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In many parts of the country riding in rain is one of the cruel realities of motorcycling. But with the right tire the experience can be safe, and even enjoyable. In this video we’re discussing the best Z-rated street-legal sport-touring tires for riding in the wet. Here the name of the game is robust tire sipping and silica-infused rubber mixtures— lets get into it…

Bridgestone Battlax Sport Touring T31- 0:28

Continental ContiRoad Attack 3 – 1:04

Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart III – 1:46

Metzeler Roadtec 01 – 2:30

Michelin Pilot Road 4 – 3:08

Pirelli Angel GT – 3:46

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Supernova12034 says:

They release the video 1 month before the new michellin road 5 tire…

Joseph Marton says:

Ya, public speaking is not easy. There were times that when I read the script, I did not even know what I was reading, rather, I had to show emotion and elevate /lower tonality to gain emphasis. Ha ha ! Too funny, ya we all know that this is not easy. Best videos are when you can be you and your honest opinion is regarded. All the best and keep up the great videos and advice, we are learning….

LazyEye says:

Come to the Willamette valley with all those tires, your camera rig, and a tire changer and film a shootout video. Which tire can you accelerate full throttle on without TC kicking in? Which has the best stopping? Which turns the best in the wet?

xleeb0y13x says:

Love my roadsmart 3’s. Excellent grip no matter the conditions especially on my lower powered fz6r. Amazing in the wet but still able to grip hard in the dry. Only downside was slightly heavier steering at low speeds but that goes away pretty quick.

Road Warrior says:

Road 5’s have moved the game on now.

dennqus1 says:

Mr. Waheed….loosen up a little, your too stiff Dude. Other than that I love tire reviews!

Ladybug Adventures says:

Awkward to watch. I usually like Adam.

Joseph Marton says:

Road pilot 4 is sporty, has grip and great in colder, rain type weather. Tar snakes or road paint does not hinder grip for the road pilot 4 tyres.

Harald Jan Dahle says:

Probably the best presentation that I have seen, thanks.

Steve Rielly says:

Adam, dude, not your style at all. You’ve well proven to have brilliant track side commentary for motorcycle reviews, now bring that same relaxed and knowledgeable style out, ditch the queue cards and tell it how it is.

InabilityToBeBrief says:

It’s pretty clear that those involved in this video don’t have a clue what they’re actually saying.

Dustin Nisbet-Jones says:

You guys are the first to even mention the T31. There is almost nothing online about these and Bridgestone doesn’t even have them on their website(s). I found a few lame videos and the press PDF but that’s it. Seems like a missed opportunity considering how awesome the T30 and T30 EVO are, especially for the price.

Considering the hype and fanfare for the Road 5, it seems like Bridgestone dropped the ball.

PistolPete63 says:

Pilot Road 4’s are solid in the rain and looking forward to trying the 5’s when they are available early next year!

TheBrindleBoxer says:

I’ve had the Battlax’s, PR4’s, and I’m currently running Roadsmart 3’s on my FJR. The Dunlaps are my favorite. Although, I just might feel that way now because they’re new with only 300 miles on them.

Marco Cordero says:

How about Michelin Power RS?

Dohan Kuswardi says:

Hey ridersdomain. which is available with 19’s front? My bike is a 2017 ktm 1290 adventure s. Thankss

Joseph Marton says:

This is not a free lance commentary, he is reading and sounds so mechanical. Very few would employ this vocabulary and sentence structure. Too funny but a great attempt by our friend Adam…..

eric mcclurg says:

“Think sand!”
I love it!

Fabian Francois says:

I really look forward to try the new Bridgestone T31… in my country only available from January ! Saw the tyre at EICMA motorshow … it looks amazing

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