about the Q3s tread pattern variation from front & rear.
I just had a set fitted and both are fitted as per DOR (direction of rotation).
The rear pattern looks conventional with the rain channels running from the centre to the outside of the tyre.
However the front is opposite with the rain channels running from the outside to the centre of the tyre.
Does anyone know and explain why???
I have noticed this trend on other tyre manufactures also.  

Marcus Groeneveld says:

I ride about 6k miles a year, I have been averaging (1) set of Q’2 per year (street only) no track, the fronts end up bald on the edges, and the rear balds in the center. Would Q 3’s be beneficial or do you have another suggestion? I am very comfortable with the 2’s and would say I know their limits…. this is on a 2007 Kawasaki ZX10R.  

Dana Davey says:

Can I fit a Dunlop Q3 190/55 on the rear of my 1299 Panigale, it comes standard with a 200/55. I have always fitted the Q3s to my s1000RR and loved them. Any feedback would be appreciated.

SmokinZen says:

Coming from the Q2s I just bought a pair of Q3s why does the Q3 look so much skinnier and smaller than my old Q2? I got the Q3 in the same exact size as the Q2?

Andrew P says:

theyve been the only tire ive ever had on one of my bikes , 2 pair on a ninja 09 650 and another 2 on my 09 gsxr750 ….i guess ive always loved them and have honed in my confidence with them as a rider , its cool to see all the positive review and tech on these tires and it makes me want to ride them even harder…in all reality they were the tires on my first bikes…i replaced the rear before the front with obviously the matching tire…bought a new bike that came fully serviced and with brand spanking new q3s again…so ive been running with it….great tires…i get those things over …look at your pinky nail right now !…the right side is worn to half that width and the left side of the tire is about that full width….never had an issue with slipping or traction of anykind…they actually saved me big time in a 40 foot super hard brake…a car pulled straight in front of me …granted i had to change the rear not long after , it showed wire prematurely because of the 40 foot + skid i left …only rode in the rain like 4 times on these…3 times a short 5 minute drive home from work and once stuck on a commute…while every instance sucked , and i drove a bit on edge …the tires honestly seemed again to be ready for it more than i was ..but im not fucking around in the rain…anyway…i feel like riders have a tire they prefer and stick with it….and in this instance ive found a great tire first up and am happy to stick with it

MrPninja says:

Hey Anthony just put the Q3’s on my 2013 zx10r, which had the Bridgestone s20 on, which are the factory ones, anyway they are awesome, I gave them a hard time in the twisties and the 200hp beast couldn’t make them slip at all and the cornering is amazing as well excellent tyre

sheldon murphy says:

Seeking Info:
I’m really sold on the Q3, however finding reviews for wet riding is hard. I love leaning the curves in the rain. Will the Q3’s do well with this ?

k2wings says:

nothing compares to the Q3 tire says me

excessiveforce03 says:

I just installed a set of Q3’s on my 2001 CBR1100XX. Much better than the Shinko tires the previous owner had on it. How many miles do you think I can get out of them commuting 2 days per week and some spirited riding every other weekend?

empty pockets says:

I’m between these and the mish ss. So hard to choose.Damn track days get in your blood and make every purchase so difficult.

Richard Biagini says:

@revzilla I’m looking at these the m7rr and the bridgestone s20s. I live in new England and ride when its below 50 at times. Looking for a good street tire that I can take on the track a few times for my s1000rr which would you recommend?

Nic says:

Q3 rear tire only lasted me about 6000 miles

1997TL1000 says:

I just got my Q3s today and I am in love! Way better than my Michelin Pilot Powers I had them on my RC51 and the Powers slid so much that my but was harvesting foam at a 7/10ths and even during daily riding when hitting corners, for me leaning over is what riding a bike is all about and where the rubber meets the road is critical!  If I don’t feel confident on the tire it effects everything I do on the bike period. It causes rider fatigue because you are worried about the time it will take to stop or if the bike will slide in a corner, so your constantly checking your entry and corner speed which takes up mental ram, that is better used scouting ahead for the apex.  Put plainly my Q3s are grippier with less than 200 miles on them than my Pilot Powers with 2,000 miles on them. Best tire I have ever ridden period, thanks Dunlop.

tRRuble says:

Hey guys and girls, for those who have the Q3s, how do you find the grip level?

I’m debating between the Q3s and the Supercorsa SPs

I ride my bike really hard and have no chicken strips, looking for something that has great grip. I like the idea that the Q3s will last longer so just hoping to get a good idea about the grip level at extreme lean angles

Thanks alot guys and great video as always!

Mike says:

The tyre heat up very quickly but also cools down quickly.. when spirited road riding…. not what you want.. Dropped my baby, went through a barbed wire fence and down 10ft and hit a tree. AS A TRACK tyre, they should be AWESOME, but as a road tyre… I got more grip out of a 6 year old Roadsmart1 than I did the Q3. It just cools down in straits then when it comes times to drag knee… tyre is cold.. Cold tyres don’t stick.. I will be riding Perelli is anyone is looking for me, not in the ditch..

Cameron Joseph says:

Being that I live in Socal and we ride year around, we go through a ton of tire and put many many miles on our bike. Typically in 9 months we on average put on 10k miles. My Q2’s lasted 5k each rear tire, and fronts lasted 10k upon the tread raised a little bit. The Q3 is amazing, its the same feel as the Q2 but is more grip, better in the wet, and holds great to most tracks excluding Big Willow at WSIR because that track burns through any tire that is not DOT Race or Slick

Johnatan Mataban says:

Awesome tires from Q2 To Q3..still messing with tire psi street/canyon..any suggestions?

tRRuble says:

Wow man such a fast reply. I got the email and tried to reply but my account was acting up.

I truly appreciate the quick response. I think it’s awesome that even though you guys have become such a massive supplier for gear, that you still have the amazing customer service of a small town shop.

You guys are great. Keep up the amazing work with your reviews and break downs. You guys are top notch which is why everyone comes to you guys!

I’ll be ordering a set of Q3s soon !

Bogdan Tanaskovic says:

Even tho i am commuting with my bike daily, and this tire wasnt doing the job, because it lasts me only 3 months.. but after pilot road 4.. i miss that grip really bad.. i get it road 4 is good tire, but completely different type.. its so boring compared to Q3..

Antony Robson says:

Do RevZilla ship Dunlop tyres to Australia now?  Let us know.

aikidragonpiper71 says:

I just purchased a set of these, found them on sale. Haven’t had them mounted yet since it was poring rain and I was in my truck and couldn’t pass up a deal. I ride a 03 Kawasaki ZRX1200R and usually get sport touring tires, but those are getting pricey . Thought I’d try these. I’m sure they won’t last real long but how well will they perform on my 500lbs ZRX ?

Alfredo Barajas says:

Is it possible and safe to upgrade from the original width of the tire to a wider width?

theGREEK7887 says:

isnt this the all around good tire, from longevity to wet grip? it can do everything good?

dreamzb0y says:

Dry grip – Checked.  Wet grip – Checked.  Winter riding is not recommended?  Doh!  I ride all season from 35+ F all the way up to 100 F.  I really wanted to give this tire a try.  Has anyone rode it in winter in the 40’s F?

oscarAmendoza says:

Hey revzilla I have a 2007 yamaha r6 I don’t ride it too hard, more of just a commuter to work then weekend riding. Need new tires soon What tires do you think would be best for me?

Seuth Sengsourya says:

I have on my bike, it’s very nice tire for everyday or canyon and track day might want to used tire for track day tho.

Lyle Hancock says:

I have these tires on my r1. Had no idea the technology used on these things. Its not hype though either i love these tires. I got them on recommendation from other more seaasoned riders i know. I have alot more confidence with them then other brands ive owned. thank you revzilla for going into all the specs and rationale . I love specs and histories on products.

mooosestang says:

Does the carbon fiber make them more difficult to mount?

Mohamed Abd El Rahman says:

are this tires good for Z1000 2012

Asphalt Assassin says:

I am replacing a set of these now. I put just over 10k miles on them and they handled the same from break in till burnout. I have video of the end results if anyone wants to see for themselves. I don’t plug corporations but these tires were BAD ASS!

Richard Biagini says:

Thank you and I have no idea why it posted so many times. Sorry about that.

Fuzion says:

I just put these on my R1 about a month orso ago and let me tell you this: They’re everything that was stated and what you’d expect; even sticky enough to pull 98mph on a smooth, albeit somewhat-shallow curve when its pouring down because nature decides to hate you during a once-great riding day. They’re amazing, considering they don’t fishtail some at lower speeds on the same twisties like that Shinko(please don’t laugh, I upgraded didn’t I?) on the back did, with that Michelin pp2ct on front.

They feel as though they ‘want’ you to lean and juke about as you please jauntily, as opposed to other tires waiting on your forced input. Very responsive.

Beautiful cold-start-stickage. Don’t need to heat them up much before you can do split-second things that you may regret later(though I do still recommend a lil heat-up time; variables are everywhere).

The only bad thing I could find with these tires is the fact that they apparently work too well, as the front tire had two issues of the balance-beads sticking and clumping up inside of the tire when I was riding particularly harder than usual. As far as I’m concerned, the Q3s are not bead-friendly; for this reason I’ve just gone back to good ol’fashioned tire weights.

Either way: I love these tires. ‘Highly’ recommended.

Ryan McIntyre says:

Anybody shopping for these, Anthony says it’s a poor choice as a commuter tire – I got 7000 miles from my set on my 600rr.

David Fll says:

these in comparison to the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa?

Cameron Johnson says:

a very good friend of mine just got a Honda CBR 1000 RR and is just getting into the Cafe sceen.. he put me in charge of “season ready..Rual Mo. we see all weather .is the Q3 to over the top for a intermediate rider ?

Vuk JL says:

Hi man.I ride gsxr600 k9,but in my country q3 ‘s unvalible.Any similary sugest?60%city,40%others roads,no track.Now i have supercorsa,but,want change because of short km’s(miles):-)..i hope yoz understand me:-)..

Jeffrey Bedford says:

See that both your front and rear have a green coded colour strip, my rear has a red colour strip any difference?

Warrior Works says:

I wonder how these would fair on a street ridden supermoto. Anyone have any experience ?

the8jrfan says:

I have these on my 600rr and they’re really great.

BrappWithMe motovlogs says:

I hear the supercorsa v2 are better…is there that much of a difference between the 2?

rroadrider15 says:

What tire would be good for Chicago on a r6 with a semi-aggressive riding and good for rain?

2cool0 says:

i know this might sound stupid but i don’t like the way the power 3 tires look haha these look better….i know that is probably the stupidest reason to buy a tire but it’s something that just annoys me if I look at my bike with the pp3’s (i don’t have it on my bike, just IF i did). i feel like the pp3 and the q3 are about the same….the pp3 is better in the rain from what i heard but i don’t ride in the rain and if i do i try to keep my bike up right as possible anyway


Hey everyone not gonna lie these tires are great. I recently took my 2007 GSX-R 1000 in for service and riding it back home from the shop the handling was greatly improved… It feels great on power straight aways and leaning side to side. You get real good grip with these and they are affordable! Try them out ! 

2cool0 says:

whats the green lines for?

Alejandro Rodriguez says:

so if you do mostly street riding these are not a good idea ??

Masa gaming streams says:

Hello there…. I was wondering.. I’m a 75% track / 25% street guy on my bike… Would this do better that the supercorsa or Rosso corsa..

Used to be 50/50 so I rode in Q3 last year

SecondSquared says:

Are the dunlop Q3 tires safe to use in the winter or rain for touring on a supersport?

MotoBoy says:

I just got them installed and the shop set them at 32 F/36 R. I’m going to lower the rear a bit to 34 probably and keep it around there. I will be doing about 50% commuting and 50% canyon riding. Do you think they’d last me 5k miles? 2CT’s were on the bike when I bought it at about 35% tread left. I ran those another 2k miles until I got down to metal strips.

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