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Street tires are, among other engineering traits, compounded to heat up quickly. Slicks, uh, no. For whatever reason it seems the stickier the tire, the longer it takes to heat up; even hyper sport tires vs touring tires. Hence the tire warmer. Dave explains their use and abuse.


David Lockhart says:

Do you have a recommendation for a affordable pyrometer to check tire temps?

Mike Kuhno says:

Dave – you mention on hot days turning the warmer to the Warm setting (if available) and then setting to Hot 10-15 mins before the session. Don’t most tire warmers have a thermostat and if left on High would keep the tire at the desired/target temperature w/o this added step?

Matt M says:

Happened to me. Had a borrowed generator that wasn’t outputting proper power. Thought my tires were hot, until I feel in turn 3. Great info sir.

Maxem Motorsports says:

This video is all excellent information, although Maxem Warmers will be making a breakthrough this year. 3 Year warranty, sold @ and

ZxNinjaVlog Fun says:


Daniel says:

Do you have a recommendation for warmers that’ll fit supermoto/SV650 tires? 160 rear or thereabouts.

Mr. Quiroga says:

Great info Dave… i always wondered if you needed warmers on a hot day, summed it up in one video

Matt Luettgen says:

Do you check temperatures/pressures post-ride?

Nasreddine Gharbi says:

Thanks for the free video

zowill68 says:

Hi Dave – with Bridgestone Slicks, what is the lowest ambient and track temperature you need to run safely (even while using warmers)?

J Gomes says:

i have the cheap tire warmers what i do is put them on as soon as get in the track no meter what, is that bad i know they turn on and off by themselves.

Szlejer says:

Extremely helpful and informative content even for a racetrack newb like me. Thanks!

chris s says:

Do you have a recommendation on generator for running 1 vs 2 sets of tire warmers. Everyone raves about Honda’s but there are so many less expensive & more powerful options

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