Breaking in Motorcycle Tires + Save Money, Time & Hassle

It’s always great go mount a fresh set of street bike tires. This video is loaded with information to get it done fast and cheap. And then it’s time to break them in to optimize traction as soon as possible. Let’s go!

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Jonathan Weaver says:

Harbor freight tire changer work MOJO blocks and MOJO bar.. Easy peasy

Slack says:

cant you take a little sandpaper to them

Andrew Freeman says:

Some really good advice here

schreibs schreiber says:

What speed and strength helmet is that you are wearing is that the under the radar helmet?

Brian Cooney says:

why would you put an ND filter on a gopro? Polarizer – yes. It will reduce glare and make a nice blue sky. UV – yes, some will reduce haze. ND has no purpose when filming action. It will simply produce the same picture, but cause the camera to increase its exposure, causing video to be less sharp.

Pillokun says:

Two or three laps around a track or something similar on a good and safe piece of road. But to be honest every time you ride you should warm up the tires before getting frisky.

M H says:

Wash new tyres with water, dish washing liquid, and a scouring pad. It’s that simple.

Big T says:

looks great wherever you live, fabulous weather too

Thomas Dixon says:

Simple answer to this is lower your tire pressure , go to a culdasac and go around it to the left a bunch then right and problem solved . Add air pressure and hit the track

Ruzzeii says:

Exactly what i do, i buy my own tires online, remove wheels and take them to my local mechanic, he pops them on the rims for £10 and in less than 20 wait, in fact last time i did my rear all he wanted for it was a packet of chocolate biscuits lol. So much cheaper than getting it done in shop or having some mobile tire fitter coming to you.

Bass Player says:

Your videos would be a lot better if you would put a muffler on that bike! How do you stand all that noise?

james bouchard says:

what helmet do you have?

Sir Not Guilty says:

Just give your bike to a friend to do a burn out it’s simple

Gary Johnson says:

I’ve been riding for forty years, and have never slipped on a new tire. Those examples were rookies who learned the new tire slide and hopefully learned. I’ve never gotten a tire change, where the mechanic didn’t warn me about break in!

jdmikeg4 says:

Or u can ride at your local canyon doing the speed limit.

Steven Devereaux says:

I hear ya man, if i can save money doing something I will, like minor services ill do my self etc. The only thing i get my shop to do is my major service, valve clearances, pivot lubing etc, In saying that my shop does free Tyre changes with Tyre set purchases. My last set was Pilot road 4’s mounted for $500 AUD. Now, as you mentioned with tyre pressure, they had mine at 40lbs front and rear, which is well above spec for my bike, Hyosung GT650R, was also a wet day, so over inflated new tyres on a wet day, i wasn’t happy. Didn’t have any mishaps thank god, but i let them know that was a monumental oversight on their behalf.

JCUTMoto says:

greetings from the philippines..

Drummin 93 says:

Nice vid… What s&s jacket it that?

Supersport64 says:

Loved the video mate! Maybe you’ll like mine too! Check me out bro! <3 🙂

-Ride safe!

N Venus says:

2:10 provided you have options. Only one dealer near me that will touch motorcycle tires.

jpolhamus71 says:

moto what tire pressure do u run for the curves there?

The Ace TroubleShooter says:


Willie George says:

I just do a rolling burnout np

lauriL90 says:

tyre break in is overrated. new tyres are finished with heat mold, no break in needed. Good to lean on track right away and after 2-3 laps you can go full speed. Yes, talking about street tyres.

MrVulcan1963 says:

Go to 4.50 when he actually gets to the point of the video!

Tim says:

Break in period depends on the tyre. My Dunlop D211 only needed 3 laps to break in, then were hot and ready to rock. Touring tyres are harder and need longer.

Proto2o says:

Takes me 5 miles to break in my tires. LOL

Beginning The End . says:

Thanks for taking the Time ⚾️

TBone MC says:

I think you are making scrubbing a set of tyres in much more complicated than it really is. It is an absolute given that you should get the temperature up in the  tyres first before doing anything fancy but that applies to every time you ride and not just at new tyre time. For scrubbing go and find a road with a few bends in it and ride it maybe a couple of times at a slow to medium pace. So 5 minutes for heating the tyres up and then about 10 for scrubbing. All done. If you want to save money on tyres and make them last a lot longer then get a set of dual compound tyres. They are the ducks nuts because they have harder centres and softer stickier sides which means for all the straights between the corners you’re running on the hard centres when traction isn’t an issue but tipping into the first corner your onto something stickier than most couldn’t afford to run in a single compound tyre. They’ll cost you more up front but you’ll get probably three to four times the mileage out of them because of the hard centres depending on the bike and how you treat them. I used to say that every rider should at least once put some super sticky rubber on their bike and have a blast. I once had a set of Shinko 03’s on my Blackbird and toasted them at probably around 3000 k’s. All fun but a set of Michelin Pilot 4’s today will do 15 to 20000 on the same bike. I haven’t heard anything about the new Pilot 5’s but they are probably better.

King's Lyfe says:

Or just buy 4 motion pro tire spoons, cut out some backs of oil bottles for rim guards, and mount them yourself while not paying for anything other than the tire and maybe some balance beads if your planning to do 160+. And as to the tire break in just hit the entire tread surface with a 240 grit sanding block prior to putting them back on the bike (just enough to scuff the rubber) and you are good to go it has worked for me on all my sport bikes, sumo’s, and cruisers.

jameshisself says:

I thought the picture was so good due to the fake knobs and tubes glued to your helmet.

skyydiver72 says:

Subscribed! Thank you Moto Pilot for yet another great video with very informative and candid content!

brickson98moto says:

Glad this popped up in my feed when it did. I’ve been riding for 2 (this is the start of my third) seasons now, and I’ve gone through a few bikes, so I never had to change the tires. I rode about 7500 miles last season, so I’m more than due for new tires. I do have a question. I know it’s not the most proper way to do it, but could I do a small burnout to achieve some of the same break in benefits?

SC8ter Rider says:

It’s is okay or not?

My unorthodox tire setup for my MC,
It’s my preference and I need a factory default tire size for my motorcycle front 100×80-14 rear 120×80-14 then the available size for front is label for rear, and for rear label as front, the tire dealer suggested me that they need to reverse rotation both of front tire (label rear tire) and rear tire(label front tire) so i decide and agreed with their suggestion and I already used and ride it for 2036km and counting. #UseIAtYourOwnRisk

Sir Not Guilty says:

If u don’t kno how to do it yourself

vincbestia says:

i thought braking heats up front and throttle heats back?

FD Sailor says:

I thought Darth Vader was dead.

steve l says:

I normally just wash them with motor oil, gear oil works also

Liu Kang says:

I don’t understand how those first 3 noobs crashed?

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