Best Sport Motorcycle Tires of 2016

Hit the pavement with RyanF9’s favourite sport bike tires.
Sport motorcycle tire product links and video timestamps:
0:10 – Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V2:
2:15 – Dunlop Sportmax Q3:
3:48 – Bridgestone Battlax S20 Evo:
5:25 – Michelin Pilot Power 3:
6:39 – Metzeler Sportec M7 RR:

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Kawa Man says:

what kind of bike do you ride?

Solvent Biocide says:

I just told the Harley Shop here in NW Iowa to put some tires on my 05 XB12R. I picked it up and saw they were Q3’s. I didn’t know squat about em now I do. Thanks for the vid. Nice.

unknownfox1994 says:

Ive ridding in the rain and flooding On Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V2… Never one problem with grip in the rain with street use.
Maybe on track it would be a different story.. I have had theses bad boys for the last 2 years Yes they are prices But worth every cent. otherwise i would go with the rosso range from pirelli.
Just my 2 cents.

Homeless NOmore says:

I rode on Metzeler m5 sports for two seasons now, both on track and on the road, commuting on twisties and going fast on autobahn with my wife. Very pleased!!! I am thinking on trying roadsmarts 3 this year. Heavy sport touring bike.

Yito Robles says:

what is the best tire for BMW S1000RR?

Vivek Jayan says:

S20 EVOs for me next.

Spartan Adv says:

FZ10 is about to spout the M7’s. Thanks for the review!

J Gomes says:

what a joke pirelly over Michelin and Dunlop? not a chance. but u r a good host man

Paul S says:

Very informative! I live in New England and ride a GSXR-750, my pilot power 2’s are nearing the end and wasn’t sure if I should get the new 3’s this spring or try something else. Good info!

RLB Holeshot says:

Great video good info the Q3 looks like the best tire for the money

Dennis Rowe says:

another great video! Looking for replacement tires for my Ducati 999 and this video was very helpful. A nice, quick general rundown. No brain explosions here! LOL!

Paulo Cometti says:

I just got S21, much better on corners
 compare to Q3’s,

eRSexx says:

I am after Dunlop Sportmax Q3 for my R6 but here in Europe can’t find any, no one even mentions it on the net. Is this only CA/USA model that has European equivalent for itself?

The most similar looking one I managed to find in Europe is Dunlop SPORTMAX GP RACER D211.

Dep. S1000RR says:

Yo, I just watched your 2016 & 2017 Best Sport Tire vids!!! I like your work, keep it up! New subscriber here. Excellent vids

ktkace says:

Real world infomative AF, Mega Thanks! (bike mags can suck it)

Nicholas Squitieri says:

Dunlop Q3 Here on my R6

Paulo Silva says:

Hey +FortNine , i have the S20evo on my zx6r and i am looking for something diferent to replace them , but i don’t know if i stay with the Bridgestone, maybe the S21 or if i try the M7RR. In Portugal the magazine Motociclismo made a test and they say positive points from booth tires…
I use the bike all year, and i do about 50-50 in the city and twisties so i don’t know what to buy.


Still one of the best tire presentation for threaded sport tires

Alex says:

your info and vids are fucking awesome!!!

R3RIDERR says:

The s20 evo is a fucking champ. run out a set and on the second now best road tires everrrrr……I have slicks and left them off in favour of these for my r3

japhethwar says:

s20 Evo is the best I’ve road thus far, simply amazing tire.

Inspirikus says:

Did you try continental Sport Attack 3 – if you didn’t try it than redo your video 🙂
All in all good review…

Bong Borbe says:

as always, great in depth review with the customer in mind. keep it up!

StumpMoto says:

Michelin isn’t good. It’s just not my words, even my mechanic Vic (known all over Jacksonville FL) said they’re horrible. Iv’e been ridding on Pilots and they suck for longevity. They wear unevenly over time and are highly susceptible to getting bubbles in them too. I’ve taken care of my tires, and monitored their pressure consistently, and now matter how fine detailed you are on taking care of them, these tires will still get bubbles and wear down unevenly. I’ve checked my suspension to make sure that its not the cause of the problem, and with every check its always the tires both front and rear that are the cause. After the set I have on, I am changing to Bridgestones Battleax’s. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them.

bronxnewbie says:

spot on mate!! give them the what-for!!!

mpeugeot says:

Nicely presented. I know that I am late to the party, but I think you nailed it.

DrummerOnTwoWheels says:

I ride the Battlax S20 Evo on my GSXR 750 L5.

Cool vid dude!

darksidecarnival says:

great review and I admire ur delivery style

alpha swiss says:

the pilotpower 3 is slippy as hell for a supermotto


I’m putting the Dunlop Q3’s on my ktm 530 exc-r supermoto. I’m a very aggressive street rider and may do a few track days. Do you recommend the Q3 for supermoto use? And what tire pressures should I run?

Juan Hernandez Jr. says:

Thanks for the review. Need some new tires for my 03′ Aprilia RSV Mille. Think I’ll go with the Dunlop Q3’s.

Liviu Voicu says:

Fortune what would you recommend for a aprilia tuono1000? thanks

John Green says:

Great video. I actually work for one of the tire manufacturers that you featured but in a different division. You give a real world review of all the brands you reviewed. Excellent job.

Alex S.C says:

what bike do you use on track? and which tires? thx

JJPsyc says:

Love the videos. I’m trying to decide on new tires for my 2013 Triumph STR. I have been using the Metzeler M7RR’s and can’t really find any negatives, however, after about 3300 miles, the rear is squaring slightly. I think due to a 1000 mile road trip I did that had a fair amount of interstate riding. I’m curious if you think the Pilot Power 3’s would make for a decent sport-touring tire? I live in the mountains of Colorado – with lots of twisties – and am trying to decide between a decent wearing sport tire, or a sticky sport touring tire. The M7RR are significantly cheaper, btw.

MrGameOwnage says:

What do you currently think of the S21? at the time of the video, it wasn’t out yet. I just installed them and I personally think they’re absolutely incredible. Would love to hear your opinion, even if it’s directly against mine 🙂

Aaron Perkins says:

Finally. A good review of tyres. Well worth watching and very watchable. Thanks a bunch I really appreciate it as I’m buying newbies this week and these were the 4 on my radar. Well put together vid. You should come to Australia for some epic rides.

nikwax says:

Have to disagree about the Angel ST vs GT. I had ST’s on my Guzzi and they were terrific. The GT were less than stellar, wore unevenly, and didn’t last as long as the STs.

Marko Aleksic says:

Great videos! I like the way you are explaining everything. Straight to the point, all the time.

I have a question that I would like you to give me a suggestion. For my Honda Hornet 920cc, which one do you recommend, Pirelli Angel GT or Michellin Pilot Power 3. Almost 95% of the time I’m riding it on the city roads and highways. I prefer dry conditions, rarely wet, but I like to feel safe when I’m cornering. Longevity is desirable, but not over safety while cornering. Thanks a lot! Appreciated your time.

685436 says:

I had the Pilot Power 3 tires from Michelin. In all honesty, they are shit tires for track or riding hard. I will say though they are the best tires i have ever ridden in the rain. I never slide once in the rain and even going up the mountain with some slushy snow still kept good contact. Impressive tire in the cold and the rain and lasted forever, i got 8000 miles out of them.

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