Best Touring Motorcycle Tires of 2017

Want to burn rubber but maybe not your wallet? Here is RyanF9’s review of the Best Touring Motorcycle Tires of 2017.

Best Touring Tires 2017

0:14 – Michelin Pilot Road 4:

2:10 – Bridgestone Battlax T30 EVO:

4:24 – Metzeler Roadtec 01:

6:36 – Pirelli Angel GT:

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L. Gyger says:

What about the Dunlop RoadSmart 3?

A.C. says:

Great video!
Talking about a T30 evo, while holding a T30… interesting… also, the t30 evo is replacement for the T30, which in turn was the replacement of the bt023 of course. However, I do agree with your assessment of the tyre.
I ran through 2 sets of T30’s before the evo came out, but because of limited mileage (15k and14k kms vs 20k kms for bt023) after those i switched to Metzeler Z8’s, and… got the same mileage, but better grip in the dry, rain, and enough grip with less than 1 mm tread left midwinter, not bad…(also i might have driven faster this year :D) So onto my second set. Unfortunately because i have a 110/70 front tyre, my choices are limited… no Roadtec 01’s, Angel GT’s (or pr4’s) for me, but the Z8 is a great tyre.

GSXRNissan says:

Metzeler will be my new one.

fjones63 says:

just took a t30 off with 21,000 miles and rain never bothered me 55-60mph. and rain was never a problem.

Francis Reloaded says:


Michael Whitney says:

I’ve brought some pilot road 4 gt’s for my GSX1400 tho should have watched this first as you said you loose traction often in the dry. Do you think these will be an issue on the GSX1400?

Ducati Dad says:

Hey Ryan, did you not include the Dunlop Road Smart 3 because it was just launched in the US at the beginning of this year? I’ve heavily favored the PR4s for their longevity and cornering past 45deg lean, but I’ve been reading a lot of great things about the RSIIIs. Dunlop specifically engineered it to beat the PR4s at all the things it does best, and it’s about $30 cheaper per tire. It was independently tested to last 12,000 miles on the rear and provide the same performance as Q3s throughout its entire life.

As always, great review.

Jon Woodworker says:

The best tire reviewer ever.  Thank you, Ryan!

Ken Mi Lambo says:

what about best sports tire for classics like the r100 BMW or cb honda. the tire options seem limited!

Workaholic42 says:

Good review, thanks! Continental and (as others pointed out) Dunlop are missing. One remark: Angel-GT doesn’t seem to be lighter than others if I look at the numbers…

Nickel Hansford says:

You made an interesting comment about guys that get 2 rear tires out of 1 front. I am and have been just the opposite. I average 2 fronts for every 1 rear. Makes it kind of hard to buy in pairs. This has also lead me to stick with the OEM Battlax on my FJR. It looks like the best for me on my next changeout will be the new Battlax, but the Angel GT intrigues me. Most of my riding is commuting but when I do get to hit the mountains, I like to go for it.

G Keen says:

nice review Ryan thank you

banditman 1250 says:

you have any info and thoughts on the conti road attack 3 compared to angel gts and roadtec 01s

Neil Houlihan says:

Great vid, cheers buddy. One more Sub your way

Junior4mind says:

I wanna order the Metzeler RT01 but which one? The HVM version or not? I drive a BMW R1200GS 2015. In the catalogue Metzeler says no HVM but it’s still a heavy bike with duo ride and pillion….

Max Xelratr says:

During each tire segment could you add the name and model visually?It’s easier for some like me to remember, than blah, blah.

1990 says:

I got a set of the Battlax Evos for my MT-01 a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the advice. The bike feels much more confidence-inspiring than it did on the stock tyres.

lance22me says:

Would have loved to have had your opinion on the Dunlop Roadsmart 3; that said, really enjoyed the vid.

QDADDY6 says:

I’ve been reading on some forums and have heard on reviews before about guys going to touring tires on their sport bikes. They claim they get more miles and better traction. Anybody have any wisdom on this? I have an R6 R1 and GSXR 750 i commute around 100 miles a day with various roads, twists and freeways. Semi hard not pushing many limits though

Xénos Polemistí̱s says:

What is your opinion on Conti Motions? I have an 01 R6 jetted with full exhaust and wondering if the it’s good enough tire for my bike, or whether it will degrade or slide out too easily.

Osvaldas Valciukas says:

Is it true that PR4 GT last longer than the standart PR4?

Cal Crappie says:

Great reviews. Bridgestone T30’s came stock on my 2015 Versys 1000. They have been the best cornering tires I have ever owned. The front (17 inch wheel) is wearing at the same rate as the rear. On pace to get about 6K miles on the set. I’ll be buying them again. You know your tires.

Nathan Emery says:

I have been running PR4GT for couple years on my ST1300. Typically turn 20- 25,000 miles a year. I love them. Only complaint is feathering of front. Thought it was a suspension issue so rebuilt forks. While I don’t regret redoing suspension it didn’t take care of feathering of front. I just recently installed new tires and decided to go with Dunlop new Sportmax Roadsmart III. Dry traction is as good as PR4. Wet traction is ok. The tire seems softer in the corner, best way I can describe it is it feels like it rolls under. At first it was a bit sketchy but have learned to enjoy it. It’ll hold the road just took a bit to trust that. Dunlop claims the tire will outlast a PR4. Time will tell, currently have only 2,000 miles on them. The cost was less than PR4 and with a $60 rebate to boot. A month after I purchased them Dunlop increased the rebate to $110 (June 15th – July 4th) if you have “Any service done from a Dunlop Pro Dealer”. I’m initially pleased with Dunlops new tire, we’ll see in a couple months when I’m pushing 10,000 miles.

Xynndus 12 says:

My first pair of Pilot Road 4 only lastet 7000 ^^

Mr Black says:

Yeah, I hate it when people pour maple syryp on the road. XD

Stefanos Skarlatoudis says:

Hello Ryan, thank you for the great review! I would like your recommendation, I live in Greece and I ride a fj09, not sure yet what would fit the character of the bike, I would like a sport touring tyre, your opinion?

Ron Breau says:

what about the Dunlop Roadsmart?

A Gravel says:

hello Ryan, currently have a set of bridgestone battlax bt-023 tires on my fz07. still have lots of life left but what Im wondering are there any sport or sport touring tires that come with white letters on the sidewalls? I’ve just used a paint pen to do mine. looks great and wondered why companies don’t do this from the start.

fdyjt says:

i guess you must loveee driving in the rain bahhh

D Lon says:

metzlers next for my H2, then!

Mike Jacklyn says:

Hey Ryan, great videos. Any opinion on the Continental Conti Road Attack 2’s? I have a 2014 DL1000 ridden 99% on road. Look like a great tire for dry grip but not sure about durability.

scradz callan says:

vintage tyres next pls

sobering cat says:

Hi guys. I have the MT/FZ 07 and still on the PR3 stocks tyre. I dont do track, dont do weekend twisty. I? ride to work everyday rain or shine. Any touring tyre type suggestion? touring tyre is cheaper than sports right?

Sportcock Actionshit says:

thankyou you realy helped me make av decision on my new tyres

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Teddy Watson says:

Nail exploration action norm public glory suck relief six.

paladin errant says:

the roadsmart3 is far way better than the PR4,the T30 evo and the angel GT..are you sure you’re a biker?

Cgerb73 says:

What? No shinko tires?

Cornelius Maximilianus says:

are there tires for snowy conditions?

fornicateu2 says:

Avon Storm XM for me, long lasting, grip well in the rain and go right to the edge in the dry. I’ve had a few different michelin rd tyres and they all let you down big time in the dry especially in ‘chicane’ type manouvres where I found them lethal as the front breaks away, I’ve had this happen on PR 1, 2 and 3’s so decided to not bother with michelins any longer. I’ve never liked bridgestone at all but do like the metzlers as another good all-rounder, I find tyres are rider specific, I like mine to start giving up a little prior to breaking away but some don’t like that, riding by the seat of your arse rather than your hands will keep you rubber side down, if you cant feel them going then you get too confident and tend to ride accordingly.

DisableMe123 says:

Hi Ryan, would you mind adding the conti road attack into this list? Or give your opinion on it 🙂

Mr Grenal says:

I love my angles and they have lasted me well

Ilya Godes says:

what about the Continental Contiroad attack 3 and the Dunlop Roadsmart III?

Sheldon Nicholl says:

Looking to replace my stock tires on my Yamaha r3. Would I be better off sticking with sport tires or trying out the Pilot Road 4 or Battlax?

jazztom86 says:

I brought in my FZ6 to put Metzelers on. If those should disappoint me, you gonna hear about it 😉

Justin1k R says:

Pilot road 2, anyone?

carlos anampa says:

Hey Ryan any comment on the new Michelin power rs

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