Dunlop Sportmax Q3 Motorcycle Tire Review

After one trackday season at MidOhio on the SV1000S, we review how the Dunlop Sportmax Q3 held up for the season.

For reference, the depth of the sipes on the center of the tire:
New: 0.220″
Used: 0.188″ (tire in the video)

Depth of the sipes on the side of the tire:
New: 0.118″
Used: 0.083″ (tire in the video)

Here are the links to review reading your tires from the expert, Dave Moss:

2014/11/24 Update:
Another verification that the Dunlop Q3s run around 30-32psi hot:


Mr. Kitty says:

2012 Z1000 about 450 lbs plus 195 total combined weight of gear and myself. I run the Q3 Dunlop around town urban/city aggresively with some highway riding too and get about 3,000 miles (rear tire inflated to cold tire psi spec @ 42lbs) before I get just a hair above the wear bar. Love the performance grip/handling just wish they’d last a bit longer.

Carter Do says:

thanks learned a lot .I am searching for busa tire .the bike can reach 200mph so 186 mph wont work for me.

Jayden Valentine says:

What is the mileage on the Q3. Did you already try the M7RR?

Kobayashi Maru says:

I’ve been getting a very similar type of wear along the side tread. The leading edge of the tread is chamfered or excessively worn while the trailing edge has a raised lip. I suspect it’s a problem with my rebound damping but not certain. Did you ever figure out why this was happening in your case? I typically run hot temps of 31 psi front and 29 rear.

Robert L. Merida says:

So far good video man, I like the aproach to subject matter very direct

David Unknown says:

1000 miles? I go 10k, i ride street tho but still

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