Biggest mistake people make when they Replace the Motorcycle Chain

Don’t get rid of your old chain !
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Marcin Smaga says:

This chain is brand new and it looks like it needs to be replaced already.

alienxyt says:

So what was the “Biggest mistake people make when they Replace the Motorcycle Chain?” I must have missed it. I like your philosophy about bike parts though. Good job.

justin d says:

Ktm looks abused lol….need to do sprokets and a good chain and u wont have to rellace so often

MrPond64 says:

D.I.D chains all the way. They have never let me down and they look great.

Bruno Da Silva says:

Stop being a cheap ass and buy sprockets cause Urs look like they need it lol

MrKdr500 says:

If you spend $100 on a good chain you don’t have to worry about breaking it on the trail!

Roger Rinck says:


Asad S says:

Getting a new chain on old sprocket will wear down your new chain faster. Same thing vice versa.

TwitchTV TbagOnXbox says:

0.75x speed is best

Mark G says:

You made a big mistake yourself and only squeezed in the master link with needle nose grips without peening, if a rider copies that on his road bike, how would you feel if that got him into an accident?

A daft punk says:

Clickbait title and thumbnail. Enjoy the downvotes. You earned them.

emi leonte says:

deci pana la ura esti roman sa inteleg!

Rob k says:

Wow that chain looks super crappy, looks like it had about 4 kinks from stiff o rings that were probably factory made too tight which will always be that way and damage itself more over time. Say what you like, you get what you pay for. Also its ALWAYS good practice to do chain and sprockets at the same time. You greased the pins wrong there is no grease on the actual pin as it presses on. Those master links are very crappy compared to press rivet links. d.i.d chain’s and JT sprockets – 3 times the price but id rather know my bike has the best, you are betting your life on it. If you are doing the job yourself you are already saving money so just pay a bit more for decent components.

Iz Meorbin says:

Looks for a rotational direction – on a chain? Then it’s wider so needs mods to make to the bike, BUT… it’s cheaper – yeah right. Greases the outside instead of the hole & pin, and lastly the cracker: using a clip-type link instead of a (of course!) rivet link! Happy riding bru, I hope you’ll make it out of the forest also.

Derek aka Derek says:

you put the master link clip on backwards. It should be getting knocked tighter when BELOW the swing arm where the danger is. The speed of the chain relative to the tire is the problem, meaning the chain is moving slower relative to the ground.

SD5 says:

A Renthol o ring chain is only $100. How cheap can you get.

thatallredheadude 1 says:

hah and here I am, search on ebay what chain I nees, organize the results from cheapest to most expensive and buy whatever is at the top of the list. no problems in my 10 years of riding

Codian says:

Look at all of those seized links on that new chain.

RetiredGuy Adventures says:

I don’t think I have ever heard anybody talk that fast…

roythearcher says:

If the chain is worn out then so is the link! Always use a new one it every time you renew the chain or use the one that comes with the new chain. For the cost of a new one, is it realy worth the risk of being stranded in the middle of nowhere because of a cheap replaceable part?

Nicki Cruz says:

Thanks a lot my friend for the technical info…but slow slowly take your time, we are here to watch your video…thank you very much for the info.

akupehsluarketatAR says:

Biggest mistake people make when they replace their chain.. the way you put in your new chain is the biggest mistake and i wonder if the sprocket you use matched the thickness of your new chain since the old chain is thinner than the new one. Having a chain that can slide left and right on a sprocket is a disaster waiting to happen.

Rick Malone says:

I just got a uni o-ring for mine too, I had to go with OEM sprockets thought, because the Honda shop could only get cheap ones and I don’t want to get a cheap aluminum sprocket.
I wanted to go 14-40/41 (something like that, cant remember now) but had to stick with 15-41…
I stick with steel, not alloys!

GordoWG1 WG1 says:

Pay the $$$ for a good quality chain, rear sprocket and 3 countershaft (small) sprockets. Take off the chain and clean it regularly and swap out the c’shaft sprocket each time.
Because the countershaft has less teeth and smaller radius therefor it is loaded proportionately higher and wears faster by rotating them the wear is better balanced which means…
The pins of the chain are more evenly loaded – with worn sprockets some pins will be loaded more than others. So that is the primary reason why…
You should replace the lot as a set – both the chain and sprockets will last significantly longer, which ultimately saves money.

I note the chap mentioned the replacement chain was wider – if it was in the links being thicker, good – but if the pins were wider, it will increase wear and the chance of throwing the chain, bad!

Janne T says:

I see, you are not the brightest pen in the penal.

Derek aka Derek says:

that’s why you never paint your wheel black, chips and looks worse than plain silver.

christaphor says:

Man..i agree. That chain is really stiff. Shouldn’t be that way

Dwain Thomas says:

An old chain can also be used to cut wood….not for practical purposes, of course, but might be helpful in certain situations.

evan stockdale says:

that is the worst chain ever your so wrong a quality sprocket kit will last 10x londer

Robbie M says:

Cheap chain…lol…yeah right. Maybe for a 250cc go cheap. And no changing of the sprockets is a bad idea too. On a litre bike you definitely dont want to go cheap. When you change the chain, change both sprockets also to prevent premature wear or damage to the new chain. No slack in the chain…maybe in your bike, but in a litre you want to havr about an inch play in the chain. Prefer what you will, but suggest always changing chain and both sprockets.

Mike Rusch says:

Also use triflo Teflon oil on your chain because when you use sticky chain lube that won’t fling off and add dirt it makes a file and wears shit out fast

Tim Nelson says:

Slow down dude, take some quaaludes

Janne T says:

Dont worry. We have special places for people like you 🙂

KatanaBart says:

ISO 9001 isn’t directly quality. ISO is an organization; 9001 is a classification — it has to do with HOW you run the company (paperwork, hiring practices etc). The only measure of product quality is that it’s an expensive organization to join, so cheap companies with low-quality products are less likely to be ISO.

Jim McGovern says:

That new chain had a lot of stiff links. Stiff links is one of the main reasons for replacing a chain. Stiff links will cause your sprockets to wear out sooner and they can lead to chain link breaking. Very poor quality and somewhat dangerous!

Ross says:

Here a little tip from old rider before you remove the old chain attach the new one to the old one you don’t have to put the master link together just temporary then you can pull the chain through the counter sproket without any problems,much easier done than said a lol

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