Best Touring Motorcycle Tires of 2016

RyanF9’s favourite sport touring motorcycle tire product links and video timestamps:
0:27 – Michelin Pilot Road 4:
2:02 – Bridgestone Battlax BT-023:
3:03 – Pirelli Angel GT:
4:38 – Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact:

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Muhibur Rahman says:

Awesome channel! I am debating between pilot road 4 and BT-023. Which one would last longer? I am in Toronto, so wet weather is not an issue here.

Jesus Kryst says:

I love my angel GT

Kevin Hood says:

Good review. I was leaning towards the Pilot Road 4 GT. You interested me in the alternatives. But for the $60 I want the confidence of the best. I am a sport rider looking for better touring (commuting) tread life. I got 4,000 miles out of my Pilot Power 3 over the winter mainly commuting. Ugh. Great tire, but 4,k isn’t enough unless there is simply no alternative. Looking for good handing out of a 6,000 to 9,000 commuting mile tire on a Super Duke that has a couple of fun roads along the way. And the occasional trip to the Tail of the Dragon.

Mirko Milic says:

What tire would you suggest for Tdm 900 abs? I was looking the bt023 and metzeler z6 which i still have and i was very happy with that tire. TNX

Brian Pickering says:

Recently just fitted the PR4s to a 01 VFR800 and only ridden on twice, but they seem like good tyres from the very limited time on them. But, I was wondering what your opinion on the Metz M7 RR is, as I have them fitted to s Street Triple 675. I personally find them extremely stable in the wet and dry.

MrScififan says:

Pilot Road 3 tyres are better and the PR4 are no better

Vrok Kronos says:

I paid more for my Bridgestones here in BC than they are asking for Michelins out east

Andrew Eddie says:

Out of these and the Metzeler Roadtec 01 what would get the highest mileage?

Andy Gascon says:

What would you recommend on a FJR one Up rider n a little go fast. Live in south Louisiana Hot weather? Thanks

montha123 says:

Hi I ride a BMW R 1200 R , the original rear metzeler roadtec z8 lasted me 6800 Kms , then I put on a Dunlop roadsmart 2 and it getting fairly worn at 5000 Kms – I’ll be buying the set soon what would u recommend as I ride fast ? I was thinking of metzeler roadtec 01 Heavy weight ply versions …, I’d like to be getting more milage … Any suggestions greatly received thanks , cheers from Ireland

Mohd Fizea Zaulkefli says:

ST is crap? Really?

TC Poole says:

Hey Ryan. What about the new Dunlop that’s supposed to match the PR4.
I’m currently using the Michelin but was interested in the new Sportmax option.
Any thoughts?

D32 BTK says:

what about the Metzeler Roadtec 01?

Ninja Tiger88 says:

New to sport bikes an have an 09 zx6r that I will be riding in all weather an 2 up from time to time what tires would you recommend for me to look at it

AJHD says:

You lack the two things in the thumbnail that could give you credibility, dirt on your face and a big bushy beard, but after youtube kept recommending your videos countless times i decided to give it a look and here I am now, subscribed… Metz it is, thanks!

Supernova12034 says:

Also no roadsmarts?

Steve Williams says:

Ryan, I do a lot of long distance touring on a R1200GS LC. The stock tyre is Anakee 3 and I change them around 6000 miles. Will I benefit much by changing to Pilot 4’s ? I don’t do any trail riding other than the odd short section of poor surface.

EastBay MauiBoy says:

the Angel ST’s are getting great reviews. Are they really crap, and why?

David Williams says:

Great review. I sincerely appreciate the detail and thoughtfulness, and have shoed my 2014 VStrom 1000 with the Pilot Roads. 500 miles in, I’m impressed. An excellent tire, with great high-speed stability. Thanks!

Marlen Padberg says:

Enjoying the dose of honesty! Your videos are well put together, and providing really good info. Its great to hear from Fortnine giving some real world info for us Canadians that ride in Canadian conditions. Thanks!

RoadRunner says:

I just realized I put the wrong Angel GT on my Multistrada GT. Whoops. Maybe that’s why it failed (started coming apart) after only 3k miles. D spec next time. Got it.

Bob Morton says:

Thanks for this, most helpful and informative
Currently using battles o23’s on my st1100 and really like them. I might try switching to the pirellis next set

furryboot moto says:

great reviews, cheers

John Kersey says:

Looking at replacing the stock tires on my Kawasaki Vulcan S 650, looking at the PR4s. For whatever reason Kawa decided to put sport touring tire rims on a cruiser(probably because its lightweight and has the ninja 650 engine). Also because of the oddball rim sizes they went with, the only way to get PR4s on my bike is to put the GT version up front and the regular version on back.

Think this would cause any problems?

Hob Goblin says:

Stop jumping all over the place. I hate this style of editing.

Elijah Wheeland says:

I have a 1997 Honda vfr750f. I’m not going to be taking it to the track it’s mostly going to be for commuting but also having fun on the weekends. Looking for good tire life and good in the rain what time would you recommend?

Joshua Townes says:

Great videos.. I’m looking for a new tire for my 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa .. Its has 17 inch rims .. I never do the track thing.. But road ride every weekend , not to much rain here in Ohio . Just need best traction for me and my passengers

Kenneth Earle says:

These are really great videos. Thanks

michael .farrelly says:

How come the Angel GT dont give the PSI on the tire?

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