Best Supermoto Tires

What are the best Supermoto Tires on the market? Well let”s find out in RyanF9s latest gear review!

Best Supermoto Tires links and video timestamps:

0:10 – Continental Conti Attack SM:

2:26 – Heidenau K80:

3:33 – Avon Distanzia:

4:08 – Shinko 705:

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Relentless Rager says:

I’ve never run any of these on my Supermoto, I’v always preferred Dunlop mutan or pirelli mt60 for good semi off road tyre.

John David Dunson says:

Pirelli Scorpion Trail II ?
a little expensive, but the description on revzilla makes them sound perfect. they call it a 95/5, on/off.

l am the noob says:

thanks for your info because form your video I can choose the right and correct supermoto tires

That guy says:

Are all of these tires designed to be used on spoked supermoto rims needing tubes?

Christopher Strickland says:

What is your opinion of the MT-60s?

Peter Novotnak says:

Loved the Continentals that my 701 came with, but they definitely got flat in the center of the tire. Anything on the market that’s got something slightly harder in the center with the same softness on the edges? Loved being able to rail on them with minimal warming up–the Michilin and Pirellis I’ve had afterwards are always slow to get going. Pirellis being the better alternative imo. PS the Continentals really are *terrible* in the rain, especially at speed

xGxPhantom Zzz says:

How about Top “X” (as a placeholder not roman 10) Enduro helmets under Y $?

Eric 125cc says:

*converts a exc into a sm* OHH I WANT A OFFROAD SUMO TIRE

MyPrivateGeek - says:

There’s always the Pirelli MT60RS that KTM originally used on their supermotards.

TeamWake-N-Bake says:

Can you make a video about the diablo rosso 2’s?

Nube Toob says:

Help. With so many different tires to choose from, what’s a noob like me supposed to pick? I’m getting a set of warp 9 wheels for my wr250r for a little sumo conversion but I’m stuck on which tires I should buy.

Kenneth Lundeen says:

Do not buy the Shinko!!!!!
I can not stress enough. I used this tire, got about 8k miles out of it. It did do well off road when dry like he said but once any moisture hits the ground, so will you. ask my handle bars. Also the grip on the road is horrible. I was doing about 45 and took a corner, had a by stander see the whole thing, he even said ” what heppened? you werent going very fast.” I hit a tiny wet spot from where a truck was pulling a boat and that baby little wet spot sent me sliding and high siding at 45mph. I was on my way to work, both work shoes flew off and i went tumbling. These tires are for daily driver type bikes not for people who want to push the limits a little or have a little fun. You get what you pay for, remember that.

Michał Domitrz says:

Hi, need some help – what do You recomend to BMW G650 x-moto? I was thinking about Michaelin Pilot Power 2CT, but because of this movie I started seriously think about K80… I ride mostly in the city and maybe 2 times will go to carting track. What is Your sugestions. I found a lot good opinion about PP and not so many about K80…

Honda CR125 Motard says:

I have a Honda CR 125 converted to supermoto, and for my rim measure:
150/60 – 17 and 120/70 -17
the best is Dunlop Supermax Mutant, not cheap but the tire will holf up for 4years without doubt

Bull SM says:

i will say one thing for offroad and on road performance.. dunlop sportmax mutant. buy em, ride em, love em..

Gavin s says:

How about the continental tkc80? you can get them in 17” rim sizes

The XT Donkey says:

I ride the Yamaha XT660X its a heavier SM I use Dunlop Mutants they work pretty well in wet and dry

surg23 says:

Great video man. What are your thoughts on the Dunlop Sportmax – Sportsmart 2 ?

I currently have the Perili Rosso II’s but they aren’t very sticky. I was after something softer that has a less abrupt shoulder, or at least a less abrupt transition off the crown.

Jeff Nabers says:

Pirelli scorpion trail 2?

WRW9751 says:

Would very much like Shinko to make 110-120 sized front 704/5

Philip Orellana says:

are supermotos legal in Ontario?!

FireballGER says:

There are still some tires left like the MICHELIN POWER SUPERMOTO a – b – c / ore for wet surface and a bit dirt / the MICHELIN
POWER SUPERMOTO RAIN 😉 and many more!

13conair says:

You tried the MAXXIS SUPERMAX SPORT MA-PS not much difference between these and the Perelli Corsas iv had on my 650 sm apart from much better milage from the MAXXIS but track days you can back these in all day long then try and be a good boy on the road lol i wish. But these MAXXIS MA-PS are a top notch sm tyre and dirt cheap…

Rider Mark says:

What happens if you put a sm tyre like the continental sm on a 600cc sportsbike (like zx6r)? Would it warm up on the streets quicker?

The Doctor 808 says:

What about the golden tyre gt201 its a great adventure tire

Logan Moto says:

i have the 705 on my wr450 sumo and hated them i mean yea i do stunt my bike and it sees a lot of burnouts but i had it at the local track and was horrible it never heated up good and was sketchy in turns

Soulhunter says:

Hey ryan, what do you think about pirelli mt60rs corsa ? I have seen some good reviews about it online about being dual purpose tire

KBM Racing says:

2018, time for an updated Sumo tire review FN … you can start with Michelin Power RS and work your way down from there! lol

LeOnMoTo says:

Dunlop Mutant is also a great tire for light SMs.

megapet777 says:

wow I really like the continental comes pre broken in, like when you get them you can immediately ride fast and aggressively, every high end tire company should do this in my opinion.

Major Chaos says:

Hey man Can you possibly do a video on the best Supermoto Gear? That would be awesome 🙂

Chronos Gaming says:

SuperMotos don’t really go that fast anyway

Air Doctor says:

why nothing about dunlop mutant? i heard because it doesn’t get shipping to NA.

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