Cheap vs Expensive Motorcycle Helmet – Crash Tested

Have you ever considered using a cheap no-name motorcycle helmet? Probably not! But at Crash Test we like to answer the questions that nobody asked. So, we took a trip to eBay and bought a $30 motorcycle helmet to destroy for your entertainment.

Test Subject:
Scorpion EXO R710: vs AHP “???”

0:54 – Seaworld Waterproofing
1:31 – Soundproofing
1:40 – Rambos Corner: Puncture Test
2:18 – The Batting Cage: Impact Protection Test
2:51 – The Batting Cage: Abrasion Resistance
3:29 – Gold Town: Chin Bar Strength
4:18 – Scoring & The Aftermath
BONUS – 4:54 – The Burn Unit

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Uchuujin tamanegi says:

3:54 the expensive helmet is missing it’s visor ? did u replace it after it broke ?

Marc Carney says:

Starting out I asked my Dad, an MSF instructor, which Helmet I should buy. His response was “How much is your head worth?”

justin pigg says:

I would love this job to tourture test of motorcycle gear

Fresco scuits says:

Wait wait… pubg has “2 types” of *MOTORCYCLE HELMETS*

Daniel Baird says:

I got that exact scorpion and I got it for $200 somehow

blackcauldron says:

@3:45 styrofoam vs EPS. They’re just the same. EPS stands for Expanded Polystyrene. Styrofoam is just a common term for expanded polystyrene.

AdzSONLINE says:

I’ve got a karting Sparco Club X1 lid. Cost me just under £100, so much cheaper than that $300 one you have. And that $300 one didn’t really hold up as well as one would hope, so I’m a bit worried now

Michael Morrison says:

New burn out helmet in fortnite

yotam messing-guy says:

What is that song during the drop test? Pls answer

Vizzy says:


bigfroggy22 says:

Wait I have a scorpion helmet. Yay! I did good!

Dr. Ducky says:

More like fortaib hehehehe

twitchyflash says:

Things to never cheap out on:
1. Motorcycle helmet
2. Safety Glasses
3. Bullet Proof Glass
4. Anal Lubricant

All things that you would use to keep your bits safe. Not areas you want to skip on the cost.

Sonicfanboy132 Ww says:

Fortnine sounds familiar

DM CUBER says:

Lvl. 1 helmet vs. Lvl. 3 helmet

Aurelian Spodarec says:

Cool video, but why at 5:04 – why do you burn it tho? It’s a disgrace to our enviroment.

ZaloZ says:

Your channel name reminds me about Fortnite.

Leader C says:

More like fortnite

Sponges Diped with bleach yummy. says:

U really suck at golf u when u swing u dont stop ur momentum u swing it all to the back as u can

Grant says:

your reviews are classic mate !

Ghost Ninja says:

This channel shows me what gear to buy

teddy detkhlang says:

when you are addicted to fortnite and the channel spell fortnine then you think its fortnite

xll-LXve-DeXth-llx says:

Pass me a mini shield

777Edub says:

Why was the visor removed from the expensive helmet during the golf swing?

THE_GHOST-23 says:

Yah, but your neck will be cold so theres that.

Matasmar Martutatis says:

300£ ?? Thats a bad helmet normal helmets cost about 400-600

Almighty LuKe says:


X Creeperguard X says:

Fortnine more like fortnite

Carl Winther says:

fortnine? fortNITE

鄭隸仁 says:

Everything made in China will explode.
Except bombs.

CommandRial/mcpe, gd. says:

When I saw your name I thought it was fortnite but no fortnine

AnimePlanet says:

lol, you can’t get headshotted this way xD nice bullet proof helmet

Logan Connell says:

Wouldn’t soundproofing be bad? bc you want to hear traffic what if a car honks at you or something like that

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