Do you need Tire Warmers!?!


Rob Low says:

Warmers don’t just heat the tyre, they heat the wheel and that stops your cold wheels from absorbing the heat you’re creating in the tyres

piratesride says:

pretty interesting, I bought some for the BMW last track day and bob was giving me a hard time since he doesn’t use them. It started a discussion whether they were useful or not. Waiting for him to come here and say that 2 laps is all you need still 🙂

Sviatoslav Zapolskyi says:

Could you please provide more details about you measurement device? Is it some opensource project that you found or it is fully developed by you? Which components did you use? sensors, microcontrollers? Could you share schema and source code?

Kevin Mendez says:

Man, that tire temp sensor is awesome! I want! Surprised it hasn’t been done already…

ayowser01 says:

Higher cold pressures mean less tire carcass flex. On cold days I use higher cold pressures knowing that my psi gain won’t be as high; usually I gain ~4psi between cold to hot.

GamerKevo 86 says:

Whats up Fronzy rr just wanted to know what kind of tires your friend is using on his R3?

Sandy Jenkins says:

I think most track riders would love this.

hawker665 says:

Some tires (Dunlop Q3/Q3+ for example), on a warm day _are_ up to temperature in two laps of “warm up”. Others (Dunlop Soft on a cold, cloudy day), will never stay at temperature even with warmers.

Tire temps/warmers have everything to do with 1)pressures 2)construction 3)compound heat requirements 4) rider ability and 5) ambient/track temperatures.

A rider with very little ability will not generate any heat, but also may not have much in the way of traction requirements. A fast-to-warm street tire will get them by fine, and without tire warmers. A race tire with warmers may result in a tire with less grip at the end of the session than the beginning.

A pro racer on a qualifying session for sure needs warmers.

There is, like most things, no one good answer.

Here’s a much better answer than most:

MotoBoy says:

The thing with these IR sensors is that they only measure the “surface” temperature, which can be useful, but what’s really important is the “carcass” temperature, which can be completely different. For example, this is why some tires get cold tears. The surface is nice and hot, but the carcass is much cooler!

Ricky Von Ricky says:

I don’t care if anyone else gets these but I for sure want one! @Guser210

Dsam04 says:

Is that a go kart track?

jovanivida says:

I need those sensors. Where can we order?

Max Mazourov says:

Dude, what is that track!? Looks like a Soviet era country road… they really need to give it some TLC…

rodhot117 says:

wow, that’s invaluable information!

Melnibone 1 says:

Very interesting you will make a great engineer:)

IHNy2025 says:

awesome video! Very informative!!

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