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Best Sportbike Motorcycle Mods

The best motorcycle mods are rooted in two things; substance & style. Whether it’s purely performance, or aesthetic preferences that drive your wrenching ambitions, Lemmy has put together a few of his top picks for the best sportbike mods to help get you started. From the street to the track, be it for speed or for swagger, we use the Yamaha R6 to showcase a handful of parts and accessories that you can put to use when modifying your sportbike.

Street Mods: 1:37
Track Mods: 10:39

Parts Used in This Video:

Street Section:
Yoshi Fender Eliminator: 1:50

Battery Tender USB Charger: 3:05

Trackside USB Outlet: 4:16

LighTech Spools: 4:52

Yoshimura Exhaust TRC Street Slip-On Exhaust: 6:17

TechSpec Snake Skin Center Tank Pad: 6:43

Shogun Frame Sliders: 7:54

Puig Racing WIndscreen (Dark Smoke): 9:21

Track Section:

Pirelli Diablo Rosso III Tires: 11:29

Antigravity Lithium Ion Battery: 12:19

TechSpec C3 Tank Pads: 13:25

GB Racing Engine Cover Set: 14:12


Sirmellowman says:

what a retarded tank pad.

Asian In Ohio says:

Stickers add 5 HP

Edward says:

I will never take a passenger on my Ninja so Im installing a Solo Seat.

Heath Martin_VO says:

i love you guys professional and informative youtube videos! great content and your team really does a great job.

Boba Defett says:

I found out the hard way one very important mod if you are gonna take your bike to the track is changing your break fluid to racing break fluid. Boiling your break fluid coming into a turn at 130mph sucks. 30 bucks for a can of racing break fluid can save you 1000s of dollars in repairs.

Dimitris Loufakis says:

This guy is super smooth in front of the camera. Hats off

Javier Davila says:

No Lemmy, I’m not your target audience. I’m just a guy who enjoys watching revzilla reviews while I poop.

R C says:

Yeah that tank pad looks like crap.

TheYoutubeGuy says:

I can’t wait to pimp my Honda CBR125 lol

Jlove says:

Why get a fender eliminator kit if you keeping those ugly turn signals ..

Casey Colbert says:

Make a tutorial on how to survive road conditions in Pittsburgh

Mike F says:

Telling bone? Huh

TheYoutubeGuy says:

Thats the one thing im gonna miss about my moped : (. Centre stands save so much time parking lol.

Super Klaus says:

Lemmy smash

jeff westbrooke says:

I did one of those parking lot tip overs. so glad nobody saw it lol.

Soup4Dayz says:

Hey quick question: What’s that yellow jar-looking thing on motorcycle dash areas like at 0:40? I see them a lot in videos but I have no clue what they do.

One3rdNinja says:

I feel like I could’ve watched you talk about sports bikes mods for hours.

Manny Dhillon says:

Got same bike

TheSickRsps says:

Make a guide on how to wire those usb outlets and other stuff “ip to the north” pls :DD

Alberto Velez says:

great vid

Jim Cummings says:

The best mod I can make to my sportbike is to the rider. A track/racing course is worth far more than anything we can bolt on.

Auto blipper says:

Do you ship products to Canada?

Tim Banasky says:

Good Job On The Your Points. Except For At 12:07…. Those Are Really Good Tires, Except It Looks Like You Guys Put The Rear Tire On Backwards.. 🙁 🙁 People Needs To Put The Tires On, On The Correct Direction. 🙂

Elias Sienkiewicz says:

Can anyone tell me why only one headlight is illuminated in the clip from 0:29, and again at 15:47?

Jacob Wade Thole says:

Hey lemmy how did you remove that other tank protector? I need to remove one and want to know the best way

Anonymous Global says:

Frame sliders are bad to use! Bike goes down it can get caught and bend your frame and then your bike is garbage!

Aviv Cohen says:

these indicators look so bad ..

LMX YT says:

Lol as soon as you started talking about the exhaust KN ZX10R just ripped past my house

Its me Louzzzy says:

Hi can I order from Philippines???

Jim Cummings says:

Use Gearing Commander website to tune gear ratios to suit my riding needs is one of the big ones. It moves to top speed of my ’17 Duke 390 from 162kph to 184kph, lowers rpm and vibration so my single doesn’t always have to hover near 7000rpm just to keep up with traffic, allows me to use my dyno chart to use power & torque to my advantage. Still have gobs of power and torque now to do 150kph now without having to struggle, making my CDN$5980 single feel more like a 600cc in open country. A brilliant tool.

Marth says:

Wait Yamaha r6 are race replicas?

LazyDog says:

They forgot category 3. The people going down the highway at 150 running from the cops.

Caspar Paarlberg says:

Lol you have exactly the same background on your iphone as I do! Scared me a little haha

Jnm1220 says:

thats the same r6 i have

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