Coleman CT200U Mini Bike Unboxing & Ride (Mini Bike Monday)

We finally got our first mini bike!!! We will be posting some good ride videos really soon on this bike. We have a big ride coming up so stay tuned. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe.

Coleman CT200U CVT Kit –

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Coleman Ct200u –
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James Sommer says:

Every time I go to wal-mart I see this mini bike for sale and I thought it was just a cheaply mini bike but after I saw your video I was actually surprised to its performance!.

David Freeman says:

What can I do to make my ct200u faster but still reliable? Will a 420cc engine fit? How fast would it be?

James Mcmillan says:

Is it four cylinder

hot rod 218 hotrod 218 says:

samn tell the,guy rideing it to open it up .he looks,afraid to ride it .and,if its wide open its sucks

POPUP says:

Haha! Pulled ya up the hill pretty good! I’ll remember Red Beard. Thanks bud!

lol wot m8 says:

Does anyone know if this thing is street legal? Like, could I get away with taking it through the bicycle lane, or will the cops ruin my fun? Not on main roads or anything.

RC says:

I thought the same thing when the clutch came into full view. That you’re much better off with a torque converter.

Ov Joker says:

One if he can ride a mini bike I can because I’m only 13 no offense to the youtuber and what cc is that bike

tu putramadre culero says:

Motovox México itálica

Capt Larry - says:

very light frame and front axle fit for a bicycle.. putting too much engine on a thing like this is asking for trouble. geared down to 12 mph.. it might make sense.

Jose Romero says:

Great review man

pushin steel says:

Great bike for the wife, picked one up today for $450 @ RUNNINGS.

Pro Jalapeño says:

How tall are you?

Hailey Phillips says:

They started making scooters to but I’m scared to buy one because idk anyone who has one

thomashurts says:

What type of oil do you put in the bike ? And how much per tank


I’m gonna get one for christmas

what's up says:

Impressive for a low-cost mini-bike! Good review.


Hi …I have a question.. What about the gas???? It needs regular gas or we have to add some additive??


I order this from Amazon because of this video

Frank Smith says:

Bro, I like you… So I’m gonna tell you this one time… Don’t ever throw me again…

glendasue70 says:

Red beard. Weight limit is 200. What do you think it can handle. I have a 200u. Just wondering I have very big friends. Don’t want to break it but don’t want to hurt my friends feelings telling them there to big. Thanks for the video.

Camo Jon says:

Hey RB , do you know if their is a heavy duty clutch you can get for these bikes…?

thomashurts says:

What type of oil do you put in the bike ? And how much per tank

shell company says:

That bike is awesome, I got it for Christmas

Harry H says:

What’s the difference between the CT200U and the ct200U-a?

Kyle Faber says:

I love the colemons

Juan Macias says:

Hi i saw the all video but now i have question….is thi bike legal for ride in the side walk?

Manbearpig Food says:

Bro I live in Tennessee too!

Donna Frank says:

Looks fun

Rodney Rodriguez says:

How fast is it in mph

Terry Byrd says:

I always thot the front forks on a minibikes were a lot heavier built, and had shocks. Must be thinkin of old school minibikes.

thomashurts says:

What type of oil do you put in the bike ? And how much per tank

Manolis Skar says:

Is it ligal?

David Dowd says:

We’re can I get a kit to update my front suspension system, I’m 62 years old and this thing is beating my faults teeth out! Please help!!!

Sean Regehr says:

8:15 ~ When jacking the bike up on the wood, you could use the kick stand to secure it as well. It is probably a bit more sturdy.

Matthew Wright says:

Now slap a SUPREME logo on it and sell it for 3000

BigD Welly says:

What is ole ? He says he is putting some ole in it

Bosko CAM485 says:

Me and my friend thinking bout these. Thanks !

order 66 says:

i weigh 120 i can probably go 30mph on that thing XD

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