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Karl Hulseberg says:

terrible tires, failure of tire in 1250 miles. split through all layers! flattened tire where meets the road, and side tapered. contacted Dunlop no reply… front tire had same issue. No support! watch out for hype.

UrielsMachine says:

I have a 2016 Indian Vintage and they come stock with the American Elite Wide Whitewalls. I changed my rear tire at 14,000 (16,000 for my front) and replaced the factory tire with the exact same tire. I noticed when it went on that the whitewall was very brown/yellowish and not the bright white. I mentioned it to the mechanic at Mamba Motorsports and he said it would clean right up. I accepted that and rode it out of there. After several months of trying everything known to man (don’t bother suggesting your method of cleaning… I’ve already done it) I still couldn’t get this tire clean. I went on the Indian forums and found that there were many of us that had experienced the same issue and that Indian knew about it and were replacing the tire. There was supposed to be a bad run or batch that had this discoloration issue and that it was a manufacturing issue. I’m not sure why but they were being replaced. My dealership wants to prorate my tire and give me only 30% prorated because they say that’s all that’s left on the tire tread. I wasn’t happy because they sold me the tire that had a manufacturing defect and in my opinion ought to go good on a new quality tire that one would expect from Indian Motorcycles. Bottom line: inspect your tire before they install it… if you notice that your brand new tire is discolored (other than the blue powder protection that comes on many new whitewalls)… don’t buy it!

cdyoude says:

Has anyone experiences problems getting the bead to set on the Dunlop American Elite? I have changed my own tires since 1998 and have never needed assistance in setting a bead. However I just bought my first set of AE tires. The front when on smooth as silk but the rear is a different story. I have spent hours trying to get it myself with different methods I have used in the past. Lubed it up, even tried a the down strap to no avail. I even took it to one local motorcycle shop and four other regular tires shops, two of which were dunlop dealers and no one can seam to get the bead to set.

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