Best Sportbike Motorcycle Tires for Mileage Review at

Best Sportbike Motorcycle Tires for Mileage Review

Sportbikes by definition are built to perform. Speed. Grip. Aggressive lines and minimal times in between locations. All of these are precisely the kinds of things that sportbike tires need to be prepared to handle. However, when pushed in that way, sportbike tires have a tendency to wear out quicker than many riders would like. In this guide to the best sportbike tires for mileage, Lemmy answers one of the most oft-asked questions that we get here at RevZilla and puts forth his selections for tires that will last the longest for this style of riding.

Best Sportbike Tires for Mileage:
Michelin Pilot Road 4 Tires – 2:10
Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT Tires – 4:35
Pirelli Angel GT Tires – 4:47
Bridgestone T30 EVO Tires – 6:01
Shinko 009 Raven Tires – 7:00


OneUp TonUp says:

I wish they made PR4s in Thruxton sizes. I use the “Pilot Road Activ” tires, and they’ve last a loooong time.

Tommy Gun says:

wtf is that on your nose? Love your videos but man… I used to have a farm and the bull I’ve had the same size 😉

saddlebag says:

Dunlop Roadsmart III

Zach Siswe says:

what about the bridgestone s21?

Addicted2baseball rgd says:

Where’s the Continental Road Attack 3 ?

Broadcast Channel says:

Don’t care too much on mileage. I need best of the best grip every road cond.

Allen says:

How about putting some specific numbers in this presentation.

djorkaef says:

I always wonder how can I know that I want a more grippy tire, do I first need to slip and crash?

STR Rider says:

What happened to Dunlop Roadsmart 3 , and Continental Contiroad Attack 3?

Mayo07J says:

I put 8000 miles on a Rosso III, on an S1000RR. 6800 of it was cross country with saddle bags and all. I checked the air pressure ONCE. Would HIGHLY recommend to anyone.

The last 1200 miles were ALL canyon riding in California.

Mohawk Ninja says:

I use Angel GT on my 2013 ZX6R 636. I got 11k out of my front and still going on the back at 15k

rap padrigon says:

pirelli angel gt ftw!

dennqus1 says:

Love tire reviews.

How about Tire reviews for super Moto and or small sportbikes Lemmy?

KoG GoK says:

im about to get some shinkos! those tires are dirt cheap and the reviews all see to be positive. i commute over 80 miles a day on my hayabusa and that fat bitch loves to eat tires.

Its always fun Time says:

I have put 3000 miles on my pilot sport 4 through hot summer, cold fall, freezing winter, and tsunami spring. These are the best all around tires I have ever had. Never made me lose confidence, love the grip in all weather.

rebobd1 says:

if you ride in any kind of a “sport” way, the last thing you should save money on is tires! just my opinion. Angel GT is my favorite sport touring tire, done a few track days on them as well on my multistrada, did not disappoint, todays sport touring tires are yesterdays hyper sport tires, most of us, me included, will never see the limits of their tires, even if you use all of them and don’t have any “us used” tire at the edges. i’d go so far as to say if you only ride on the street then this category is more than enough especially the premium priced ones. just my opinion. for track i roll with pirelli diablo rosso corsas

Cotivity says:

Good to see my T30 Evos, still making the grade…I’m really surprised Remy is recommending Shinkos though…

Street3x says:

Where’s the Metzeler Roadtec 01? Is slightly better than angel GT and a lot more sporty and less prune to squaring than PR4.

cerealk53 says:

Just got back from a ride in the wet with the PR3. Will most likely be swapping for PR4 when the time comes. Amazing tires for sport/touring on a sport bike/naked!


Hard to beat a Dunlop

MotoBike Mike says:

Awesome video BTW

Mr.B1ue says:

Too bad Pirelli Angel GT Tires doesn’t come in 120/70 R19…Had the City Angel on my 125cc

Alan V says:

PR4’s. They are expensive though.

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