changing a motorcycle tire with a COATS RC 100 tire changer and a quick balance, if you have any questions let me know and ill try to help . I’ve done at least 800 sets of tires so the BIG AMA, MOTO GP TEAMS SHOULD HIT ME UP SO I CAN APPLY FOR A JOB ID LOVE TO BE A PIT GUY LOL thanks for watching


dissevered says:

I just got a tire machine.  Sometimes with stiff tires the machine wants to tear the bead.  Using plenty of lube, what gives?  Is there a certain placement of the mounting arm that would prevent this?  

mrsmel269 says:

sears 600 ish

Christopher Kale says:

Great review.  Taking classes @ Phoenix MMI and this serves as a great review.  Thx.

John Russell says:

is this a motorcycle tire changer or car? I have access to car changers at work but not motorcycle changers it looks identical actually

Tom D says:

I love it. Kid in the background making all kind of noise. Dad rolls on. A true Dad I’m one also. Just zone all the noise out when working

Steve Reeves says:

Hey man, sweet tire machine! I can’t find where in the hell on here to send you a private message, as I wanted to ask you a few questions about machines in general (if that’s ok). You must be my brotha’ from another motha’. I used to run WERA, CCS, and AMA in the MBNA Grand Prix series until they killed the class in 2002. Did some instructing for Ed Bargy, etc. I’ve risen from the ashes and have been hitting some track days again, and after my dirt bike wheels are making me want to saw them in half..I started looking at the NoMar…then progressed to maybe a machine……(I can talk myself into anything). And on another note…I have a SCAR 16, maybe a couple of Sig 516/716s…etc etc. Would it be ok to hit you up about a couple of questions I had about the machines?

Vincent O'Donnell says:

+MRSMEL269 Thanks for the very informative video, I would like to purchase a pneumatic machine and electric balancer myself for my at-home garage. I know you stress getting a good-expensive machine, can you give me your professional opinion on this machine/balancer on ebay? It received good reviews and I will only be using it change my R6 track bike tires and “friends” tires, not getting everyday use, please let me know, I’d really appreciate it!

Chris E says:

I just got a tire changer, not a coats, but I like the use of the socks to protect the rim, I shall do likewise, thanks for the video.

Sapphire1987 says:

Hey, any tips for a hard bead? I’ve been changing my tires myself aswell with a tire changer. I was swapping on continental slicks, and almost destroyed the rear tire ripping true the bead. I’ve tried different things, just can’t get those hard fuckers on. Maybe i’m forgetting basic things cuz it always went so smooth.

ask steevies says:

The chinese ones work just as good , weve been using the chinese since u were in diapers , there fine ..


is it possible to use my body tire machine like that one for a dirt bike or will it bend it ?

golddonut9847 says:

My friend said using my dirtbike tire on a machine said it would ruin the spokes… is this true. Cause I’m in a auto motive program at school and want to use the machine way more than just going at it with screwdrivers

greeek777 says:

Hey bro is there any way to tell me if the TC 400 mb motorcycle changer is any good. I just tires of paying $125.00 every time i bring my sportbike in. Price i see is $999.00  so i see 10 times i use it, it’s payed for. hope you can help. I am so tired of dealers. thanks

ask steevies says:

My new 1 is a derek weaver
With assist arm , mints

Ben Johnson says:

where you get this cheap compressor?

Dino 2112 says:

Mind if I ask what you paid for yours? I went to the COATS website and only saw the RC-200/EX Motorcycle Rim Clamp Tire Changer. Has the RC-100 been discontinued?

Robert Wyrick says:

What would be the issue with clamping to the rotor, rather than the rim?

mrsmel269 says:

if you get the tire started a little you can spray some soapy water water around the bead to help it move for you . ive never had one be that hard but thats what i would use dish soap and water to see if that helped some then if that didnt work and your not going to use the tire again you could shoot some wd 40 or some pb blaster on the bead to help then really clean the rim when you get the tire off hope that helps thanks for watching

Sapphire1987 says:

Thanks anyway. The tire was punctured at the chafer(bead). Found out what the problem was, had to do with rim design and a pretty stiff tire, had to push hard after the mounting shoe with 2 folks and over a wider arc then normal. Then the tire went on smooth like butter. Anyhow I’ll never forget this lesson.

Robert Jefferson says:

What size compressor is that? does it run all your air tools?

greeek777 says:

I want to thank you for getting back to me. I went and order it so we will see how it is. The co. Was running a deal $999.00 and you get spoons and a box of tire weight. The guy told me it’s a real good. We will see. I get back to you and tell you how I like it. Will be here in 7 to 10 days is what he said. Hell if I do my friends tires and mine it will pay for it self. My friends want to pay me do change there tires then the dealers. I told the how about 35 a tired all of them said hell yes. Are dealers are a rip off $125.00 + tax . It’s a joke. Thanks again. Have a great day.

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