Best Street Legal Off Road and Motocross Tires

What are the best “Street Legal” Off Road & Motorcross Tires? Well let”s find out in RyanF9s latest gear review!

Best Street Legal Off Road & Motorcross Tires links and video timestamps:

0:10 -Michelin AC-10:

2:24 – Kenda K760 Trakmaster II:

4:08 – Dunlop D606:

4:08 – Pirelli MT 21:

5:55 – Pirelli’s Scorpion Pro:

6:36 – Michelin Desert Race:

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Mark Jaworski says:

You should check out the Moto Z Tractionator IT for your next off-road street legal tire… Its amazing!!

G_star 9o7 says:

*insert guerilla games logo here*

Bill G. says:

Great video!
I’d love to have seen some Kendas and Shinkos compared with these.

tankas says:

Awesome video. Please, cover more dirt/road related topics. How to choose dirt helmet, goggles, boots for noobs, etc.

d1fballplayer says:

no motoz tractionator?

motosporttouring says:

Hello Fortnine. Good review. Thank you!

I’ve tried the AC-10, D606, Kenda Parker, Pirelli Scorpion Pro. My friend has done the AC-10 and T-63. The T-63 rear is freakishly small compared to other tires of the same size and they also wear quickly on the road from what my friend says. I ride mostly desert and 98% dirt. My favorite front is the Pirelli Scorpion Pro. Very confidence inspiring. I like the Kenda Parker DT rear. Scorpion Pro rear is good but has FIM sized knobbies which aren’t as tall as the Kenda DT.

For this year’s LA Barstow to Vegas I may do a Trackmaster 2 rear and Scorpion Pro front.

Michel Latour says:

“by flipping the tire around it will behave exactly as before”.. not exactly, acceleration wise yes but don’t forget your worn knob edges are now on the braking side !

Amurican Brent says:

Metzeler came out with a new DOT motocross tire (MC360) that I’d love to know how you think stacks up versus the competition in this video. Any chance of a 2017 edition of this video to come?

Pistol Pete says:

Excellent review! I found the D606 the best for me on my 1997 KTM RXC 620. I have ran 4 or 5 sets now.

madmaxxmad2 says:

You do some really thought out reviews on the tires.  I appreciate it, thank you.

Brians4x4Life says:

nice video

Paul Hinman says:

Where is the ubiquitous Continental 80s? Do they not sell them in Canada?

natelord says:

You know some stuff bud!
Cheers for all the quality videos.
Keep up the top work

Shu Shu says:

I ride pavment and love goin off road tire ?

Cafeducati says:

Great vid,.. Except one thing.

Pirelli XCMH.


Mahesh Yadav says:

Hey Ryan, ZERO dislikes after 5800 views tells me that you talk sense. Thanks. Keep ’em coming.

Taylor St. Pierre says:

After some research, I ordered a dunlop d606 rear, and a pirelli mt21 front. I haven’t tried them yet. But your recommendation sure makes me feel more confident in the choice.
Currently, I’ve got a full set of kenda k270’s and I honestly love them on and off road. I can corner like a sport bike (though I can’t reach those speeds) and off road, I don’t have the grip to wheelie in loose dirt, but I make it everywhere real dirtbikes go. If my new set doesn’t live up to the kendas, I’ll be going back.
2005 suzuki drz-400

Nothern MI says:

Great review professional and accurate. I have had the ac10 but now I’m running the 606 will prob get another this summer.

fisticuf says:

+FortNine 5:34 “Wanders like a drunk uncle” holy shit Ryan that’s gotta be the most amazing analogy I’ve heard in a very long time, and I am stealing the shit out of it.

Aussie Dual Sport says:

Awesome. I run the D606 front and rear on my DRZ and found them to be an awesome tyre.
I will soon be looking for a rear 120/90-17 for my DR650 and not sure were to go on this one. Have warn out two sets of Trailwing TW42 on this bike, now looking for something with a little more off road grip but keeping longevity and on road performance (I know tough to ask) I am consider trying the Mitas E07, what are your thoughts?

MorganPolecat says:

Thought on tires for a 600 thumper for Morocco/Mauritania trip? 50/50 on/offroad, but i dont want to limit myself off road by my tirechoice. Or else id stick with something like K60s. I want the Deserts, but i can buy 2 sets of MT21 for the price!

Joshua Hourani says:

yo +FORTNINE can you do a review on knoby tires under $100 that would look and fit well on a RUSI 110cc Gremlin my dad and i are thinking of getting 2 to have fun off road so can you pls help??

Jon0201 says:

why didnt you review the metzler 7 days extreme tyre?

Jormy299 says:

I currently have MotoZ Desert H/T on my 690, and have’nt tried anything else yet. (still a new rider) I like them and they seem to last long, but I find them quite loud on the pavement. I’d like to know how they compare to the D606 or T63

Joey Fnuts says:

How much longer does the Dunlop 606 last than the Pirelli MT 21? 50/50 road to dirt. I use the bike to commute to work, then take it everywhere from hard dirt w/ roots to soft sandy dirt. I prefer better off road performance but at what rate will the Pirelli wear compared to the 606, and also how does it perform compared to a Kenda K270? Much appreciated

kingcrumpet says:

You’re a legend mate.

Hadrian Haine says:

noone Evey mentions the Michelin enduro comp range.. do people not like them? they are DOT. is it cause there is more than one tread pattern, and people might get confused between the MS and the 3?

Zak Shah says:

are the trakmaster legal for highway use here In uk as well?

Sean Saal says:

been running 606’s on my rmx for a few years and your right the front tyre has crap feel onroad but the rear is a very impressive tyre.
did a 2 week offroad ride back in 2013 up to cape york and on the 3rd day my chain guard broke of and carved a 3-5mm deep groove through the rear tyres sidewall. it didnt loose air and i rode the rest of an extremely punishing trip on it.

wasnt untill this year that it finaly failed me after riding around fraser island in the sand for 2 days at low pressure the sidewall must have failed without me noticing as the case is so rigid and the bike so light.

wasnt untill a month later when i wheeled the bike out of the shed to check pressures did I realize what had happened.
cant recomend this tyre enough.

allso run t63s on a ttr230 , which is a great onroad tyres but bad in sand.
About to try the pirreli Mt21 rallycross on a Dr200.

good reviews by the way dude.

Jeremy Becker says:

I have a question will a 120/90/19 fit on a 2008 yz450f and would it be a bad choice for just bombing around in all different terrains? As I just bought a maxxis it in this size and not sure if I mad a bad choice

Patrick Theriault says:

the kenda trakmaster and ac10 are sold out for my bike do you know when it will become availble

Moto Life Crisis says:

Fantastic channel and fantastic vids dude! Love your vids!

Geoatv Campatv says:

Do you have any reviews of the motoz tractionator?

ClutchFiction says:

Serious question: is that motorcycle in your living room real? your wife is very forgiving for letting you use your bike as the main accent in your living room decor.

Adam Hadley says:

Great video. I’d also be interested in your opinion of the MOTOZ Tractionator line (or do you consider them solely dualsport tires) and if you would expand your recommendations (other than the one mentioned) to best tires for small vs. big vs. all bikes.

Brandon Apgar says:

Nice video. You finally got a hair cut!

Jord A. says:

lol i run a trackmaster front on my crf 450 r. starcross rear. awesome. and dot rating gives my peace of mind at 75 mph on a fire road. rear tire folds sucks….front tire is horendous!

Raghab Panigrahi says:

Nice professional effort 😉

Lokalna F. says:

Love the video! Nice and sweet. I have a question though – where would you put the Michelin AC10 in comparision to Scorpion? I’m asking because I’m looking for a tire for my WR250R which will be more less 80off/20on, mosty light to intermediate terrain and I think more sand then rocks. I do however use the bike to move around the city from time to time, and I do have to reach the offroad areas as well, hence tne 20. I like the AC10s but with all these choices I’m at a loss a bit 🙂

Andrew Wood says:

Love these reviews, honestly the most helpful channel I’ve found. Helped me find the perfect tire for my Aprilia rxv 550

Russell Kinder says:

I find the D606 front & rear corners terribly on the street, with a horrible tendency to wash out and low side with no warning. Fine on the dirt. The MT21 seems equal to the D606 in the dirt (the front is better than the D606), but way better on the street.

Thanks for the review of the K760. I’m considering that for my plated KTM trail bike, since I don’t do much street riding with it, anymore.

dazza421970 says:


MrDylonJ says:

This is hilarious, I’m also an avid user of the D606 rear and mt-21 front combo. I have yet to find a better combo. The MT21 front absolutely shits on the D606 front, but I love the D606 rear. In most of my videos that’s what I’m running.

BlakeGotACake says:

no dislikes on this video for a reason!

LookattheBiggerPic says:

Helpful, witty review!

FlamingTurkey says:

About to put a comment to ask about these. Great work btw man, love your channel

Steve Olp says:

I run a Continental TKC-80 front and a Dunlop D606 rear for a DRZ 400S. In my opinion a perfect match

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