From The ultimate guide to which is the best tyre for your dirt bike or adventure bike as well as the ultimate engine oil… assuming that “ultimate guide” means the dodgiest information you’ll ever come across for enduro tyres and engine oil.

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If you listen carefully, you can hear a quiet whooshing sound every hour or so… it’s the collective sighs from thousands of people around the world when a new forum post asks which are the best tyres or engine oil to use.

These posts are almost as bad as email spam for clogging up valuable internet space needed for photos and vids of cute kittens and motocross crashes.

If you were thinking of asking these questions let me save you some time. Which tyres should you get for your dirt bike? The general consensus is the round ones work best, and black tends to be the best colour. Scientific testing has shown the square wheels can work better if riding whoops but overall the round wheel and tyres will suit a wider variety of applications.

As for the best engine oil, again scientific analysis has revealed that slippery oil works best. I know that doesn’t narrow it down much, because you have olive oil, peanut oil, canola, so many types. But if do want to be specific, go to a motorbike shop and they have oils made for motorbikes. These are easy to pick because they will usually have the word oil on the label, and a helpful picture of a motorbike too.

I can understand the top riders getting concerned about their tyres, but I wonder if most of us get far too hung on it. Last week one of you guys mentioned how the Australian rider Shane Watts often turns up at race events on some clapped out old dirt bike he’s borrowed from someone, the tyres are almost bald then he proceeds to leave everyone in his dust.

And I’m sure you have all experienced this… you see lots of forum posts from a guy about how he’s been through all sorts of tyres, but finally worked out the Wang Chang Fark Chu Traction Grabber knobby from Korea is really letting him nail the hill climbs and reach his full enduro potential. Then you meet him one day on a ride, and he rides even worse than you do!

Now I could be a hypocrite here as I have reviewed a few enduro and dirt bike tyres myself, but I try to ride them in all sorts of conditions first, and then make sure I’m only providing a gumby perspective that no one in the right minds would ever trust.

More and more, I’m sure that in most cases it will be 80% rider skill and 20% your bike, riding gear, tyres, vitamin supplement, or brand of dental floss.

I don’t automatically assume guys on forums are talking crap, but I think it pays to read everything with a dose of healthy scepticism when it comes to adventure tyres and engine oil.

And the same goes for any reviews in bike magazines. The new enduro models are being reviewed by a bunch of exceptionally talented but pimply faced motocross test pilots. Something tells me this may not give the best assessment for we gumby riders who have trouble doing up our boots, let alone riding a dirt bike and assessing the best tyre and best engine oil.

My work as involved a bit of research and journalism over the years and you start to become aware of how much bias plays a role in everything.

A guy has a fight with his girlfriend and is in a filthy mood when he reviews a motorbike.

Investment bias is a good one, and usually the foundation for blind brand loyalty. You’ve shelled out so much cash for your new enduro toy that you have to believe it’s the best, no matter how much evidence might suggest otherwise.

Or to bring it back to tyres. A guy fits the new Wang Chang Fark Chu Traction Grabber and feel it has transformed him into Graham Jarvis, when all that’s happened is a girl he’s been chasing for months finally relented and engaged in some very comprehensive physical intimacy the night before. Finally, he could grip the bike properly with his knees as his gonads had reverted to their normal size.

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gasdive says:

I’ve never met anyone from a forum who rides worse than I do. Come to think of it, I’ve never met *anyone* who rides worse than I do. Including the guy I tried to teach how to ride. During his first 30 seconds on the bike he popped 5 wheelies, rode across a ditch one handed and started to climb a tree at speed, then stepped off the bike without a scratch the way the pros do. I took marks off because he stalled it, but he still rode better than me.

Erik Kovalik says:

my bike needs gas to run

JoeJoe Moto says:

Hey Barry…… what is the best tyre oil to buy for my KTM??

Rony Atoun says:

Riders of a certain age should also look into after-market Adult Diapers. I’m looking forward to a review. I read somewhere that Beta make a cool set with that special Italian flair

John Stevenns says:

Hexagon or octagon wheels also work well, but colored tires like red, blue or green can slow you down by 0.69%. Anal lube also offers good protection on 4 strokes without lugging the engine.

david zimmerman says:

actualy barry i have those whang chang fuk chus on the my old 185 trike they really keep the grass down and an added incentive not to put ya feet down

Luzianna Long says:

Is that 83 cents American or Australian? Might make a difference how much my lawyer will charge me. Shows how fast my mouse finger is, wish my scooter skills were that quick.

Bob Sacamano says:

You know the best oil for your engine is baby oil. I kid you not.

steelmesh says:

My favorite oil for my 2 stroke is Royal Dominator Klotz

Snitchy1989 says:


Kayd Unge says:

That was so funny good job man

Loz nChad says:

Good advice I think the same goes for suspension tuners. I chose mine after a magazine review worst money I’ve every spent and extremely time consuming fixing the problems. Didn’t enter my mind they might be in each other’s pockets

Robson Enduro says:

but do I really put tyres on rims??? 😉

Johnno Ipswich says:

” I bought that tyre you said was awesome and it’s SHIT! ” How much air is in it? ” uh, whatever the shop put in.. ” poink poink squeeze.. Yeah bro that’s got 25 at least… you’re all set ” The guy at the shop ( big fat bloke who stopped riding 10 years ago ) said these were the BEST and he sells heaps of them!” – inspect- wow, how`d ya reckon you’d pronounce that.. um name?

Matthew Harris says:

6:20…..hahahahahahahaha rofl

Christopher Read says:

I have found that drag slicks give ya the best allround traction.

David Allen says:

Solid Rant! Loved it.

Bas Manders says:

But whats the best dental floss for dirt riding?

Gimme 2 says:

BTW …please find some better tracks , they are shit !! no dry straights or flat ground.

Syed Abdul Bari Bin Yahya says:

when chang fucked you? Lol

Aaron Maz says:

If you haven’t used a paddle tire on a rocky hill climb … you’re obviously not living life.

Black70Fastback says:

i find one error. the engine oil.. you said it should be slippery with a picture of a motorbike on it.

i say it just needs to be slippery, lol. im not even going to be that specific.

T0BBi94 says:

But if I ride 70% road and 30% woops would I go with a semi round tyre?

Mike Krueger says:

Great point about the tires. I heard a story from a guy who went to a track day school on his GSX-R. He had thousands of dollars in hop up parts on his hyperbike, and while lapping the track at light speed he sees a rider passing him on the fastest corner of the circuit. On the outside. With a passenger. On a ratty old stock Honda VFR.

Lesson learned- it’s way more about what’s between your ears than under your rump. (insert anal sex joke here)

ArmasADVish says:

Enflamed nads could explain my overall life frustrations and constant dropping of the bike. I’ll have a go at some of those tires then.

Bob Swiss says:

round tires? you guys can get round tires. I ride in the northern hemisphere and those puppies r hard to come by!

Benpatt43 says:

Which tire should I get for my dirt bike, I ride on the earths crust so I got most type of terrain and what engine oil works for my chain because it is not getting dirty enough?

Mattadv93 says:

but but.. what’s a good first bike haha

HOT SHOT 1500 says:

I wonder what premix would make your 2 stroke last longest at low rpm??? Now I know it doesn’t matter because the type of riding you do your bike will last 100 + hours or something like that

Große Soße says:

It’s very true what you said.
I just rode my DT125 in Sand for the first time. Actually it was one of my first times off the road.
First I thought ‘Shit, those 70/30 tires are just not made for this’, but then a friend who rode professionally told me ‘Just hit that throttle’ and gave me some tips about techniques.
And it made suuuch a difference. I couldn’t believe how much fun this bike with those tires could be in the dirt if you know how to ride properly.

MrDuhfactor says:

There once was a time I thought with my nads….. several broken bones ago……… Now my brain thinks it’s in charge….. I can’t do anything anymore…..

killerbanjo says:

I love that you are using liquid DnB. My favorite genre and Rameses B is a master of it!

AXL says:

I wonder what kind of air I should use??? i hope its not too difficult to figure out. Seriously!!

Bob Sacamano says:

Although there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to suggest that this video is total BS, I can’t help but feel some investment bias considering I spent a good three cents in download allowance watching it.

Phoenix Eklawok says:

Goddamn… true. The best tires are the ones that help your bike go forward. And oil….I have almost gotten into fist fights over that debate.

Charley Smith says:

Remember when just having a dirt bike was enough? And now….Which bike should I get? What panniers? What socks? What mirror fastening bolts do you use? How many squares per wipe? How many extra accessories do I need before I feel adequate amongst my peers? How did that guy get here on that stock bike? He hasn’t even got a sticker ‘kit’. I don’t know how he even rides it, it’s at least 3 years old.

Snitchy1989 says:

So okay, ive been riding motocross for just over 1 year now.. I have a Honda CR 125, and still not at the level of “wringing its neck”, Skill wise and confidence wise..
I have Okay-ish lap times, mostly.. for being in Novice class (1 class up from the kids class :D), and find myself “stopping in style”, more than im actually on the bike..
Do you reckon buying some of those wang chang fuk chu and sticking them, will automatically give me better lap times than Ryan Dungey? and better skill and bike control than Greyham Jarvis?

Jimmy Starr says:

lol Keep up the good work mate loving all the videos…thank you

Jacobl Hammonds says:

Great vid man! really funny, while also making good points about the forum warriors. I got myself a 2006 husky wr250 and its amazing. soooo reliable. sat all winter un winterized outside in the snow, and started 2nd kick this season. Riding strong on an original piston thats been ridden so long

SpkStephen says:

I just ordered a set of the tires you recommended. Funny thing is they wanted my bank account number. Not sure why.

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