Bridgestone Tire Guide & Brand Overview at

Bridgestone Tire Guide & Brand Overview
Bridgestone has been making tires since the 1930’s when it was founded by Shojiro Ishibashi, whose last name when translated into English means “Stone Bridge.” With their factory located in Japan, Bridgestone has formed alliance with the metric motorcycle manufacturers and has developed many bike-specific tires, such as the Exedra tire made for the Honda Gold Wing GL1800. Bridgestone has an extensive family of tires with premium offerings for Metric Cruisers, Adventure bikes, Sport Touring and Hypersport. All Bridgestone tires are made in one factory in Japan, where Quality Control is of the utmost importance. This also assures great consistency when replacing tires versus a manufacturer with production facilities all over the world. As the current supplier of tires for the MotoGP, we know that Bridgestone must be doing something right.


RevZilla says:

What kind of dirt bike? Let me know, and I’ll be happy to make a recommendation! -CK

eag1208 says:

I have a 07 650R and I do mainly commuting to work only dry cool to hot weather no rain no snow. I want something that will last more miles but also have good grip for the weekend twisties. I’m between the BT023, S20 and BT016. What would you suggest? Thank you in advance.

RevZilla says:

I would recommend the Bridgestone BT-003 RS if you plan on spending plenty of time at the track. If you plan on riding mostly street, I would recommend the Pirelli Diable Rosso 2 tires. ~Ali

baroc00 says:

hello does the battlax BT-003 rs is tubeless? or do i need to buy a tube? thnx

RevZilla says:

I don’t believe there is anything here that would fit your tire size. Do you know your front and rear tire sizes for reference? -CK

shakes443 says:

okay its a honda cr 125cc

RevZilla says:

The BT-003 RS is a tubeless tire. You will not need to use a tube with this tire. ~Ali

RevZilla says:

The BT-023 has the best mix for your riding needs, in my opinion. Alternatively, the Michelin Pilot Road 3s, or Pilot Power 3s, or Pirelli Street Angel GTs would be great solutions. -CK

RevZilla says:

In the Bridgestone family of tires, I would suggest the S20 for hard street riding that warms up quick and performs over a wide range of temperatures. ~Ali

theGREEK7887 says:

what do you guys run for your sportbike tires?

RevZilla says:

Sorry, I don’t have any experience with the T30 tires. My personal vote for your bike would be a Michelin Pilot Power 3 or PIlot Power Pure tire. -CK

luis121102 says:

Great info thanks!!

Dylan Bogusz says:

For supermoto (DRZ400SM). I cant decide between Bridgstone Battlax s20 EVO or Michelin Pilot power 2CT. 120/70/17 front and 150/60/17 rear. Thanks.

Eduardo García Gutiérrez says:

Hi I would like you to help me if possible, I have a KTM 1290 Super adventure, have proven different tires and winter which I liked most was in michelin pr4 gt, but now in summer breakdown do not arrive or 4000 km, I usually travel with, and seek a tire for dry to hold me the greatest possible even if you lose grip km … was valuing put bt max 023 or exedra, which would hold more kilometers? which you advise me? Thank you very much for your videos . Sorry for my english

CarmineD187 says:

S20 are the best tires ever made hands down!

RevZilla says:

Bridgestone makes a few tires in this size, but none of them would be considered road tires. If you are looking to ride on pavement, I’d simply consider a different bike. Otherwise, you would have to change our your wheels and thats getting into a pretty big change that I would not recommend as it will dramatically affect the handling of the bike. -CK

NikolaiTitow says:

Hi Guys!
Will BridgeStone Trailwing be ok for Honda Varadero 125?

shakes443 says:

can any of these tires above be used on a dirt bike for on-road ?

brillowpad1 says:

Never knew bridGstone was Japanese?! Wow name sounds American learn something everyday

sab2news says:



dave80h says:

What’s your thoughts on the T30? I know it’s new for this year and thinking if putting them on my S1000RR.

Sirradal says:

Very informative vid. My bike came with the Batlax BT016 tires, and I just replaced them with the same tires. I felt really comfortable with them, and they were dependable. Handled great on dry, damp, wet, hot, and cold surfaces. (’09 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R) I rode my bike all year. (NC climate)

Co Co says:

I don’t know what it is but I just feel like slathering a bucket of pudding in between those tires and going to town on them.

RevZilla says:

Thanks for watching!

NicheRiding says:

Just bought a lightly used 2012 ZX6R, I noticed the front tire is already at the wear marks and is unevenly warn, ready to replace the front tire as I hate the way it feels and falls over in turns. Probably going to replace it with another battlax BT 16 tire. I am pretty sure that is what it is stock anyways. Good informative video.

billynightmare says:

which of these would be best for my zx11, I need a tyre for hard street riding / and less interesting commuting

MrAsyter says:

Which do you think suits better on a 250 bike? BT003rs or S20? The bike is for daily use and some winding roads on the weekends… Will crash in the track once in awhile…

shakes443 says:

motorbike front rim 1.61*21
back rim 1.85*18

DTownMalo says:

My wheel currently has a130/70-17 and it’s a dual sport. I’ve seen some dual sport using much larger tires on both front and back, to get better grip on road and still provide good performance on dirt/sand. Anyone have any suggestions?

anlkaya says:

hey guys. how is Bridgestone bt45 ? i think these tires are better than metzeller Lazertec.

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