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Came out to get the bike ready for work today, ran through the usual pre-ride safety checks…and found a handy nail in the back tyre….20 minutes to go before leaving…plenty of time to fix it….Enjoy.


daz374 says:

You just can’t leave home without one of these kits. I’ve been caught out once luckily enough it wasn’t too far from home. Great video btw

Bob Stevens says:

Dear Delboy , I love your videos and have subscribed. Can you tell me the maker of your tyre repair kit as I should like to get one. The T-handle tool is the best I’ve seen.

The PlayRoom INDIA says:

tire p##n hahahahahaaa………….JOKING MAN GOOD VIDEO

Barracuda says:

thankyou so much

Alfarizi Ciamis says:

Naon merk tambalna

Ray Brensike says:

I was just thinking how they make fuel pumps rather small and they can pump a hundred pounds of pressure. So maybe somebody should make a compact electric pump we can carry on the bikes. One about the size of those C02 cyl would be nice.

URanInTheUglyForest says:

Give the plug a turn before pulling the tool back out. The inside twist will act like a knot and prevent the plug from pulling back out with the tool. This is especially useful with really big holes. I’ve had to use multiple plugs in a pinch. If you use the old style black (tar) plugs, you can get by without using solvent. The downside of the tar plugs is that you’re going to have fun washing it off of your fingernails.

jazz2959 says:

thanks for that man

aditya thakur says:

Stop talking and get ready! Hurry up you’re late!

Mr Anderson says:

Just browsing. One question. Once the fix is complete on the side of the road, where do you fill up with air?

Simon Hann says:

Cracking vid mate

Jayden Valentine says:

01:18 why do you call it a bastard? copper is no mix its pure metal.

Chris Seddon says:

I had to do this yesterday on my rear some considerate person had dropped a screw which found my brand new tyre and up to now it’s holding

CEO of heaven says:

Fucking that tire up

Jack Brown says:

If you are looking for puncture repairs services then you can visit at Pro-Grip Mobile Tyres in Surrey. To know more visit our website.

Darko Kehler says:

I just bought a repair kit myself. This is the best tutorial for emergency puncture repair I’ve found so far. Amazing that you took the time to record it while in a hurry to get to work. Great job. Thanks!

Joshua Giuseppe Fontanella says:

“an inserter for inserting the thing you insert”

Well said my friend

Larry Watkins says:

Great vid! I’ll have to get one of those kits.


Your just super! Love your videos! I do have one of these repair kits but I have never done this. Not sure if I have enough muscle power. I am all about doing all I can to fix my own bike. Very good tutorial

Hunk of iron says:

I’ve learned to set it on fire a bit for a few seconds so really nothing leaks there great video though.

Jammie Bixby says:

I got mine at Canadian tire here at home

Isaac Newton says:

An old vid but very useful to me for today. Yes, a nail in my back tyre.

Steve Utermahlen says:

Don’t forget to circle puncture with yellow crayon(whatever) before you pull the “item ” out. Roadside no compressed air. I used CO2 cartridges. Harley makes a much better plug made from saturated leather 2-3 times thicker than yours. Like anything you do the first time, push it in gently. LOLOLOLOL

topbanana0 says:

Had to use a similar kit (Rema Tip Top) when in France, no brakedown cover, pissing down with rain.
Wasn’t expecting it to work, but it was awesome, done about 400 miles on it, at well over a ton.
The Rema is a much smaller kit, for people who said your kit wouldn’t fit under there seat.

adhnrjb says:

Whats that tool that holds the sealent called

Johny40Se7en says:

Must have been such a pain in the arse finding that and seemed annoying as shit to get out too but those birds in the background are such a juxtaposition to all that, gorgeous sound whatever time of year it is =)

Great video, ta very much.

nofgood says:

thanks for this vid,.. i never knew this,..

olaf jensen says:

Should of mentioned that no tyre repair shop legally can repair your fix. Which is OK, but folk need to know that Del

Luke Henderson says:

Great video. Thanks a lot.

Coughlan1916 says:

Hold finger here to stop it being pushed in.. pushes it in fully and brakes finger

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