Checking your Motorbike Tyre Tread Depth – Are you legal?

The Tyre of your motorbike is the only thing linking you to the road! Is your tyre tread safe and legal?

We talk about how we measure and check our tread depths and why!

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Dan Engels says:

Absolutely true, also due that those grooves do not have an equal depth along the length of the groove.

adrianbarrie13 says:

I’ve just changed my tyres and when I took the labels off them I wrote both the miles my GS had done and the tread depth so I can monitor how they are wearing so as they get down towards the limit I’ll have a better idea of how long they have lasted and have more idea of how much longer they will last. I’ve read that some tyres tend to wear quickly once near the 1mm limit but at least I’ll have a better idea if I need to change them soon or not-I was going to Scotland so changed they before I went even though there was some tread left on them. It’s also worth keeping an eye on availability too especially if you have a trip planned or it’s your main/only form of transport as I had to wait over a week for my Tourance Nexts to come into stock in the UK recently as Metzeler were struggling to keep up with demand.

DervMan says:

Good stuff. I religiously check tyre tread and pressure.

Andrew Kolevera says:

here in the states i have the same manual tread depth gauge we measure in the channel of the tire, its the same on a car or a bike, you want to check the most pronounced channel not the small ones, on a drag tire there is a hole on the tire where you check the tread life. the bridge inside the channel is called a wear bar and it is the legal limit everywhere that specific tire is sold. we check our tires in 32nds here in the states. at my dealership we recommend customer tires at 4/32 cops here dont check Dot cops will and if you are under 3/32 you can get a ticket. in any case if your tires are at the wear bars buy new tires lol

Liam Hoad says:

I suspect the other measurement was thousands of an inch.:-)

Andrew Tofts says:

Thanks guys, very informative as ever. Cheers, Andy

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