Dunlop Q3 Plus Sportmax Tires Review at

Dunlop Q3 Plus Sportmax Tires Review

The Dunlop Q3 Plus Sportsmax Tires are a great option for riders who want an easy transition when moving their bike from the streets to the track. The Q3 Plus offers amazing grip, stability, and feel which is a must for every rider. The Q3 Plus Sportmax Tires are equipped with Dunlop’s Carbon Fiber Technology which re-enforces the sidewall for cornering maneuvers. To increase longevity in the tires’ tread life, the Dunlop Q3 Plus uses a silica infused long-wearing compound and special lateral grips on the left and right tire to maintain high-caliber traction.


CLUTCH1st says:

Currently rocking the Dunlop Q3s on my steed but my next set is definitely the Q3+. Really versatile tire that breaths a lot of confidence. Highly recommend for a street warrior! 😀

Ahmed Issa says:

Hey Lemmy, was that road rash on your arm because you were squiding?!!! lol…get well soon buddy! thanks for the info, you are always helpful.

Michael Rocha says:

What’s the best tire set for my hayabusa ?

Liberty DIY says:

I loved the Q3 on the 1000RR. Just put on a set of Q3+ and loving them too. 180/55/17 actually works very well on my 1000RR and very light at 13.2 LBS.

Absolute Zero says:

Got an r6 2017 and those tires came with it stock. Got around 2.7k miles changed to a dual compound and I like the dual but Q3 Dunlop man can’t wait to put it back on lol

bailey9r says:

Okay Lemmy, I still trust you for tire reviews But will be wondering about your jacket review from looking at your road rash lol

Bryan Crisp says:

I ride a gixxer 750 and love my Q3s for grip, heat up time and price. My bud, whom also rides a gixxer 75 with Q3’s gets his knee down daily put on a set of Q3+’s and didn’t like them… felt the Q3+’s they were too squirrelly even after the break in so he took them back and replaced them with Q3s after only 1000KM. I will go with another set of Q3’s for next season and keep on eye on the +’s to see if there are any improvements.

Dj Rich Saracino says:

Man I have been looking for a new set of skins for weeks and its come down to these and the rosso111, these seem to be the right choice. I ride a 636r and I have not seen a bad review of these once. I’m 60/40 road and track. What are most riding these doing for psi. Thanks

bilal solmaz says:

7:14 roadrush

D man says:

so hard to find cold psi for twisty riding q3+

RED10R says:

Q3plus is a great tire! 4400 miles on them so far and 60 percent tread left

Carbon S54 says:

I wonder how these compare with the bridgestone S21. They seem to be similar type tires. I currently have BTO16R’s are was going to the S21 BUT these look good too

D man says:

hey would this be a good choice for a rider who wants that performance & handling in the dry, and long tire life? , never used q3..i ride a 2000 gsxr 600 needs new rubber , im a relatively new rider but want a sport tire for the street..

HKMediaChicago says:

‘Tis but a flesh wound

Matty Cakes says:

You say it lasts 20% more so how much more? Miles why’s ?


I just finish a set of Q3s on my ZX10R 6000km. I just pick up a set of Q3 plus looking forward to this riding season.

Pickle Rick says:

Gnarly road rash Lemmy, is that from the spill you had on the flat track?

cfltitan says:

I LOVE Q3’s! I’ll be ordering my first set of the pluses this week and hope to be riding here in a month or so if this goddamn weather ever clears up and warms up. I’m really excited to try them out and I’ve managed to average 3,500 miles out of a rear Q3 so if I can get another 20% that’ll be fantastic!

Night Rider says:

Ive rock Q3s on my Hayabusa and they are amazing.Great grip even in rain.Im definitely going to buy these.

FAID says:

just did 7km on the Q3+….. day and night. I had an old set of some off brand tires. It’s so sticky it throws rocks at my friends. The Q3+ reads my mind, I just look where I wanna go and the bike lays

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