Bias-Ply Motorcycle Tires vs. Radial Motorcycle Tires | MC Garage

There’s a lot rolling on your motorcycle’s tires, but do you know what’s beneath the tread rubber, or what the difference is between a bias-ply and a radial tire? We’ll explain in this video from the MC Garage.

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Kevin Wade says:

Yaaasssss! Did you guys pick up the Scout for review? Can we expect more videos soon featuring that gorgeous bike???

Howl says:

Do a segment on what’s in the MC garage. Equipment, favorite tools, products that work, coffee, music, etc

PaiN's RIdes says:

I found my Victory Cross Country’s handling adversely effected when I switched to a bias-ply set of tires(that will remain nameless ….lol). The bike developed a serious wobble in long turns that no amount of air-pressure adjustment or suspension tuning could fix, my bike had about 15k miles on it at that time). I switched to radials on the next change over…..and fast forward to now with 55k miles and the bike has never had the issue since.

Capital Punishment says:

No joke your arms keep on getting more vein definition every video

Peter Takov says:

Great video as alwaysl One question – how would handling change if I use a radial tyre on a bike with suspension designed for bias-ply tyres?

爪TaLoN says:

all I knew about tires structure before: tube and tubeless that was useful

junaidbinamin says:

cross ply ,radial and bias ply

Lasergun says:

Excellent explanation, thanks Ari. Always mounted radials on my sport touring bike, and didn’t even know bout bias-ply. Good I’m always happy to learn something new. Do you know if the same radial technology is also popular in car tyres?

Chandrakesh Lal says:

What will be your suggestion for bonnie 2014 model, bias or radial?

Chandrakesh Lal says:

What do you suggest to those companies in which we have spokes and radial tyres and tube for examples all the adventure motorcycles, triumph tiger xcx, Honda africa twin, KTM 1290 adventure. I use a 2014 Triumph Bonneville T100, used Outex kit to make it tubeless as it’s easier to fix puncture on tubeless.

Girishu M.S says:

Please make a video on the front forks height adjustment. Btw love your videos and I have acquired so much of knowledge by watching your videos. Keep rocking

Hopelessly Devoted says:

Very educational thank you

Robert Matetich says:

Ok, so you outlined the reasons for the current applications of the two but some things were left out. Most of us are familiar with radial tires on our cars, but few, including you Ari, can remember bias plies on cars. On cars, bias plies were lucky to last 30,000 miles, rode like tank treads, and had less than half the traction of a comparable radial on dry or wet pavement. Radials were initially fitted to semi trucks in the U.S. because of their longer tread life and better fuel economy, whereas in Europe, radials were standard on cars in the early ’60’s. A couple of benefits of radial are: extremely long tread life, excellent traction, and smooth ride. Compare them on expansion strips and worn concrete sometime. So, could a radial be designed to provide similar benefits for cruiser and touring bikes where the benefits would be appreciated for many hours at a time?

Polin Mileg says:

Man, I love content like this!

Jerry Hearn says:

I can’t find a radial tire for the front be wheel can I put bias on front be and radial on back wheel. Thanks

Sharique Anjum says:

Is there any different tyre pressures to maintain in both tires or it depends on the bike??

pmdinaz says:

Can you provide some insight as to why an OEM spec split of bias and radial tires is of value to a consumer? I recently purchased a motorcycle that, from the factory, has a radial rear and bias ply front. I have been riding for many years and consider myself an educated consumer. I have learned from riding sport bikes over the 28 years of riding to not mix these two types of constructed tires primarily for handling purposes. This is a 2015 cruiser.

OfficeBear says:

Great video but oh man that audio hurts.

Macaroni says:

hi Ari what do you think of Shinko 009 Raven for cornering?

Razor Jimmy says:

Hnnnngg those bicep veins OmG!!

Jose Suarez says:

I love that you used an Indian Scout for this! I own a red 2018 and I am still loving it 6,000 miles and four months in.

Isham kamal says:

A video on adjusting the swingwarm? Its benefits and drawbacks?

Shahariar Hossain says:

CBR 150r bias or radial

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