Cardo vs Sena – Best Motorcycle Communication Systems of 2018

In 2018, it’s easy to assume that all bluetooth motorcycle communication systems are abundant, astonishing, astounding and A1 on all accounts. But life isn’t that easy. Ryan runs through some of the beauties (and fails) from Cardo and Sena, eh.

Gear breakdown:
0:27 – Cardo Packtalk Bold –
1:32 – Sena 20S EVO Bluetooth Headset –
3:33 – Sena 30K Bluetooth Headset –
5:45 – Cardo Packtalk Slim Headset –
7:12 – Cardo Freecom 2 Headset –

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Anon Amos says:

Sooo, get the one you friends have.
So don’t get anything.
Because you have no friends.

Luke Geis says:


Gordon Kratz says:

You should do something like this for auxilary lights. I can’t find any good resources directly comparing things like denali, piaa, and sw motech lights.

Fehz M'Nez says:

I have a Packtalk (not bold). The 40mm speakers in the bold are a nice upgrade. I got a pair for my older one. I do have some complaints however about the reliability of starting a conversation. It doesn’t happen throughout the ride, but at the beginning.. It doesn’t always want to rejoin the pack easily. Sometimes they have to be restarted or toggled to bluetooth mode and back to DMC. Otherwise, I have never understood why people would buy a water ‘resistant’ anything. Going down the highway at 70mph can force water droplets in all sorts of weird ways. I also had to get a warranty replacement for mine (wouldn’t power on / boot up properly). No problem. Got a new one and good to go. My other buddy dropped his helmet and smashed the antenna. No problem. Got a new one.

Gunnar Smith says:


Moto 71 says:

Toss in a budget comm like FreedConn in next review, can’t suck any more than the Sena

Ming Li says:

Man I seriously love this guy.

Michael Healey says:

Why not get one of the simple Bluetooth headsets, pair it with your phone, and then use an app like Zello in areas where cellular data is available, or Intercom where it’s not?

Oleg Volobujev says:

That was really cool man! You so experienced about to make this kind of videos for a years, its looks very natural! Good jokes, good review and good picture!!!!


Bought the Cardo Slim primarily based off this video. Figures crossed it fits my Bell good enough.

Sean Reed says:

Very biased review. A ton of misinformation including the price on the 30K and a lot of missed key differences that push the Sena further ahead of the competition.

taipalsaari says:

Get cheap chinese 5 wat radios,get cheap headsets, set to PMR frequencies, get 1-2km range in cities, 3-5km in the open, profit.

Ted Shredz says:

Well done, Lad!

Riding Japan says:

does anyone know if the new sena have the same mounts as the old one?

Riding Japan says:

buttons have never been a problem with sena

mbrar2009 says:

Red green blue show… is missing!!!!

Tom LeTourneau says:

Great video and review. I ended up having to go with the HD branded Sena 20S EVO’s to get stereo and full integration from the HD WHIM (Wireless Helmet Interface Module).

Saumyakanta Sahoo says:

You are so creative ! you should get a lot more audience than this ! please continue your good work , love your videos ! , from India 😀

89DArmy says:

Great nod to Letterkenny.

Keith Drummond says:

Hilarious. Great video.

Dmitriy Krupin says:

Hate your red shirt accent. Please never use it again. NEVER

Geh DuKuh says:

so a cardo can talk to a sena? i am sorry i did not understand much in the last 3 sentences because i am not a native speaker 🙁

Sten Kristian Finckenhagen says:

Hi. I really enjoyed watching this review. I like the fact that you point out both good and bad things when discussing products. I am surprised by your endorsement of the Cardo PackTalk unit, though. I bought the PackTalk Duo some time ago and the truth of the matter is I usually spend at least 30 mins trying to make it work each time I use it. I find the user interface (the unit buttons as well as the app) to be a nightmare and trying to maintain a connection between my iPhone X and the PackTalk unit is virtually impossible. When I finally manage to connect the two PackTalk units via Bluetooth the intercom dialogue only lasts until the two bikes are out of line of sight and the communication collapses. After that we have to stop to re-establish the Bluetooth connection because it will not heal itself. Why not use DMC instead? Trust me; I have tried multiple times. It rarely works. The sound quality is poor and when the connection is broken by too much distance between the two units it does NOT re-establish itself. I find the wonderful mesh network and all its advantages to be nothing but a fat marketing hoax by Cardo. I have upgraded the firmware in the hopes that things would improve but after the upgrade nothing worked. I had to downgrade and even now I can barely get the thing to work at close range using Bluetooth only. I don’t think I’ve ever owned something so completely useless as this product. If this is the best intercom on the market then it’s fair to say the world is in dire need of a couple of new players to come up with something that is easy to use and actually works when you expect it to. I think PackTalk is the opposite of that.

Tim G. Foley says:

Bahahaha Letterkenny all the way! Great job. Also fully agree… Sena still bottom of the barrel

carlos morales says:

I follow you because how real you keep it bro

SD Brantley says:

NICE Letter Kenny cover. Seriously.

JVKZero says:

couple hockey players came round the other day….

Marty Seed says:

Great Letterkenny mimic LOL

Hubris2 says:

The Sena 10u was designed to fit perfectly inside a helmet, but because of that integration it had limited uptake, and has now fallen out of date. Is there any way to take a Cardo slim or other modern communicator and integrate it the way the 10u was – or are we now relegated to having blocks fitted to the outsides of our helmets?

Pasan Manawadu says:

Love the alter ego

KooK says:

The issue I have with talking to a Cardo in order to get it to do anything is that if I’m talking with a friend and it picks up on something I don’t want it to (or didn’t say). The Sena really isn’t that much more and the controls are more intuitive and easier to use on the road.

CowboyX1000 says:

That was fantastic. You have a great way of making the mundane entertaining. And the Letterkenny opening style was a nice touch.

René Pouliot says:

What do you recommend for my FLHTK. “ Ultra Limited “ I want to be able to continue using my voice activation for GPS and Phone, I also want to be able to use my CB and intercom with my wife. All I want is no wire from our Helmets to the bike.

Jack Harington says:

What about protecting your hearing at the same time? Do these help cancel noise at all?
OR could recommend/do a video on best in ear headphones that you can take phone calls on and help protect your ears?

Drew P. says:

I really wish one of these companies would release a hardwired system. Have everything mounted to the bike, and then just run a wire that connects to the helmet. Used to have an old J&M Integratr that worked like this and it was amazing. No worries about battery life, able to connect all sorts of wired devices, and all worked through a switch on handlebars.

SunShine Energy says:

Love your Channel! You´re doing a damngood job! Go ahead! Thank you

Zach Roth says:

Anyone know the song?

Tepco Cycle Repair says:

These are way over priced! China can make them for $30, over $300 for a SENA, keep it, they are ripping you off!!! It is simply not over $270 better period! I don’t know why people keep buying these. I use a $17 Bluetooth headset, call my buddy with his and it works perfectly at any distance. Heck do a conference call with as many as your phone can do, not limited to 6.

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