CHAIN vs BELT vs SHAFT – Which System is Best? | MC GARAGE

Chain, belt, drive shaft. Each setup has it’s own pros and cons, but which system is best? In this video from the MC Garage we’ll discuss the three forms of final drive so you can decide for yourself.


Elijah Eriq says:

Chain all the way

Bunty Rajput says:


A S says:

Having now owned all 3 types, I’ll stick to chain or belt… I couldn’t stand my shaft driven boulevard… wanna coast for a minute, nah, let off the gas and decelerate faster than a downshift… seriously annoying.

Akum Ao says:

I prefer old school chain

iare19 says:

Never have trusted belts. Have 2 ATV-s and a sled with belts. Been stuck in random wilderness couple of times when belts explode from heat/friction.

Eden Pratama says:

Teu ngarti mang euylah

Mithun Biswas says:

I have Chain bike… Bajaj Dominar 400

crazykeith1087 says:

My vstar dries up at almost 9000 miles, belt for next bike.

Rob Gomez says:

I’m not racing in the autobahn. My BMW 1200 shaft drive havent had to do anything to it since 2009. Love it.

JHMBB2 says:

Interesting how on a car a timing chain lasts a lot longer than a timing belt. How is it opposite for bike drive lines?

mike ock says:

Sorry but I’m a little biased, I prefer chains maybe this vid will change my mind.

Nalla Saurav says:

I didn’t know bikes have chains too!!

Fittneskick803 says:

I like shafts.

Rhithwik A.G says:

I think the chain is much better than belt driven system…

Revnge7Fold says:

I refuse to buy a big bike with a chain… It’s hassle enough to clean and maintain the damn chain on my CBR250R…

Aditya Palwankar says:

Create a video on Types of Throttle, or an A-Z series of motorcycle really detailed and covering ever mechanical and electrical bit like a motorcycle bible or something. Love the videos thanks for this 🙂

Mads Jørgensen says:

Belt all the way !!!

baker2niner says:

Owned them all. Belt, by far.

정원우 says:

What’s that motorcycle on the right

Andrew Marlow says:

Shaft any day

James Mitchell says:

Well that was conclusive. Cheers.

Das Kai-ser says:

todays bikes are so ridiculously powerful that it’s just better to go for shaft driven. or even belt.


My first bike was a chain drive, ever since I started ridding shaft drive motorcycles I am never going back to a chain drive.

Faustin Gashakamba says:

A chain looks super dope on a bike. If you are afraid of touching oil, then you’re no biker; go buy a prius!

todd horst says:

I did this comparison with my wife’s help. She said she likes the shaft, but was just pulling my chain, so ended up with the belt.

Jerry Adams says:

I have had 19 bikes with chains, two with belts, and two with shafts. Today’s chain are much better in terms of wear and maintenance than they were 30 years ago. Belts are okay if you don’t mind picking rocks from the sprockets before they damage the belt. It is true shafts don’t require as much maintenance as chains but it costs a lot more when they do. I like the ability to chain the gearing and the lightness of chains so unless I am buying a heavy touring bike I am sticking with chains.

toadamine says:

Don’t get shafted! Lol

timber_beast says:

I don’t know – its seems like if you own a motorcycle you should be comfortable with a little grease and grime now and then. Most bikers I know are pretty independent and self-reliant and look forward to getting in there on most things and avoiding some $180/hr “factory mechanic” who cross threads everything, cracks the plastic and then tries to sell sell sell parts you do not need.

Logan Charles says:

Here’s a thought. Video titled “ which is best” … should have an answer. Lol so sad.

Aditya says:

OMG where was this channel…. Thank you sir….

majorlifts says:

You still didn’t say which is best?!…….

Omar Nael says:

the name of the white bike?

tack technology says:

Super Chen bike

Mark S says:

Crotch rocket punks generally don’t work on their bikes. They don’t know how to and don’t want to learn. They are not interested in the mechanics of motorcycles. Their only interest in motorcycles is their ability to titillate.

Khoibam Surajkumar says:

Please⁴ make a video on why bikes have gear and scooters don’t . I’ll B waiting love your channel

Carroll says:

I have no gripes on Maintenance, shoot I’m a Jet Engine Mechanic and do my own Auto work and service… I own my own tools!

Anwar Quereshi says:

How to make a bike out of car parts 🙂 .. ?? Engine and all

Santino Ramirez says:

Amendment trouble embrace dose golf obstacle editor press pant keep stable contest one.

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